Hello, my lovely Hetalians~!

So, I know this is going to be a bit late, but me and the rest of our lovely leaders have put our heads together and finally come up with a date for Hetalia day!  I will put in that Hetalia Day was originally going to be on Oct. 25, but then Anime Getaway, the one-day anime con with Todd Haberkorn (aka ITALY) decided to be on that day instead.  I know that many Hetalians will probably try to go, so we rescheduled it to Nov 1, the Saturday after Halloween.  I'm sorry about the delay, I know that a few people have gotten impatient, but here it is at last!  Now, there are always a few things to remember:

:bulletred: We're here to have fun, so no being rude.  Be positive!

:bulletorange:  Bring a camera/video thingy!  This isn't really a rule, but after being in this club for several years, I know there is always something you want to catch on camera.

:bulletyellow:  FOOD.  We're always welcome to lots of treats and goodies *coughcough* especiallyafterhalloween *coughcough*  And it's tradition to have a potluck.  But if you don't want to participate in that, a packed lunch is always good.

:bulletgreen:  Bring a phone.  If a small group wants to go and explore Forest Park or something, that's fine.  But if something happens, we really need to contact you.

:bulletblue:  Hetalia Cosplay!  That's what this entire thing is all about!  And don't worry about if it's good enough or not, we welcome anything!  

:bulletpurple:  Something to write with.  Hetalia Day is also a bit of a KawaKon preparation.  If you want to be in something hugely Hetalian at Kawakon, make sure you bring a writing utensil.

Finally, basic info!  Hetalia Day will happen at the Central Fields in Forest Park at 1:30 - 5:00 pm on November 1st, 2014. Remember (see :bulletpurple: ) that TheRandomNekoPrussia will be gathering peeps for her Hetalia Q and A at KawaKon.
If it rains that day, we'll postpone it to Sunday, same time.  If it happens to start raining right in the middle of our gathering, we'll go to the Art Museum and try to figure something out.
If I've missed anything, let me know, I'll fix it up right away.  There's also a website now! hetalia-day.com/


P.S. - You may have seen the earlier journal about polly-peptide's World Conference at Kawakon.  This is NOT TheRandomNekoPrussia's panel.  THEY ARE NOT THE SAME.  I'm saying this because I got confused.  Just keep that in mind!
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So far it looks like I'll be able to come. Can't wait!
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