UPDATE: v2.3:

- SSP-Games is out! After a lot of hard work Teadino and CountDraggula have released the first SSP-produced GAME.

-Dont forget to try "Dragon Roll" out for android now, and out for web on March 2016!

- SSP patreon is now closed, thanks a lot for all of you that helped us through the year that the patreon was open. Without your support, we never would have been able to grow at the rate we did. But after several of our members opened up their own patreons, having a central account for all of us just made no sense, but we've replaced it with...

- The artist's patreon support module, if an artist has a patreon set up on the site, you'll see their patreon linked with their social media buttons, and a link on their pages to it.

- FAQ page is updated

- Minor optimization on the back-end



We’re always working to improving and adding to SSP’s site. So what things would you guys like to see on the site? A few things have already been added or changed thanks to your input! So feel free to send some suggestions and such.

We're ALWAYS listening~



UPDATE: v2.2:

-The site now has content ratings, ranging from E to T+ for comics now, this is listed on the series info when browsing them.

-Minor visual improvements around the site.

-Last update and number of pages are now viewable from the series list and individual series archives.

-Fixed some bugs, including broken links to series authors on series archives.

-Other boring back end stuff.



We’re always working to improving and adding to SSP’s site. We do have some plans for an onsite blog of sorts, an in-house commenting system, and custom banners for each series, among other things for down the line.

That being said, what things would you guys like to see on the site? A few things have already been added or changed thanks to your input! So feel free to send some suggestions and such.

We'd like to hear em~


Hey there Skinks, this is countdraggula speaking. 

 As you may know, me and my lovely assistant, are the ones who program new things into the SSP site! I've decided to make more of an effort to be forthcoming. Its very nice to meet you all! 

I wanted to thank you for all of the kind words for V2 that you had to say, we worked really hard on that, and am glad you've all liked the changes.

But on to business, we're here to announce the release of SSP V2.1! The last release worked on more general stuff, but this addresses some of the most common features requested of SSP. 

-RSS feed, believe it or not, this is our #1 most requested feature. We get like 2-3 emails a MONTH asking us if we got one, and now we do! 

-User comments! Out #2 most requested feature, now you can comment right on the site and tell us exactly what is on your mind. We didn't want to make you guys sign up for YET ANOTHER SITE, so you can connect using social media, or even anonymously! its a pretty cool system. check it out! 

 -F.A.Q, whenever someone sends and email about how to join the group of artists in SSP, sending a reply always makes me sad, so we decided to go ahead and make a Frequently asked questions page. Right under the "about us" page, it answers pretty much any question we've ever gotten concerning different things on SSP. 

 -There were a few minor bugs and CSS that was updated, so refresh your browser a few times if you go a page and things look a little wonky.

And that's it for the 2.1 updates! 

Tell us what you think, what you'd like to see next, what you liked and didn't like. all that stuff, now with comments, I hope to go see you on the site.


Do you have a question you’ve been dying to ask the Skinks?

If you’re curious about how we work and how we do things, Now is your chance to ask about it!

We’re making an FAQ page on our website, where we will be adding answers to questions we think should be on there.

Regardless, we will answer any questions you have for us. :’)


Please spread the word, and thank you!

After months of hard work, we are proud to release two big projects! 

SSP-comics.com v2:

  • BRAND New Look!
  • The site runs faster
  • Keyboard shortcuts work on the comic reader
  • Recommendations to other comics works!

SSP Plays:

Game Night with SSP: VexxBlack, CountDraggula and the rest of the members of SSP take some time off their comics and decide to relax by doing some Let's Plays

Twitter- The best place to get all of the updates. Youtube updates, Comic updates, Collaborations, and more!

Tumblr- The place where we’re the most socially active. We post art, comic updates, and more! If you got questions and don't want to actually send an email, you can send us an  ask! 

Deviantart Group- Very new, if you’re in DA, check us out! It's basically what you get from our tumblr….Instead, on DA!

Patreon- More behind-the-scenes type content here. We have sketches of up-coming characters, pre-released stuff, AND we pick a patreon winner to get FREE ART every month!

As always, thank you for supporting us! We hope you enjoy all these new features!