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Finally back home port for a while! I didn't have too much to say other than that. We went to Italy for our last foreign port, it was AMAZING! I'm really disappointed that I didn't draw nearly as much as I had hoped to on deployment. Just got tired I guess. It was a long journey and I learned a lot from it, saw a lot of awesome places experienced a lot of cool stuff. I get out of the Navy in July. I spent my first and last Christmas away from home this year. I can't wait to get out and go to college.
I've been on deployment for the past 7 months, we were supposed to be back homeport in 2 days but shit happened and we got extended twice and now we wont be back til December. I can't upload much, but I didn't have much to upload anyways I've been busy working and working sucks, especially when you do it 7 days a week and can't escape it even when you're supposed to be "off" can't escape this ship. It's been about 60ish days since our last port, Bahrain. So far I've been to South Korea; Phuket, Thailand; Dubai, UAE; and Bahrain. We're supposed to be going to some cool places to make up for being out to sea for so long. But I can't say where until we've been there. Til next time! I can't wait to be back in the States!
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I don't go on deployment til like April or something now. Been on a couple of long underways so I haven't been able to keep this active. I'm not going to delete this because I know I'll go back to it eventually. Being in the navy sucks as far as keeping up with things, sometimes it's just not possible.
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and been on it for a while. been busy, learning alot. My creativity has kinda died down but I'm hoping it comes back's kinda annoying not drawing for a while, I just need to expand my mind. I been going to Seattle, the closest nearby big city, and got plenty of inspiration there. I'm going on Deployment in October and will be visiting a lot of different countries, I can't say I'm not excited because I totally am, even though the time inbetween ports is going to suck majorly. But I'll live. I don't have a scanner, and I still won't get one. I have a few drawings I haven't put up yet that I will at some point but I've just been real busy so, it will be a while. Lots of work to be done on this big ass Aircraft Carrier. That's all for now.
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nor am I going to get one because I'm going to be out of here in a month or 2. but some of the stuff I'm uploading I did in boot camp, and I'll specify which and some I did here at my schooling. I discovered a new media that I like to use, highlighter! haha highlighters are so much fun to work with...just saying. Anyways keep an eye out for some stuff. =)
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yeah, because I have drawn a lot of shit. It's an awesome way to relax here. Whenever I'm actually not busy I can put my music on, listen to some beats and draw, it's really a great way to wind down in my sometimes very hectic schedule here in the Navy. I've finished school for my job and I'm waiting on orders to tell me where I'll be spending the next 3 years at, or maybe another school is possible. Hoping to get another tattoo also. Other than that, nothing new.
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and bored...
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  • Drinking: MONSTER energy! I'm done with boot camp now. I'm at my schooling for the job I'm going to be doing in the Navy. I probably won't be uploading anything for a long ass time...and I mean a long as time. which is okay because I don't have much time to draw or anything anyways. So, just a little update. Boot Camp wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I actually had fun in some parts. It was a challenge but I did it. So yeah...that's an update...I've been drinking 2 monsters a day since I started school, it's so hard to stay awake. Freakin' navy never lets us sleep! haha
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What the hell? I tried to go onto my own page and it says it's
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...I'm pretty sure no one will read this. Oh well!

I'll probably be a little bit more active on here for the next 5 months while I'm just sitting around at home doing absolutly nothing since I've finally finished High School and I'm awaiting July 20th which is when I'll be leaving for Navy RTC (or lots of people call it basic or boot camp). Yep I joined the military for the pretty good pay and free ticket to college. I joined a few months ago, and it was the best decision I've ever made. I will be taking a mini sketchbook with me and say it's an address book so I can still, at least, draw while I'm at RTC. hehehe. So yeah, that's pretty much all that's going on in my life right now. I will be uploading a bunch of new drawings, once I get them drawn and stUff. Um...yeah that's pretty much it. Look for new uploads coming in the near future!
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I hate comming up with subject titles so whatever! lol. so yeah, I'm updating this thing since I seem to update it, like, once or twice a year haha..I'm not a really active deviantartian (no friggin Idea, don't ask, I'm half asleep right now and sick). So yeah just updating this thing. I've been uploading work every now and then but I've came to an artist block(which I guess is similar to a writer's block) but I have a few more stuff that I'll upload within the next week. I also want to say, I know I'm not very active here but I do check my alerts and I definantly check all the artwork of the people I am watching, so if you're watching me also and I'm watching you and you may think I'm, like, dead or something because I don't comment things, I'm not dead and I'm really actually interested in your work so don't worry I really am seeing all your work and sometimes reading journals I just don't comment things because, well, I don't really have much to say or all it would say is probably the generic "that's good" or great or awesome or so on. I don't wanna be a generic commenter/critiquer (again don't ask haha) so yeah. Just getting that out there. now I'm off to take, yet, another nap...I hate being sick.
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It's been quite a while since I've updated this thing. He's what's going for me now, I am finally legal! turned 18 about a month ago but I have yet to do something that only 18 year olds can do so I really don't feel it haha. I've been uploading some stuff so check it. I'm really starting to find what I'm good at, somewhat. Anyways, on with my new obsession Repo! The Genetic Opera I encourage everyone to buy this movie! It's amazing just head to this link for more information. It stars people, like Alexa Vega, Sarah Brightman, Anthony Stewart Head, Bill Mosley, Ogre (of Skinny Puppy), Paul Sorvino, Terrance Zdunich, and oddly enough...Paris Hilton(surprisingly she does great in the movie). Anyways it's a movie/opera/musical thing and it's just great. um...that's really all...oh yeah I finally went to my first Slipknot concert last night, it was amazing, but my neck hurts...bye...
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... why does the deviantart people show the most popular of all time on the front page when you sign on?? it'll just make them even more popular and it wont give anyone else, reguardless of how great their art is, a chance to get up there...idk...just saying...this is kinda just a dumb. also I've been uploading some stuff so check them if you havn't yet. I'm still alive...
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BLAHH...okay I needed, really badly, to take that last journal off...I've been adding a lot of stuff...I am also in the process of writing a story which is about 6 pages and it's barely even's going to be good...I'm not going to say what it's about 'cause I don't want people taking my idea...and most likely I won't post it either...So there is absolutly no reason for me to be talking about it haha... also, I'm a licensed driver now! yay... okay I'm done.
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yep...I added 2 things today. I might add more I dunno...anyways...I'm 17 now! I have been for about 5 days now...anyway...yeah...just knocking my old journal entry out.
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yep...that's pretty much it...also thinking about DJing...I wanna do, like, trip-hop kind of music. which is like techno and hip hop mixed. bad thing is my software sucks so I'm going to need to get a turntable and mixer. I wanna get this cheap one that has dual CDJ and a mixer all together in's a cheap crappy one but hey, I'm just begining, can't expect much. My creativeness has flown away for the season :/ . I also really want to get a 35mm Digital Camera! hopefully for christmas, although I doubt it. not expecting much for Christmas this year, my family, my whole family, are having money issues. whatever I guess...DAMN I really want/need to get a job!
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I just wanted to take my previous Journal Entry off 'cause it's old
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yay! I turned 16 today! It's my birthday! yay! . . . . . . . <_< okay, well, that excitement's over.
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so I am making music from this software I bought a couple of months ago I only have 3 songs that I've made. the genre is kind of electronica/dance/expiremental stuffish check it...…
*moan groan* my thoat hurts bad : ( my body aches : ( I keep sneezing *achoo* hehe. . .  mes don feel goods. I'm bored too lol