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Merry belated Christmas and Happy New Year!

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 31, 2012, 7:20 AM

For those of you who don't have me on facebook; Merry belated Christmas! =D
And a Happy New Year! I hope you all have something fun planned for tonight and will have a great time! If you're working, big big hugs and luck :love:


I've got a website!

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 26, 2012, 4:51 PM

I finally got around to making my own personal online portfolio: :squee:
I'm very excited! If you could please check it out and like it :heart::love: It's got a gallery filled with sketch-work I've never shown online before :la:


My first official tutorial!

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 15, 2012, 4:14 AM

I spammed my facebook wall with this info, my tumblr and possibly my twitter in automatic links as well. I AM FREAKING EXCITED. I wrote a two part tutorial that crosses over from Vectortuts+ to psdtuts+ !

You get to see all the tricks and techniques I use to make my illustrations, following this one Her Greenhouse by ssst from rough, sketch, lineart, colors, shades, highlights, texture, detailing and finish! :squee: AND, if you're a premium member over on the tuts+ sites, you get access to the source files.

Please check out the tutorials; Vectortuts+: How to Create a Detailed Fantasy Scene, Part 1 - PSDtuts+: How to Shade and Apply Texture to Line Art in Photoshop, Part 2 - Like it, comments, share - ENJOY. :heart::love:


It's oh so quiet!

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 5, 2012, 3:49 AM

Where is everyone? I mean, I was working insane hours last year and so didn't have time to draw or really be present in the community (general and more specifically vector) - but the change here is really drastic. Nobody communicates anymore. The impression I get is that the favourite button is no longer a fav button, it's a 'like' and comments are optional but definitely not necessary. Actually, facebook communicates more than deviantart. In my last couple of pieces I go and ask people to tell me what they can come up with as a story to try and have people communicate something. But isn't it kinda weird that I need another reason than my art to have people be willing to talk? Naturally this could just be due to my art - but this seems to be going around, so I was wondering how many people "suffered" from the same issue.



Journal Entry: Fri Sep 28, 2012, 6:03 AM


I've been asked for a price list several times, so decided to finally put one together.
The thumbnails are examples, it's not restricted to them only. Here's my gallery :la:

Simple/no background: Seifer by ssst - 22 Euro/28$
Complex BG: Saix by ssst - 28 Euro/36$

Full body
Small/No BG: Ze Cat Whispurreur by ssst - 40 Euro/51$
Medium BG: Spells and Vampire dogs by ssst - 50 Euro/64$
Large BG: Wise A extraordinaire by ssst - 90 Euro/115$

More than 1 character
Small BG: I Remain by ssst - 50 Euro/64$
Medium BG: Nara by ssst - 65 Euro/82$
Large BG: Echoes of the Ruins by ssst - 120 Euro/154$

-Crazy complex stuff with numerous characters and intense backgrounds (Example: Rangers Alley by ssst) I don't have a price in mind for, so those have to be negotiated.
-Very quick illustrations that have a limited color palette and aren't that detailed (Example: Cocktail by ssst) are at 15 Euro/20$

I am an open minded person and generally will draw anything that is thrown my way. Just because you can't find something similar to your theme or genre in my gallery, doesn't mean that I won't be willing to draw it for you. I'f I'm uncomfortable with a subject, I will tell you. 

If you have any questions, please ask! 


Thank you!

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 26, 2012, 1:07 AM

Thank you to DomiSM of course for the daily deviation, as I said to her, she spoils me so much :tighthug:
But I'm posting this journal to thank all the people who gave me the insane amount of favourites on Wise A Extraordinaire itself and other pieces in my gallery, and the +watches. There's too many of you for me to thank you all individually! :hug:

Quick shout out for theEpics
The Championship is still accepting participants, so check out the group, find out what this championship is, and if you're interested, sign up! :love:


TheEpics Championship 2012

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 28, 2012, 8:45 AM

What is that? :icontheepics: is active again?! OMG :omg:

We invite you to join us (ssst and LineBirgitte) in the Championship of 2012. All the information you need can be found on the front page of the group (theEpics) and will be updated with more prizes and participants over the following weeks. If you wish to enter the Championship, you can find information on how to do so (again) on the front page! :dummy:

You get your ow chibi!!!

The starting date of the Championship is the 6th of August 2012 and there shall be 5 rounds in total.

If you'd like to add something to the prize list, please send us a note and we'll shower you with virtual cookies!
If you'd like to share this journal to make sure it gets more views and publicity, we'll shower you with virtual cookies and kisses!

SNEAK PEEK! It's a new 'Prelude Fight' drawing! AND THIS TIME WITH GIRLIE CHARACTERS, YAY. So. It'll feature: Paine (Final Fantasy 10-2), Lulu (Final Fantasy 10) and Fran (Final Fantasy 12)

I can't work on it often considering my job, but whenever I get a little break and aren't so tired I just crash, I add some more to it :la:
I'm starting my first day at work today! I'm both excited and annoyed :woohoo: It'll be really long hours and I'm pretty sure the first month (even two) I'll be exhausted when I get home. Waitress-ing HUZZAH. On my test run during the afternoon break before the evening shift started, I used a bucket to fill it up with hot water and I put my feet it in, placing it beneath my desk and all. I was aware of muscles I hadn't known I had in the first place. It was interesting.

