So Thursday for the first time in SSS history...

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(Aluri: Casually stealing this from Blue! Check out our tumblr! )

So, Thursday, for the first time in SSS history, some members of the team met each other in real life for the first time. Aluri, Blue (Bluestar) and Sorena (Spottedleaf) met in London and spent time together for the day. :happybounce:

It was awesome and really fun, we got silly, went into geek shops, got scared in the London Dungeons and sung MLP songs around the city.

We were all sad to see each other go but alas, the day must always come to an end. We hope to have more meet ups in the future and see more fellow SSS crew members. Maybe even, at some point a fan meet up too where you can come see us.

As for now, I leave you with these photo's:

From left to right: Sorena (Spottedleaf VA), Blue (Bluestar VA), Aluri (Co director).

 photo DSCN0456_zpsa657da91.jpg

From left to right: Sorena (Spottedleaf VA), Blue (Bluestar VA), Aluri (Co director).
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simalst's avatar
What does VA mean here?
3mburrHunturr's avatar
it stands for Voice Actor.
you probably forgot about this though, lol.
Moonstar005's avatar
that first one tho... MY GOD BLUESTAR
RocketKittyXD's avatar
OH MY GOD THATS REALLY SAD NOT TRYING TO BE MEAN THO, JUST GET FRIENDS TO VOICE ACT ADOY, but how do you get their voice even, if you just met i mean
MusicPie-Luke's avatar
You get the voice acting part either through skype (or other programs) or you can get them to record it online.

It's a great way to meet people similar to you.

I only have one or two friends that sound like Warriors characters.
authenticraven's avatar
hey do you already have someone for Cinderpelt if you do are there any other VA opportunities?
catclubowner's avatar
Their animation is based off of Into the Wild, and Cinderpelt is introduced in Fire and Ice. However I am doing an animation for The Darkest Hour on YouTube and I need a Cinderpelt VA. My channel is called "Spottedpaw and Graystripe"Free to use Scourge Icon Bouncy Nightfeather 
Tacocatdaworld's avatar
authenticraven's avatar
I would love to try for it!!! :dummy:
catclubowner's avatar
Here's the link: I extended the May 31 deadline to August 31 or when I have enough auditions.
authenticraven's avatar
Ok, My channel is XxRedshinexX AJ. I will get started right away :D Well after I go to the dentist XD
catclubowner's avatar
authenticraven's avatar
Luck is definitely what I'll need XD
dashie621's avatar
OMG that seems like a bunch of fun! btw, do you already have someone for voice acting Yellowfang? if so, are there any other VA opportunities?
greenwing50's avatar
im terrible at animating because well........ lol im a kid right now and im only good at art mostly and not animating i can do short animations but not long animations lol why did i say that??
XxNeonSkaixX's avatar
Lol sounds like an awesome expirence and lots of fun singing MLP songs around the city.Sounds like something me and my friends would do!
themacettes's avatar
Aluri, you are so pretty. <3
Winterbornbree's avatar

I wanna meet you guys! :D

Alas, I'm not 18 yet, so I'm stuck. :(

JayFox31's avatar
Owo that would be mega fun....
Paintsongpony's avatar
i try to get in the team! i got a new computer so i need to reinstall!!! evry THING!!!
epona976's avatar
quilaah's avatar
I thought Blue was swearing. o_o Then I was like HOLD ON A MINUTE I'M A BIT YOUNG! *turns off screen, unplugs the computer, kills internet connection* Wait a minute...
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