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My KDE 4.2 desktop - clean

Here's a screenshot of my desktop with panels hidden and no annotations so you can see what I actually see while using it. IF you haven't already, you'll want to look at the annotated version.

I've blurred out the IP shown in the system monitor because it's my external IP and I didn't feel like resetting my DSL modem after uploading this. The total and per-process CPU stats don't match up because they're updated on different intervals.
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well i have to admit , i HATE KDE , but also i need to announce KDE 4 is awesome work .

am small wm guy , starting of awesome wm , wm ii , and xmonad . LOVE tiling WM ;)
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My main reason for using KDE is that I DESPISE (hate is too weak a word) the Open/Save dialogs GNOME put into GTK+ (Not only are they a usability nightmare, their performance on large folders is beyond horrible), monkey-patching KDE dialogs in using KGtk and LD_PRELOAD isn't reliable, and I haven't had time to brush up on C and write up a patchset.

I also used to love KDE 3.5 for Konqueror (the jewel of KDE 3.5 which I even used while trying out things like GNOME, Xfce, etc.), KIOSlaves, KParts, and the general excellent integrations... however KDE 4 is a rickety pile of (admittedly very pretty) junk. I'm tired of bugs in Plasma (desktop and panels) and a Konqueror which is more or less unmaintained and full of bugs from being ported to Qt 4. (I'd use PCManFM, but I loved Konqueror for its usability as a generic, tabbed KPart harness)

I'm actually planning to try to switch to an AwesomeWM-based setup. :) (I got tired of my 2Ghz Celeron with IceWM outperforming my 5Ghz Athlon64 X2 with KDE)

I chose AwesomeWM because wmii doesn't support Xinerama in released versions and isn't configurable enough. XMonad will be an option soon, but I hadn't started learning Haskell when I decided which WM to hammer into shape.

I just need to find time to configure it MY way... which basically means setting it up to share the de facto standard behaviours common to modern WMs like Kwin (KDE's WM), Metacity (GNOME's WM), xfwm (Xfce's WM), IceWM, etc. and their accompanying panels, publishing the config for others to use as a starting point, and then working from there to implement what I believe tiling should be.

My impression of tiling WMs is that they're all written by programmers for programmers... and while I'm a programmer, I'd be a Mac user if I didn't share Stallman's obsession with software freedom. (I can count the closed-source non-games on my system on one hand)

Anyway, at the moment, I'm still trying to figure out how to make the launcher menu close if you click somewhere else (Can you tell that I'm not a big fan of Emacs and I use gVim somewhat grudgingly? :P) and why AwesomeWM and Yakuake don't get along. (No Quake-style slide-down terminal comes close to Yakuake's level of polish)
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Awesome WM can be configured on your own way , but also try this.

strangely we shared almost all the same concepts , somehow we are old school geeks .

sadly i have to leave now to the damn milit. for more than 3 weeks . will catch up with ya soon