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My KDE 4.2 desktop - explained

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I've been very busy over the last year or so, but since I've made a lot of changes to my desktop, I decided to make a little time to update my screenshot.

This is KDE 4.2.1 with the Elegance panel theme and the Blue Curl background image (both included with it) and, if anyone's wondering, the slide-out scratchpad is just a white Notes plasmoid in a very wide auto-hiding panel.

The non-standard components visible on-screen are:
- The "Quick Access" plasmoid. (The pop-out home directory and media folder browsers at the bottom)
- The "Panel Spacer" plasmoid. (The divider lines in the panels)
- MPlayerThumbs (Video thumbnails in Konqueror)
- Conky (Used for the old-school system monitor in the corner)

There's also a screenshot without panels or annotations if you want to see what I normally see while using it.
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great explanation nice desktop ;)