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Taimanin Asagi Final Versions Pack 01 by SSPD077 by SSPD077, visual art

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Belldandy by BlikjeBier DOA5LR stamps Momiji by SamThePenetrator Rena dress by ToshiieKyoko ToMaKi  by SakuraArgentum Angelica - SSPD077 Oc by KiiraUsunaii

The World of Slayers of Demon City 7The World of Slayers of Demon City 7
General Information:
Type of settlement: Metropolis
Size of settlement: Large
City growth and development: Slow
Financial status: Increasing
Public services: Efficient
Government: Very efficient/Corrupt
Crime rate: Notorious
City reputation: Average
Cost of living: Affordable
Employment prospects: Excellent
Overall appearance: Spacious
General construction level: Well-built
General level of upkeep: Well kept
General street condition: Well maintained in the wealthier part of the city, poorly maintained in the poor part of the city
Population: 1/3 Humans 1/3 Demons 1/3 Angels. Demons and Angels outnumber Humans in this city. At this time, there is no account for mixed breeds (Half humans, half demons, half angels)
Level of contentment: Apathetic
Racial diversity: Diverse
Attitudes towards visitors: Prejudiced
Regional accent: Famous

Overall World Building
Demon City 7 is located in Japan, It is a sub-prefecture in the Cryst
An important message for everyone!This is an important message for all character creators and writers who want to be part of SoDC7!
Hello! :)  It can be argued that what you're about to read should have been told to all of you a long time ago, but of course SoDC7 is itself a work in progress on the part of its originator :iconfaytrobertson: and his co-creators :iconKoDraCan: and myself, :iconCharlesWS: .  This is meant to be a statement from the three of us for all of you who contribute your creativity to the universe of SoDC7.
It's a universe that was imagined by fayt and built from the stories Ko and I have written so far for Kyoko and Misa Asagi and many more characters fayt created.  Along the way, you've wanted to be a part of this world, bring even more life and excitement into it, and that's honored the three of us.  You've been so inspired to create characters and write stories to build on Slayers too, like the Inazuma Fighters and the citizens of Dragon Village and Yammutika...
Cecily~ by Tough-Turtle-Dragon PriNcEss Of DaRkNeSS by SakuraArgentum

Misa Asagi...Born to slay. by GlamRocketeer The Hunt 02 - Fierce struggle by GlamRocketeer Slayers:  A Portrait in Scarlet - Part 2 by CharlesWS The Network (Cover) by KoDraCan :thumb695783272: :thumb695944838: Rena Christ and Fayt Endzone by GlamRocketeer Fayt taunts the Balrog by GlamRocketeer

Mature Content

It's Your Turn, Kyoko-Chan! by KoDraCan
Fate/ Stay Night : Saber! by Hypster83 Beta Test-Fayt and The Way by Tough-Turtle-Dragon

My Teachers Pages…

Team Mates Model Porter and Awesome all around person my top student he ports and makes custom models my top level student she ports and makes custom models
as well re-textures and more Pose Maker and Nintendo Model Porter
:iconmarcelievsky: Custom Model Maker and master rigger great person ^w^

Slayers of Demon City 7 Team
:iconkodracan: Co-Creator writer and fanfiction creating the story and outline for each characters
:iconcharlesws: Co-Creator comic designer and another one in world building of slayers

Good People You Should Go Add To Your Watcher List Now!

Beta Testers

:wave: Hello and i like to thank u for stopping by and visiting my page, as u can tell i port and make custom made 3d models using xps/xnalara program and alot more if u like what u see then please add me to watchers list i do the same as sign of respect and if u want talk please note me i be happy to chat with one or many as i believe the key to starting good friendships is more is talk get to know one another as before thanks for stopping by and please have great day and better tomorrow Navi animated……

Happy Bunny Wave - Beemote

"Hi there everyone. I'm happy to keep helping you all but I'd really appreciate it if you could lend me a hand as well. In exchange for me fixing/making your model request, I'd love it if in exchange, you would make ten pose files for me. This would help me in making preview pictures and whatnot and allow me more time to work on helping you. Thanks for your help and understanding."

hello i like to explain and put some rules down for any request models so it help to make your alls models better and closers to how it looks on paper or or from your head lol :D

1.Before u ask me for request please have image or images of your oc or chr u want made or links to images and info like breast size and height eye color. hair and if they have tattoo,mole or beauty marks also links to the outfits or parts u want me add to your custom model,

2.i need 3 images or 2 a front and back image and side view of the chr or oc u want me to make the reason why need front view and back and maybe side view so i can make your oc or chr 95 to 100% right

3.nude models with removable outfits take longer to make then non nude model with removable shoes. take less time to make like 1 to 3 hrs nude models with removable outfits can take up to 3 hrs to 8 hrs or more just matters what wrong with models and armatures if i have do alot re-rigging and more just matters, also if i have create or make the parts it may take way longer as i have go find the parts i need to make oc if u dont give me info on the model just give me image

4.please dont rush me all i ask i get your model made for u just give me time please :nod: underage models there to much drama there for custom model if ask me more then 2 times in a note i wont look notes i delete and be done with it u have wait month before u can request another custom model from me

6.i dont ask for money or points all custom models are free

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NEW MODELS INCOMING!!!! :wave: Fayt here letting you all know afew new models incoming in few days. just waiting for it to cool down here first. massive heatwave atm Your be getting my 3 Belle Models and Marin Kitagawa ^w6
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Can someone please get contact with friend of mine let me know he okay? Hello i need for someone to get contact with personal friend of mine which i know a very longtime. he not reply back to any my notes or chats. CharlesWS i'm sure alot your know his name if been following me for longtime. i just want know if he okay or anything happen to him, CharlesWS thank you all in advance please have a wonderful day, and better tomorrow.
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You create your own Monster Models?

That's so cool

give me a update please!!! SSD077 i'm worry about it

hi sspd077, you feeling ok and also how my 2 requests going!!! text me back ok!!!

Thanks for the fave

Thanks for the fave on Ryu Hayabusa as Black Luster Soldier!