Hello artists! We’re looking for animators to finish production!

What you’ll be doing:
We’ll send you a single shot to animate and inbetween following a given animatic with timed out dialogue. No worries about coloring, that’ll be taken care of afterwards. Then when you send in the completed shot we can send you another (Shot lengths vary but are usually between 1-3 actions and can even be something as simple as a head turn).

- Experience with animation
- Experience with Adobe Flash or similar programs
- Access to a copy of Flash, version CS5 or higher (preferably CS6)
- Take critique well and rework a shot if necessary
- Stay on model (draw the character exactly as he/she is designed)
- Make deadlines

How to Apply:
Send an email to ssswcfanimation@gmail.com with the following:
- Name (however you want us to call you by username or real)
- Demo Reel (example work, links are ok)

Thank you for your support!
Hi everyone!

Wanton the director here. As you may or may not know I'm currently going to college as an animation major, as you also may or may not know, college takes a lot of money unfortunately, so to continue going to school I entered the WyzAnt scholarship competition and I could really use your help with it! If you can just take a minute to vote for my essay at this link:

My Essay!

You'd all be doing me a HUGE favor! Finalists are determined by popular vote, and the first place prize is $10,000!!! So as much support as I can get would tremendously help! Thank you so much loyal fans, as I study animation here at school I also try to bring you guys the best content, so any help to continue studying will also help SSS!

Thanks for your time! :dummy:
CLOSED! Thanks to everyone who participated!

Heyo everyone, wanton here! Do you like painting pretty scenery? Would you want some animated characters walking all over your painted scenery? If that's your calling then I've got a job for you!

We're in some need for some background artists for episode 4 as currently I am animating and doing backgrounds at the same time! (and I'm not even very good at it) So I'm holding a little calling for some people who really like painting a lotta trees.

So I have a test for you to see if you can be an SSS background artist! I have a very rough layout and you have to take it and paint the finished background!

For example:

That should also be a reference for the style and quality we're looking for! Obviously you don't have to copy that but keep in mind lighting, color, and texture! Now mine is not the best even, something a bit more graphic and bettered textured is preferred. You can also look at older SSS backgrounds done by Yuji for reference! :)

Please download and use this image as your layout for your background. (right click, "save image as")
EDIT: It's a sunny scene! The yellow lines are the light direction! sorry for the confusion! The scene is of a twoleg dirt path the warriors have to cross, they are pausing at the edge to smell the area :)

Then submit your pictures to our email at ssswcfanimation@gmail.com either by link or by email attachment.

****Minimum document size is 1920x1080!****

SUBMISSION DUE DATE: February 28th 11:59PM PST

Good luck!!!

New livetream for you fans with questions or those who just want to say hi!
Hello SSS fans! Join us tonight, there will be a live stream Q&A on the youtube channel where you can talk to us and ask us whatever you like. 8pm EST/5pm PST
Notice: Obviously no EXTREMELY personal questions and no questions about episode release dates, production roles, casting calls, etc. Examples being "Can I voice so-and-so" or "When is episode 4 gonna be out".
See you then!


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