This update is way past due, but now I have a plethora of info for everyone out there!

Hetalia Day! :iconitalytbwdanceplz:
Basic Info:
Day: October 26th ( Sat. )
Time: 1:00pm - 4:30pm
Location: Central Fields in Forest Park
I found the official site for Hetalia Day, so I'll put the link over here in case anyone wants more info at the moment ==>…

Stuff to do?
I have some ideas for things to do, but I always like suggestions from everyone, so comment away if a light goes off in your head!
:bulletred: Potluck
:bulletorange: A game of soccer
:bulletyellow: Pin the flag on the country
:bulletgreen: Smores at the other pavilion OR lunch at the staircase fountain ( ive struck the pinata idea down 'cause it might cause more trouble than its worth >.>" )
:bulletblue: Hetalia Truth or Dare ( lets keep fairly it clean everyone ^^; )
:bulletpurple: Capture the Flag
:bulletpink: Apples to Apples

:bulletpink: Food ( just something to contribute if Potluck is chosen/ just a lunch if not )
:bulletpurple: Picnic Blanket ( especially if lunch on the staircase fountain is chosen )
:bulletblue: Water bottle ( running around with limited liquids quickly catches up to you u_u )
:bulletgreen: Cell Phone ( even if your ride hangs out with all of us, communication is muy importante )
:bulletyellow: Hetalia Cosplay! ( totally optional of course ( can also be Homestuck-related or casual ))
:bulletorange: A positive attitude ( veryyyyyy important! lets not be downers on such a globally connecting day! ( but dont eat 12 packets of sugar and run around like a banshee stealing peoples wigs, thats never good ^^; ))
:bulletred: Camera ( ya know, memories :iconvenezianoplz: )

And, like usual, if Saturday is rained out or something, we'll move the event to Sunday. Also, if it begins to rain or the glow cloud happens to be upon us, we'll move operations to the Art Museum and work out a plan from there.

Super-Duper-Highschool-Level Hetalia Day!
:iconcinderfurr: had noted me saying that she had been also planning a Hetalia Day on the same time and place as STL-Hetalia, so we thought we could merge both our events into one big festivity! Also, since I'm going to be taking a big test right before I arrive to Central Fields, I wanted to make sure some one would be at the ready for any early-comers, so she'll be the one greeting everyone at the start of this event. I might be delayed in coming right at 1:00pm, but I will definitely make it sometime soon!
!Pictures on Another Website!
So :iconcinderfurr: is also creating a website for our Hetalia Day, and wanted to know if she could use photos from our dA gallery. Personally, I'm cool with having my Italy cosplay on another site, but I didn't want to just assume everyone else is on the same note. So if you comment saying that you wouldn't be ok with having :iconcinderfurr: use a photo with you in it, then that's all good. You also can just comment 'yeah, its fine' or 'HOLY MOLY plZ USE MY COSPLAY!!!1!', but if you don't comment at all, we will just count that as saying no. So pleeeeease let us know~!
Facebook Page:…

Prussia ( :icontherandomnekoprussia: ) said that she will have sign up sheets for anyone who wants to join the Hetalia panel at Kawa '14, but keep in mind that only 15 peeps can be on a panel! It seems like we'll have a similar panel for Astl, ( maybe ), so if there are any conflicting ideas about who should sign up, lets have a little logical discussion on the subject at Hetalia day ( or if anyone has any qualms, we can all meet up in the chat room and figure out something ^u^ ).

If I missed out on an important fact or something, please comment~
But as far as important things go, I would really like to hear if everyone wants another potluck or a group lunch with picnic blankets! Also ESPECIALLY if they are chill with their cosplay photos being on this new site :iconcinderfurr: is making!
So read up and tell me whats on your mind~!
Ciao for now! :iconciaoplz:
P.S. I will have another update at the end of Sept/ beginning of Oct, and possibly one more the weekend before Hetalia Day ( depends on how alright everyone is with the current journal info ).
My apologies for the wait; while I was going to make this journal days earlier, other things kept nudging their way into my mind, rendering me as about as useful as N. Italy at 4:00. :iconitalysulkplz:
All lateness aside, I wanna start off by suggesting two upcoming events as possible 'informal' meet-ups:
August 24th - 25th ==> Festival of Nations:

August 31st - Sept. 2 ==> Japanese Festival: www.missouribotanicalgarden.or…

Once again ( as in last year I believe I had written a journal about these two events as well ), I will be working at both these events myself, so if you do plan on going to one of these places, keep an eye out for a Gilbird~! Also, for anyone into pokemon, I'll be working at the face painting stand on Sept. 1st during the Japanese Fest with a few buddies, and we'll be willing to try and paint your favorite pokemon on your face, Gen 1- Gen 6 ( whatever pokemon are revealed at the time )! :iconromanochuplz:

Now for Hetalia Day! :iconitalytbwdanceplz:
Just to start putting out stable info:
Day: October 26th ( Sat. )
Time: 1:00pm - 4:30pm
Location: Central Fields in Forest Park
I found the official ( i guess? ^^; ) site for Hetalia Day, so I'll put the link over here in case anyone wants more info at the moment ==>…
Stuff to do?
I have some ideas for things to do, but I always like suggestions from everyone, so comment away if a light goes off in your head!
:bulletred: Potluck
:bulletorange: A game of soccer
:bulletyellow: Pin the flag on the country
:bulletgreen: Smores at the other pavillion OR a pinata

Also the Summer contest is still on, so if you'd like a plushy Romano Tomato (… ) submit your pic into the Contest folder in the gallery!

