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My Bio
I'm a programming geek with an interest in learning to draw when real life and my more important hobbies (like learning to write fiction) aren't monopolizing my time. (Which is almost always)

I also occasionally dabble in photography... though I usually forget to bring my camera when it'd be useful.

Favourite Visual Artist
M.C. Escher
Favourite Movies
12 Angry Men | Mibu Gishi Den | Yeopgijeogin geunyeo (My Sassy Girl, the original)
Favourite TV Shows
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Jonathan Coulton | Mozart
Favourite Books
I don't really have any specific favorites, but I did love the first half of the Death Note manga. (Before the author killed off L to try to make you hate Light and failed miserably)
Favourite Writers
Douglas Adams | Terry Pratchett | Eoin Colfer | Richard Dawkins
Favourite Games
The Curse of Monkey Island | Conker's Bad Fur Day | Portal
Favourite Gaming Platform
A Linux PC with DOSBox, ScummVM, Snes9x, Mupen64Plus, and Wine.
Tools of the Trade
Two monitors, a keyboard, a wacom, and a mouse.
Other Interests
Programming, Linux, sci-fi novels, manga, fanfics, good gender-bending stories, anime, and more...


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Hello to anyone who reads this. For the record, the main purpose of my deviantART account is to take advantage of the favorites and deviantWatch systems. My art is program code (though I'd like to learn to draw more than diagrams some day) and I'm not much of a forum-goer. I'm not the type to do journal-style blogging and I'll just leave my status on "busy" all the time, but feel free to contact me if you're in the mood for intellectual discussion. The only reason I don't socialize more is because it's too much effort to seek out like minds in the physical world. As for topics of discussion, what I enjoy most in fiction is character-driven
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thanks for fav of Reflecting Fugue :)
Thanks for the fav on "Once Upon a Tower"!

I assume you got to me via "Less Wrong" (it may have been he sudden 134 views for today, the new chapter upload & your list on that hinted this to me).

*looks over your favs* - hey, have you read Uninvited Guests? Bleach fandom. Interesting sort of crack. Lots of lampshading, the laws of narration are invoked...

And look! The Red Dragons Order, among the authors you've read! I could hug you now!

*hugs* Her "Order of the Phoenix" series is nice, too (the newer ones).

*runs back to the list* Inuyasha, too? RosieB's Beside You In Time is a jewel. It has brilliant writing and many historical references.

Errrm... Ok. I'll run off now, before I scare you. Bookmarking your favs, just so you know.

(for the record, what caught my eye was the "Introduction. Hello to anyone who reads this." part of your journal - then I ran into the link and enthused)

Thanks again for the fav! (and don't mind my jumping about if you don't want to mind it)
Glad you liked my list and thanks for the links.

I'd tell you whether I've read them, but I can't for the same reason I haven't been on dA in at least a month. (I'm in the middle of rewriting the custom tool I use to keep track of what I've read. The intent being to put up a better alternative to faves lists at

I did indeed find you via Less Wrong and don't worry. I don't scare easily as long as I have a computer between me and the other person. :P

As for my list, keep in mind that once I've finished my custom tool, I'll probably fave even more authors. As is, I've had to limit my faves authors so people only get on the list once I've read everything on their profile. (It'd be hard for me to keep track of what I hadn't read otherwise)
Thanks a lot for the fav :D
Thanks for the fav :)
Hello ,thanks for the Fav