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Hi everyone!

Wanton the director here. As you may or may not know I'm currently going to college as an animation major, as you also may or may not know, college takes a lot of money unfortunately, so to continue going to school I entered the WyzAnt scholarship competition and I could really use your help with it! If you can just take a minute to vote for my essay at this link:

My Essay!

You'd all be doing me a HUGE favor! Finalists are determined by popular vote, and the first place prize is $10,000!!! So as much support as I can get would tremendously help! Thank you so much loyal fans, as I study animation here at school I also try to bring you guys the best content, so any help to continue studying will also help SSS!

Thanks for your time! :dummy:
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I agree we need more SSS!
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Sorry you didn't win i was too late sorry but look on the bright side of it the kids that won were probably just like you mabe. Good try. * paws up for you*
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how do i vote? Rage  I WANT TO VOTE!! Nuu 
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*clicks vote button several billion times* Yay! Go, Willi! YAAY!
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Is the semester almost done for you too? There is only a few weeks left for me before I can actually have time to do my own hobbies. Good luck!
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Most definitely voting for ya Wanton! =D :D
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And...VOTED :la: !!!

Good studyings and luck for ya :D ! But it is better that SSS continues to have excellent videos and will post new episodes of Warrior Cats ;)

See Ya :la: !
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Voted and tweeted link ^_^
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Voted, good luck to you!
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Voted thanks for SSS it is amazing.
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Voted! Good luck, I hope you get it! :3
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I voted for you! You totally deserve the best that's coming to you. :) We all have high hopes for you that you can and will make it! ;) Have fun and good luck. :D
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Voted for you! You deserve it<3
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Voted for you. Also keep up the good work of SSS Warrior Cats! :la:
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