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Doctor Whooves and Pinkie Pie Google Logo

Saw this: [link], and I HAD to make a Whooves/Pinkie one!!:iconx3v2plz:(Yes, I ship them.:iconomgsocuteplz:) I made this image in Photoshop CS5 and used :iconthepatrollpl:'s code (with permission) to instal it with Stylish. :glomp: 

Other MLP Google Logos by Me:
Doctor Whooves/Pinkie Pie: [link]
Derpy/Ditsy: [link]
Princess Luna: [link]
Braeburn: [link]
Vinyl Scratch / DJ Pon-3: [link]


How to Install:
1. Install the "Stylish" plugin for your browser:
2. Go here and click the green "+ Install with Stylish" button.
3. You can click "Preview" to see what it looks like (make sure you have Google open already, or you can open it after you click "Preview"), and if you like what you see, click "Install"! :boogie:


"Google" text from google images. :P
Doctor Whooves from :icontheevilflashanimator: [link]
Pinkie Pie from :iconteal-stars: [link]
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Im useing it i love it !
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im in a google thingy FANTASTIC
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Was there any particular story or something that sparked your interest in them? :iconpinkiepierainbowplz:
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Short answer: No.

Long answer: Actually, I used to be a Doctor/Derpy fan. I'm not quite sure how the idea of DoctorPie got into my head, but it may have been because 1) I have a HUGE crush on the 10th Doctor, and 2) I relate to Pinkie Pie the most out of all the ponies in Equestria. Once the idea of DoctorPie did pop into my head, the more I thought about it, the more it started to make ALL KINDS OF SENSE.

Soya. :love:
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yay i love these ship, i hope it becomes more liked so there will be more art and stuff
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As a HUGE fan of this ship I approve. AND HAVE SET IT UP FOR MYSELF BECAUSE OTP :D
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I love it! BTW I love the pairing. :D
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This is great :D
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You're welcome :hug:
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can you do a derpy one?
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Maybe. Derpy by herself, or with Doctor Whooves?
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whatever you want, im just a derpy fan. :iconderpy-bopplz:
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