I know it's been a LONG while since I've updated this blog. Unfortunately, my lovely cofounder decided to retire to focus on her personal life. Please send some prayer/good luck/whatever you do to her and wish her the best!

Anywho, Anime STL is coming up in a couplea weeks. I personally will not be cosplaying as a Hetalia Character. I'll be a RED Sniper from TF2 with a Master from Doctor Who. So if you see a black Sniper with a conbadge with a fox, say hi! That'll be me. It'll be great to see you all again! :D
I know we haven't been very lively lately (what with finals and school and other various drama that has occured in our lives), but we would like to wish your a happy holidays! No matter what you celebrate, enjoy the company of your friends and family, and all that food and presents! We hope to see you again in the new year! (which could be the last year of our lives. :stare: I'm joking, lol.)

Sorry this is so short, but I'm going to celebrate Yule by going to the movies and getting my friends presents. :nod:

Happy Holidays, our lovely minions! :la:


I'm sure most of you know what Hetalia day is, but in the off chance someone doesn't know this is my spiel on it.

Hetalia day is an international fan-made holiday where fans gather to generally geek-out together.  Usually at these gatherings there is a variety of activities from games/larps, cosplays, photoshoots, picnics, etc. as long as it's Hetalia-related.

Okay so the important information for your burning questions.

I think we all agreed a "World Pot Luck" was a good idea, yes? So this is the idea we're running with and thus explains the below information a wee bit.

October 22nd. (Saturday)

The People have spoken! a.k.a. Ya'll said Forest Park would be best.  Where specifically? Central Fields! Why? Because its huge and grassy and there will be plenty of space for our gathering and games! Because Central Fields is in fact so large I think we should meet up near the corner of Wells St. and Jefferson Dr. Our group will probably stick out so just look for us ;) (Not right up on the corner but around the area near the parking I guess)


(All activities are tentative pertaining to interest, so give feed back please)
:bulletblack: Axis vs. Allies (Hetalia vers. of a camp game called "Angels vs. Murders")
:bulletblack: Storytelling
:bulletblack: Improvisation games
:bulletblack: Swedish Twister (Suggested by ur-a-baka95 Sounds like fun!)
:bulletblack: Some adorable crafts will be up for sale from The-Real-Shironami so check them out!
:bulletblack: Have a game you love and want to share? We'll take suggestions too! ;) (Note us the name of the game and the rules)

Cosplayers attending
:bulletblack: example_username - Cosplay (ver.?)
:bulletblack: 518ZombiedDreams - Norway (Business Suit/Casual)
:bulletblack: The-Real-Shironami - New Zealand
:bulletblack: ur-a-baka95 - Canada (or fem!)
:bulletblack: Hippojello - Russia, Ukraine, or Canada
:bulletblack: vivthehedgehog - N. Italy
:bulletblack: awooo0 - South Korea or S. Italy
:bulletblack: LittleDevilRimaToya - Canada
:bulletblack: I-Know-Who-Killed-Me - Germany, England (Punk), or America
:bulletblack: Indi-Scarga - Prussia
:bulletblack: ShiningEverheart - ???
:bulletblack: team-severus - Russia
:bulletblack: IRuleTheUniverse - Japan (?)
:bulletblack: Mizububbles - Canada
:bulletblack: Nombee-Zombie - ???
:bulletblack: Oath-the-Maverick - America
More or less we're just curious about who would be going and cosplaying.  Duplicates are welcome! :D (c'mon an army of Canadas running over America would be AWESOME)
Also note if you gave me a small list of possibilities I just put them all up here, please do not feel pressured to do them all (good lord we'll only be there four-ish hours one outfit is enough) Just pick which ever you'd like to do yourself! :D
Oh my gosh so many cosplayers! :evillaugh: Beware Zombie is a bit of a camera maniac.........

