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CLOSED! Thanks to everyone who participated!

Heyo everyone, wanton here! Do you like painting pretty scenery? Would you want some animated characters walking all over your painted scenery? If that's your calling then I've got a job for you!

We're in some need for some background artists for episode 4 as currently I am animating and doing backgrounds at the same time! (and I'm not even very good at it) So I'm holding a little calling for some people who really like painting a lotta trees.

So I have a test for you to see if you can be an SSS background artist! I have a very rough layout and you have to take it and paint the finished background!

For example:

That should also be a reference for the style and quality we're looking for! Obviously you don't have to copy that but keep in mind lighting, color, and texture! Now mine is not the best even, something a bit more graphic and bettered textured is preferred. You can also look at older SSS backgrounds done by Yuji for reference! :)

Please download and use this image as your layout for your background. (right click, "save image as")
EDIT: It's a sunny scene! The yellow lines are the light direction! sorry for the confusion! The scene is of a twoleg dirt path the warriors have to cross, they are pausing at the edge to smell the area :)

Then submit your pictures to our email at either by link or by email attachment.

****Minimum document size is 1920x1080!****

SUBMISSION DUE DATE: February 28th 11:59PM PST

Good luck!!!
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warriorsgirln1's avatar
I don't want to wait anymore, this is so exciting!
warriorsgirln1's avatar
That's what I want to know to. Just to know my odds.
Russetpelt-07's avatar
How many bg artists do you think you'll accept? 
warriorsgirln1's avatar
I hope it's more than one!🙀
Natnattiger's avatar
I love ssswarrior cats, and I wish I could be part of their team, but that path is KILLING ME I just can't draw the path! I'm bad at art anyway, this stream is about the best I can do XD. oh well, I wish good luck to the people who try out!!!

Natnattiger's avatar
UGGG I can usually do most backgrounds but this one is so hard, with the rays of light on a twoleg path! I'll try though :D
warriorsgirln1's avatar
It looked pretty good for one of my first digital drawings.
warriorsgirln1's avatar
I'll try because I love your videos.
SO hope I can do this🙀.
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Well, if it will help SSS-Warriorcats, then I shall try :D

I know the books thanks to the channel! I dunno that much about drawing backgrounds, but I'll try my best :)

I hope this animation is posted soon...I'm really anxious to see it :la:

How about ya, :iconfyrepyromaniac: ? I think you'd do an awesome job ;)
SpookyHollows's avatar
Ohhh god if only I had some experience with photoshop! I'd love to try out for this, but I'm not the best with photoshop, plus I draw my animation backgrounds all in flash. D: I shall open up photoshop and practice! 
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:I now only if i could tree
snowiinq's avatar
I don't think I'll be good, but I'll try. I'm really sure there's a better artist then me! I'm going to try my best, though!
Hopefully you find your artist, wanton-fox!
losenges's avatar
I could try, but who's to say it'll end out good? xD It could be a practice for backgrounds, at least uwu
SolidSpy24's avatar
maaan, I do have skills in drawing somewhat realistic textures and normal maps for game models and relatively decent backgrounds, but I don't think I have just enough experience for this. I probs don't have the time for it tho :/.

This is about as good as I am atm:…
I'm still practicing although I would love to work on this project.
Dovesplash's avatar
I would really like to test my skills and try this, but I'm afraid I don't have the time or skill
FaithInThePancakes's avatar
If only my computer was working with dA.. ;w;
Spiritstrike91's avatar
Oh dang, wish I could help, but I'm a sucky drawer. XD Wish all the best of luck to those who can.
lndubitably's avatar
//trying out with all my yes because I can trees so much ;u;
Artzipants's avatar
i'll be trying out for this. :)

I just have a few questions.

1. is the ground all dirt, all grass, or dirt with patches of grass?

2. on the side are those trees and bushes?

3. And are the yellow lines rain? Do we include that in the background?
FrostieHeart's avatar
I believe that most of your questions have already been answered. Reread the post.
Artzipants's avatar
Ah, yes. Two of them have been answered. ^^; Thanks
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