Episode Four Casting Call

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SUBMIT YOUR AUDITIONS HERE: ssswcfanimation@gmail.com




Whoa hey yes! All those voice actors out there I hail you once again!

So, unfortunately we lost our very talented Lionheart voice actor, so we're looking for someone to match his voice! If you feel up to the challenge give it a try! Recommended only makes try for this role haha but anyone's welcome to try. We're also looking for a Dustpaw voice actor, yes he makes an appearance! This is open for anyone too, boys and girls, so give it your best!


Lionheart example lines:

LIONHEART: (pauses between lines to take in the visuals) We're here, Four Trees. Gathering place of the clans and center of the forest. WindClan governs the high ground ahead of us, where the sun sets. ShadowClan holds power over there, in the darkest part of the forest.

LIONHEART: Don't be too fierce, Tigerclaw. The ways of the Clans are new to him. He will understand in time. (to FIREPAW) You speak from your heart, young Firepaw. That will make you an even stronger warrior one day.


Dustpaw example lines:

DUSTPAW: (looks at Firepaw's mouse, snarkily) Enjoying the food we caught for you?

DUSTPAW: (rolls his eyes) I'm sure the other Clans were absolutely terrified when they smelled you two coming.


All auditions are to be sent here: ssswcfanimation@gmail.com
preferably in a .wav or .mp3 format~

Thank you for your support fans and good luck! :D
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guinea-piq's avatar
I'll audition! :D

Though, I might not be very GOOD..
ShadowPelt4's avatar
the thing ends on feb 16 2016
guinea-piq's avatar
This was made in 2014.. just realized that
ShadowPelt4's avatar
If there is any female act please tell
ShadowPelt4's avatar
How do I submit my Dustpaw voice?
Foxystorm's avatar
i think i'd do good for Graypaw i'm 13 years old but i can do a girl voice and an older version of a man or teen
bobbleheadaubz's avatar
Ah darn I'm to late. :/ Oh well.
Ask-Birchfall123's avatar
can i be firepaw when fausti becomes too old?
Im 9 Years Old.
Ask-Birchfall123's avatar
Ask-Birchfall123's avatar
can i be firepaw if Fausti gets too old for the young boy voice?
im 9 years old
geekgirl117's avatar
if there are any she cat parts i would love to try out  #ssswarriorcatslover  :3
Nerdycatlover's avatar

 l  l  l  l l  l  l  l  l  l  l  l  l  l l l  l  l  l  l l l  l  l  l  l  l   l  l  l
Hope i like it!
Kittens-and-wolves's avatar
Uh, this ended February 16th. Just thought I should tell you.
Nerdycatlover's avatar
How do u send the file?
Nerdycatlover's avatar
Hey I sent you guys it!
Nerdycatlover's avatar
Soooo trying out for Dustpaw
probably not lol
Sparkskitty67's avatar
Yess this series is still alive <3333
direwolph15's avatar
IS it already over?
Leafwhisper14's avatar
I really want to Play Sandpaw! Is it Taken? Please let me know!
Flarescent's avatar
Im gonna submit for dustpaw, even if he already has been taken, maybe they can use my voice for something else? :P why not XD plus being a VA sounds cool because a lot of my friends think i have a good vocal range and should try it out :P
JengaSoft's avatar
OH GOD NO I MISSED IT >_< I never have any luck with these! Do you still need any characters filled?
JustCalltWhatYouWant's avatar
Can I try Lionheart though?
I do have a deep voice...
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