Anyways - update concerning my graphic card. It's not my graphic card that fried, it's my screen that did. Which is sorta neat in one way because I managed to get my hands on another screen, so I'm back to using my very own awesome computer *pats computer* - but buying a new screen is actually more expensive than it would be to replace a graphic card. But the one I'm using right now is definitely good stuff until I can get my hands on a new one :la: --- That also means that I can actually draw again. Which....

SNEAK PEEK! I'm working on something right now that I don't know when I'll be able to finish concerning the very busy working schedule I have to maneuver myself around. In any case, it's a new 'Prelude Fight' drawing! AND THIS TIME WITH GIRLIE CHARACTERS, YAY. Imma show a sneak peek of just one character. I'd wanted to keep the other two a secret, but you can read their names in the layers :lol: So. This Prelude Fight number three will feature: Paine (Final Fantasy 10-2), Lulu (Final Fantasy 10) and Fran (Final Fantasy 12) - I'd started out with only Paine and Fran at first, but although they're definitely not the same, they have this similar air about them that led me to add Lulu to the lot.

(I'm trying to upload to stash right now to see how that all works :la:)

(It works, fancy!)

That belt like skirt of hers is most certainly evil in it's purest form.
Once this drawing is finished, I'll use it as my base to make one big giant tutorial, covering plenty of subjects some of you suggested I cover when I asked through poll what type of tutorials you'd like! It just might be a while before I'm finished with it and then some more time to make the tutorial.

That's all! Hows you people? :love:
I won third on the fanart contest "So I herd u liek progress?" ::::… :iconveryexcitedplz:
I got the job! :iconveryexcitedplz:

My graphic card is still fried though, but with this job I'll be able to save up and pay for the repairs that need to be done on my computer. In the meantime I'm using a laptop that is very, very slow. But it allows me to check my messages and browse at a snail pace so I'm in love with it right now :love:

Unfortunately - installing illustrator on this laptop would most definitely cause implosion, so I still won't be able to draw for a while :lol: If it drags out to long and I become desperate, you may end up seeing traditional art. I doubt it though...
So I read all the tutorial suggestions and I'm definitely going to make one big one or several small ones covering the most asked for subject :la:
Unfortunately I can't do that right now or for a while as the graphic card in my computer fried, meaning my screen is covered in purple and yellow and green rain type thing... Like snow on a tv set? Just not white and grey. It's so bad, i can't even see what I'm typing all that properly. It sorta depends on what area of my screen, but I can definitely not draw anything. Also, I'm poor, so I can't get that fixed until I get moneys :lol:

Which, on a better note, I may have a job. I'm getting a call back on Monday for confirmation :la:
Oh, I'm not sure it's called a 'graphic card' - I'm just translating the french title of the thing that fried in my computer.

Soooo, I hope everyone is doing well, sorry for being very absent lately :hug: and thats all for this journal!
I moved and am all settled into my new cozy home! My brother is the biggest pain in the backside, but I'm sure he thinks the same of me :love:
Anyway! I'm job hunting, and failing, but I'm not giving up! *determined* - I'm also editing what I hope to be my first official story. It's already fully written, I just need to correct typos and go over that awful thing called grammar. That just means I'm not as active drawing wise as I usually am, so I'll be a bit slower when it comes to uploading new stuff!

How are you? :la:
Hai people!

So, I'm a bit inactive lately because, well I was doing a lot of stuff these last  couple of weeks - but right now I'm barely group active either which is because I'm moving. And apparently I have more crap than I thought I did :lol: I just thought I'd explain my ghost presence lately!
Hope everyone is well! :hug:
I was interviewed by blissart over at Vectortuts! Check it out:… :iconveryexcitedplz:
Hai people!

So, I'm back in France after a month and a half of not being in France :eyes:
I went to Germany for a day and a half, I met the awesome pica-ae, hogged her floor while LineBirgitte was hogging her couch (she gave me a camping mattress, but floor just sounds more awesome); Then there was a couple of hours in the train where LineBirgitte taught me how to knit socks! There were 3 trains in total to get in Denmark from Germany. I baptized the last one, I get car sick. Train sick too, apparently. Anyway! I had a great time in Denmark! I would explain all and everything I did, but eh... There was a lot of drawing though. And very nice give away packs made by myself and LineBirgitte for none other then everybody! So if you haven't seen that already, you really should, because we worked very hard on them :la:

Fluffies Pack by LineBirgitte

TADA! :dummy:


Feature 09

Blanche by Nemo-Corp bronze and gold by len-yan
ElevenFive by Pample Witches blues by anndr
Let me show you the forest by griffsnuff Farewell by RYE-BREAD
HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! I hope you all have a great time whatever way you are celebrating it, and that the rest of the year 2011 shall treat ya'll right :aww:

I'm wearing a short short dress with cleavage, make up shall be put on then Imma eat a big steak and yummie potatoes right before I go out and shake my booty. It shall be great!

With LineBirgitte and pica-ae - KubusRubus is present in our thougths :la:

Check ittttt:… :eager:

Halloween Parade at Vexelove!

Sun Oct 31, 2010, 3:22 AM

Today, all day long, at vexelove we are holding halloween events to celebrate the holiday!
There are collaborations, contests, puzzles and more! Prizes to win and a lot of fun to have!

Check it out:…