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Hello artists! We’re looking for animators to finish production!

What you’ll be doing:
We’ll send you a single shot to animate and inbetween following a given animatic with timed out dialogue. No worries about coloring, that’ll be taken care of afterwards. Then when you send in the completed shot we can send you another (Shot lengths vary but are usually between 1-3 actions and can even be something as simple as a head turn).

- Experience with animation
- Experience with Adobe Flash or similar programs
- Access to a copy of Flash, version CS5 or higher (preferably CS6)
- Take critique well and rework a shot if necessary
- Stay on model (draw the character exactly as he/she is designed)
- Make deadlines

How to Apply:
Send an email to with the following:
- Name (however you want us to call you by username or real)
- Demo Reel (example work, links are ok)

Thank you for your support!
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:'c wants to help animate, although I don't have an email :ccccccccccc
BappleTreeAJ's avatar
So Now you're letting your fans animate it for u 
SoulOfTheTiger's avatar
Hii, ive just send you an email ^^

i hope this is still open :)
MariKatGames's avatar
Only if I knew how to animate... Darn my mom not letting me download Adobe Flash on a laptop!
marderchen's avatar
maybe some day..
currently learn to animate much better..
ssswarrior on youtube is awesome!
zSkullOwlArt's avatar
Is this still open?
Mendaleave's avatar
According to their Tumblr it will be open for a little longer. Wanton is trying to find the last ones so if you have anything to offer you should send it in. 

He also said that he'd post if he felt like ending the call so you have some time :) I really like your art by the way :D
zSkullOwlArt's avatar
Ah i see, thank you for your explanation (:
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One day, maybe just one day! But with school just started for the new semester, I'm busier than anything. Second day and 3 projects assigned...
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You've got no worries, they also have very little time to animate, so just do it in free-time (only when you feel you want to do it, forcing yourself to animate is not good) if you get into animating with SSSWC.
Gingerstorm101's avatar
I understand the very little time, I just finished school 3 weeks ago and will be going back in September. During school, I got no free time.
Joyesh708's avatar
you finished? dang
i've still got until probably around june of school because I'm behind.
Gingerstorm101's avatar
Trust me, I am bored out of my mind! Right now I'm doing a logo for my friend's business and I just finished creating the logo for my other friend's cancer team. I want the stress back... I miss the 6 projects at onceCrying 
Joyesh708's avatar
I'm actuaaallllllllllyyyyyyyyyyy
trying to get the sss style to work for me hehe
I'm redrawing the clip they showed in the journal
We'll see how it goes!
I hope wanton won't be mad at me, waitno he probably won't
NekoKitty389's avatar
Sigh~ maybe some day....
II-Ravenstar-II's avatar
Ugh, I wish I had a better computer. I would LOVE to do this if only I couldWaaaah! Doctor Who Emoticon  Gif . To whom ever gets the piece you are going to do great!10th Doctor 
SpookyHollows's avatar
I sent an email with some of my best examples. 
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My email is plz send me shot I would love to be part of the sssgroup
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Did you apply? You got to send them some example work, pictures and an animation so they know they aren't wasting their time lol because they are probably trying to finish episode 4.
Brody1337's avatar
Took part 1 and part 2 as said on youtube video :) Gl to everyone else that'll do this MAP.
repip400's avatar
Ill send you my finished part in a second! Sorry its taking so long! I love the fact that you've moved to pixels, it makes it so much easier for me :)
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