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The Morning Hunt

So I started this piece in January, and then Games Workshop came up and I sorta forgot about it for a bit.

The idea behind it is taking typical fantasy elements, in this case fairies, and putting them in different environments and thinking about what they'd be like. I was listening to Dan Carlin's "Hardcore History" podcast about the Mongols, and I started thinking about how our traditional fantasy races and creatures would survive in the Eurasian Steppe, which is where the Mongols originated from. I started off with fairies, and always had the idea of them hunting something. Often they're associated with being one with nature, but in this piece I wanted to them to be at odds with nature, or at least see nature as just something to be gained from (food, movement, etc). I then had the idea to put them on birds. The Mongols pretty much lived with their horses, and so I thought a cool idea would be to have these fairies do the same, but with birds.
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this is the best!
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Honestly, my immediate thought was of hunters of some Plains Indian Tribe like the Sioux hunting bison.
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Interesting piece. :) Good job ;)
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Interesting concept.
That rabbit looks like it won't be going down easily.
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AMAZING! I love a good hunt!
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AAAAAAAAAA! This is awesome!
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A.W.E.S.O.M.E!!!!!! Very creative and beautiful.
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Woa that is so cool!!! 
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I saw this and immediately thought of the movie "epic". The only similarity is little people riding birds. But they're fairies, hunting a "giant" rabbit :'D

Overall this is an amazing piece, I love it <33
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Nice to use imagination good work.
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What a fun little piece you go going here
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I see a highly irritated rabbit. ;)

I'm trying to think of where they could hit it with those tiny arrows, and cause any kind of rapid death.  (The eye probably wouldn't do it, since there isn't good brain access that way.)  Looks they aren't really penetrating much below the skin..
Opening up an artery to cause it to bleed out would probably be fastest.
 Well, since it's a rabbit, I would probably die of shock, eventually.
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*sees mother rabbit BEATS THE SHIT OUT OF SNAKE* ...yeah .....sure
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Wow amazing!👍🏻
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That's a very cool concept, I like the execution of it. The scene just comes to life in front of me. Good job!
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Good job on this, and I like the take on it.

Also, it looks like those elves are in a *ahem* hare-y situation.  :D
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