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My old Fluxbox desktop

In my time using this computer, I have migrated from Windows XP (too patronzing and stupid) to KDE (visually un-appealing), to GNOME (bloated and with a "Grannies over Geeks" design that I hate), to Xfce4 (nice, but not as adjustable as I'd like it), to Fluxbox. This is my current desktop.

If I remember correctly, I got the background right here on deviantArt.
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next migrate to e17 ;)
its not bloated, very visually appealing and flexable.
nice ss tho :) I like the simplicity
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I'll consider E17 once there's a stable release, but I don't know if I will switch. Two of the biggest draws to Fluxbox were the WM-level tabbing support and the geek-centric config system. (I don't like GUI config tools usually, mainly because they make it too hard to edit things manually and too easy to damage hand-written config files)
very good point.
I use flux on my laptop for my UI. e17 is sexy though for eye candy. I have been using it from cvs for a few months now and had little to no problems at all. If you decide to give it a whirl and hit a rock or something let me know I will see if I can be of some assistance.
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Thanks, though I'm not sure what the chances are of that. I tend to be a tweak freak. It kinda comes naturally when you're using a 2Ghz Celeron with 512MB RAM for a workload that would normally be best done on a dual-processor Athlon64 4000+ with 2GB RAM. (I'm a HEAVY multi-tasker so I've had to prune my apps to keep things working smoothly)