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This is no regular Warrior cats group. It's specifically for SSS studio's fans!

Welcome to the SSS-Warriorcats group!

:bulletblue: Joining
Everyone is free to join, you don't need to give a reason. However, this is not a regular Warrior cats club. It's a fanclub for the SSS Animation / episodes on youtube, animated by the SSS team.

:bulletblue: RULES OF: Contributing Art

1. It MUST be fan art for SSS Warriorcat Series and this means NO general Warriros fanart.

2. It may not contain any sexual scene, porn or yiff.

3. We cannot accept literature.

4. You must be the one who drew it. This means no templates.

5. No WIPs or Sketches allowed. Take the time and finish your drawing, so we can all appreciate it.

6. No screenshots allowed.

7. It must include at least one character designed and made by SSS Warriorcats! So yes, your own warrior cat can be in it, as long as there is a character of our animation in it.

8. We do not accept designs you made up yourself just because you're copying the SSS style. You're free to draw the cats in your own style, just as long as they're characters designed by us and that ARE actually in the animation. This also means that you cannot submit fanart of cats that HAVEN'T YET APPEARED in the animation

9. If you're not sure if you can contribute a specific drawing or not, please send us a note and ask us about it! We appreciate this way more than just bluntly submitting it and making us hit 'no'.

You're free to contribute art. Of course we would love to see SSS fanart! Though, we will only accept if it indeed is fanart for this club. It must be made for the SSS Warriorcats animation, and so no regular warriors art. If you submit regular fan art you WILL be banned from the group!

Happy hunting!

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Have you seen and liked the SSSWarriorcats animated series on Youtube? (… ) Do you like those and want to draw and see fan art? Join us today!
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xwarriorcats4lifex Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2020
pls make a new series im hoping for a new series even though u havent posted in 3 years its a shame
brokenhaIos Featured By Owner May 19, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
wishing there was SOME kind of update. if the series is dead. if they'll ever bring it back. I know everyones life is in shambles now, but the group and the fans have been waiting ages for Concrete evidence that something will happen.
TheChosenDragon Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
here i am 2020 posting asking where is anyone? are they at least gonna try and re release the episodes that got muted? at least do that pls!
puppyhowler Featured By Owner May 23, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
all i do know is that aluri left the team to pursue her own projects and is now a mother so she doesn't even have time for those anymore. wanton is mostly active on twitter but mostly just retweets stuff like art and animation.
Th3BlueRose Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2019
Last I heard they were still working on animations but it had slowed down majorly due to everyone involved doing school/work/etc
WingedCatDusk Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Do you mind if I ask where/when you heard that? :0
Th3BlueRose Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2020
On the Steam group. :o
MangaArtist16 Featured By Owner Edited Sep 12, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
You know, I was just about to give up and declare this series dead. I knew it'd take them a while because of school and work, but wow....

I do wish they'd update us once in a while.
nanoonri Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
rip lol
DrPhoenixJKZ Featured By Owner May 30, 2019
Better continue. I am looking forward to it! Allonsy!
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