Last for now, Prussia ( :icontherandomnekoprussia: ) said that she would handle anyone who wants to join a panel for next year's Kawacon and/or AnimeSTL! So think over what you wanna do in this time, and then at Hetalia Day, we'll take the names of those who would like to participate in a Hetalia panel~! Grazie, Prussia!

I think that's all for the time being, so comment if you have anything to add, or would just like to ask about something; please do so~!
Ciao for now! :iconciaoplz:
Ciao meow!
I was informed by our Charity Canada ( :iconpolski-i-bajeczny: ) that there will be a cantown event happening Saturday around 1pm at Natsucon~! She says that the cantown peeps accept those little packets of instant ramen, but definitely not the ones in cups. So if you're heading out to Natsu, consider collaborating with the Homestucks and donate some food~! One more minor note; remember your Hetalian spirit, but don't have it crush anyone else's spirit, ya know? :iconitaliaplz:
Also, I have yet to get back from Germany ( :iconkyuubiarashi: ) about the poster that people can sign their dA or tumblr or somethin', but if anyone is into it and would like to lend a hand, feel free to make a poster to share, or maybe work with some buddies up at the con~! :iconitalyistoohappyplz: I would join everyone, but it seems neither America ( :iconmattsykun: ) nor I are going to make any of the dates u_u"
I just wanted to put a little blurb out there to everyone heading out to Natsucon~
---and here are some character songs, just as a little extra~ :iconvenezianoplz:
i hope those links work ^^;
Preparation journals for Hetalia Day and smaller meetups start after this weekend! :iconitalyraveplz::iconicelandraveplz::iconprussiaraveplz::iconnorwayraveplz::iconfinlandraveplz::iconfranceraveplz::icongermanyraveplz::iconjapanraveplz:
Have a happy 4th of July, gais, as we celebrate the most awesome nation's birthday! :dummy:
Ciao everyone!
After talking with a few people and double-checking dates, we are ready to start the Summer Contest! Here's what's happening:
:bulletred: Whats the deal with this contest anyways??
- So, if you'd like to participate, create something that shows how the nations of Hetalia spend their summer~! ( Homestuckers are also welcome to join in the fun with kids, trolls, and the such, but I would suggest slipping a bit of Hetalia or culture from other countries in your work~ :meow: )
:bulletorange: Are there certain mediums to adhere to?
- The categories are: Fanart, Cosplay, and Fanfiction.
:bulletyellow: Whats in it for me?
- There will be a grand prize, plus a winner for each category~
:bulletgreen: Where do I put my submission?
-There is now a folder in the Gallery named "Summer Contest '13", so anyone wanting to participate, just put it on in that folder~! ...but the judges would appreciate it if you specified if a submission is either Fanart, Cosplay stuffs, or Fanfiction ( i realize that fanfiction is easy to tell apart from the other two categories, but its always nice to triple-make sure~~ ^^; ).
:bulletblue: Just how long is this gonna go on for?
- The contest starts today ( June 4 ) and will go on until Hetalia Day ( exact day to be decided ), where I will hand over the grand prize~
*** If there is anything else anyone would like to know, please ask in the comments~! :la:
Other Announcements
I was going to get everything together and make preparations for a sort of 'picnic' meet-up, but with the latest batch of insanity that didn't bother knocking on the front door before coming in, I don't think I can manage a summer get-together...
:iconitalyflagplz:Mi dispiace!
This means that we can get an early start on preparing for Hetalia Day! :iconvital-regions:
One of the big things that I was confirming with a few many people was the possibility of us hosting a panel at a future con. I heard from some peeps that they participated in two Hetalia panels these past cons, and it sounded like so much fun...! :iconcraiplz:
So I was thinking that everyone could consider what they wanna do up until Hetalia day, where we could confirm who's definitely up for doing a panel? Also, a Germany said that she knew a Prussia who was familiar with signing up for panels at cons, so if they'd like to share how the process goes, that'd be bellisimo~! :iconitalywinkplz:
Further Announcements
So, due to all these marvelous new ideas, :iconmattsykun: and I needed some more help covering these areas~
So Germany ( :iconkyuubiarashi: ) is now in charge of Hetalia-STL stuff on Facebook and Tumblr. She'll keep those who hear about us on other sites up to date.
And Canada ( :iconpolski-i-bajeczny: ) is now covering the charity side of things. She'll take care of announcing any ongoing cantown drives or the such, and be in charge of knowing where to take any collected items.
Wow! This journal keeps getting bigger! XD
Lastly, England had suggested a summer activity, which many people at the zoo trip were excited about ta boot. *drumroll*
Laser Tag!
This event will have to wait for next year. Some people were getting all excited and the such, thinkin' this was going down this summer, but here's why the wait:
I want to make sure everyone wanting to go has had time to gather their rides/ carpools.
This place is actually a little farther out than most of our other meet-up loctions, as far as I know, and I want us all to have considered all of whats going on before realizing that ' oh no! thats my summer trip to visit my cousins! ' or ' im gonna turn into a dragon that week and chill with santa and sweden, so i wont be able to make it *sad face* '. Ya know?
Also the money.
This event is best done in summer because of this 'special deal' this place has that dramatically lowers the price of lots of laser tagging, but it still costs $.
So here is a link to the place that has this summer special :…
A lot of colorful stuff pops up, but there's a little square under 'Wednesday' that says 'Unlimited Laser tag - $9.99'.
So that's 'bout it, but if there's anything else, be it about the contest or possible Hetalia panel, please ask away~! :iconciaoplz:

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