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            Atop a misty, dim slope of a tired little hill, emerald green grass bowed before the mighty force of a cold storm.  The mighty wind swept across the ruffled fur of a young pup shivering in a fetal position.  The beast couldn’t help but whimper pitifully to the merciless draft as it gusted away the last bits of grogginess, forcing the pup to experience the full blast of cold.  Soon, it would not matter anyway; the chill would bother the pup less and less until it finally could run wild with its tribe among the deceased.  The pup closed its golden eyes and waited, and kept waiting until night arrived.  Then, a shadow fell over the pup in the moonlit sky.  Gently, the frozen body was lifted into the warm arms of the stranger.  The being folded a snow-white cloak over the shivering pup, then turned to leave, wolf in hands.  Together, they set up the hill to the brightly lit house on the other side.  The wolf buried its rosy nose into the arm of its acquaintance, perhaps life wasn’t as harsh as it seemed.

Can you guess what retelling I'm writing?
I'm really nervous to upload this; I haven't completed the whole story, this is just the first chapter of a much longer story.
So does anyone know how to allow people to see a sample text by hovering their mouse over it?
Anyway, I'm just trying out Deviantart, hope you enjoy.
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