Other Attending
:bulletblack: example_username
:bulletblack: example_username (association)

:bulletblack: Mizububbles (Friends from her Anime Club)
:bulletblack: Des3510 (Friend of team-severus)
:bulletblack: explosiveangel838 (Friend of team-severus)
:bulletblack: LilWerewolfPup (Friend of team-severus)
We'd just like a general head count for the picnic part of our Hetalia day.  So if you don't want to cosplay or your parents or friends want to come they are more than welcome! Just let us know~

Smorgasbord of the Pot Luck!
:bulletblack: example_username: food
:bulletblack: 518ZombiedDreams - Krumkake - Norway - Dessert / Fruit
:bulletblack: vivthehedgehog - Italian Biscotti - Italy - Dessert? Snack? / Flag Sugar Cookies
:bulletblack: ur-a-baka95 - Scottish Shortbread - Scotland - Snack?
Okay! You! We'd like you to bring something to share, because we all love food :meow: Here's the deal, we want variety (it really is the spice of life), we'd also like to know the dish's origin (after all this is a "World Pot Luck") and you to note the group with the dish's ingredient list. Why? Because of food allergies, so when we all gather we can let anybody know if they need to! Safety first!

What else to bring
:bulletblack: Weather appropriate clothing
:bulletblack: Picnic blanket
:bulletblack: Your wonderful faces! :D

Now on another note
We really encourage you guys to check out our chatroom and talk with us and each other (it will also help with planning this, no?).  We really want to get to know you!!!!! :tighthug:
Both of us will try to be in there every evening, so don't be afraid! We don't bite!

In case the weather gets really nasty (freezing cold, rainy, etc.) I have concocted a backup plan! Okay in the event that it rains while we are already in the middle of our event there is a bathroom/shack thing at Central fields that would do nicely for temporary shelter from a storm.  However, if it is icky before we start we can simply go to the other side of Forest Park and take a tour of the History Museum (possibly, I hope we don't have to resort to this). Checking the weather it’s supposed to be mid 60-70F while we are out there with only 10% chance of precipitation at the end of our event, so not too bad but be sure to have weather appropriate clothing people! We don't want anybody to get sick!

Anyway Look forward to hear from you all very very soon!
Have a wonderful day everybody!
Okay so the Japanese festival is THIS weekend. (Realized this earlier today and had a freakout).

Admission is $15 per person (per day)
Me and MattsyKun Are most likely going to be there on Saturday with a few friends and would love to meet up with anybody who happens to be there as well. (As far as I know we'll be there from opening through most of the day...not sure though).
Additional info about the festival found here: www.mobot.org/events/japanesef…
Please read that to your hearts content.

Please note that this would be an unofficial meeting, meaning we'd like to respect what the festival stands for: the culture of Japan, not the pop-culture (i.e. anime) therefore we won't be in cosplay.

If you're going to be there on Saturday give us a shout out and maybe we can run into each other! :meow:

Hope to see you all soon!


Okay the Festival is tomorrow and the weather....well it's predicted to be 100 F. HOT HOT HOT (and a heat advisory at that)!!! Guys if you're going please dress comfortable and cool and keep hydrated.  On the hydration beat, the Botanical Gardens has a B.Y.O.B. (Bring Your Own BOTTLE) policy, take advantage of that and bring your own water bottle (free refills, reduces plastic waste from buying new bottles and saves you some $$$).
Stay safe everyone, and I hope to see some of you there! >w<
Wahooo! :excited:

Natsu-Con was loads fun and I loved seeing a lot of you there! Seriously!  And the new people I met there too! (If you're new and you heard about this group from a semi-tall Norway/Canada...join! join now!) You're all so lovely people!

Pictures? I know you guys have them!  We even had a photoshoot (granted a bit more chaotic than what I hoped ^^; I apologize for that)...therefore I know you have them! Share share! I want to see all of your wonderful moments that you captured! (I'll be putting a few of mine up as well so don't be shy!)

Next up! The month of September!
Labor Day weekend is the Japanese festival at the Missouri Botanical Garden.  Possible "unofficial" meet up?
More details later in official blog for that =w=
Also! The Zoo! I will be harassing them to see if we can cosplay on the Zoo grounds very soon...okay not harassing but being very very persistent!
More details in the official blog for the zoo trip (st-louis-hetalia.deviantart.co…)! (to be updated soon)

With that being said...you! Yes you! There reading this blog!
Talk to us, share ideas, share fan-spasms, whatever!!!
Looking forward to hearing from you all!

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