SSP v2.3 update + question for suggestions.

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UPDATE: v2.3:

- SSP-Games is out! After a lot of hard work Teadino and CountDraggula have released the first SSP-produced GAME.

-Dont forget to try "Dragon Roll" out for android now, and out for web on March 2016!

- SSP patreon is now closed, thanks a lot for all of you that helped us through the year that the patreon was open. Without your support, we never would have been able to grow at the rate we did. But after several of our members opened up their own patreons, having a central account for all of us just made no sense, but we've replaced it with...

- The artist's patreon support module, if an artist has a patreon set up on the site, you'll see their patreon linked with their social media buttons, and a link on their pages to it.

- FAQ page is updated

- Minor optimization on the back-end



We’re always working to improving and adding to SSP’s site. So what things would you guys like to see on the site? A few things have already been added or changed thanks to your input! So feel free to send some suggestions and such.

We're ALWAYS listening~

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can i make unofficial stickers? for the pmd characters?|Screen| Icon Please n00b