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Hello fellow SSMU Dollers! :wave:

Um...I know I haven't been managing the group lately, but I've had a lot going on recently. If you wanna know more, it's on my page as I posted a journal about it. I've also set up for you guys to donate :points: if you want, but it's not mandatory.

Anyways, I've decided to start a contest for all of July! Starting it a bit early so you guys can have a little more time to finish the entries, so I expect a few of you to enter.
More on the contest is below, so if you're interested then read onwards~ <3



:star: Rules :star:

:bulletred: You can only use SSMU bases, templates, items, and the like to make your doll. This means you can make your own stuff, or use another's pre-made templates (with credit of course).

:bulletred: you must follow the contest's theme, no exceptions. If I feel your entry doesn't follow the contest's guidelines, then I will not allow it to be entered in.

:bulletred: You MUST follow basic SSMU rules, and the rules of those whose templates you use. This means giving credit to the template maker, and if I see that you aren't following the rules you will get one warning to fix it in ONE day (24 hours from the time I give the warning). If I see that you still haven't given credit, then you will be disqualified from the contest.

:star: Contest Guidelines :star:

:bulletblue: Contest will be from June 25th to July 31st. I might extend the deadline for those with late entries, but only for a week after the initial end date. :new: I will be extending the deadline to August 10th! Make sure to get your entries in, because you'll have about 3 weeks to finish them! I haven't had any entries yet though, so I hope you guys are still interested in the contest! :new:

:bulletblue: The theme for the contest is 'Summer', but '4th Of July' entries will be accepted as well.

:bulletblue: Be creative! I won't bash you for using pre-made templates, but seeing dolls with more 'originally-made' stuff is always better.

:bulletblue: You are allowed 3 entries, but they will be counted as a whole single entry for you. If you wish to change an entry, let me know! You can only change it once though, so choose wisely.

:bulletblue::new: Since one of you guys had asked about it, NO you can not have backgrounds for your entries! I don't want to change the 'doll case' size, but if you want to add 'effects (like sparkles and such) to the doll then that's fine. But if the doll is a bit too big, I will take out some of the effects so it can fit into the 'case'.

:star: Judge Guidelines :star:

I will be doing this ALL by myself, so I have a few guidelines that I will follow when grading your guys' entries.

:bulletpink: Originality: I won't bash you guys for using pre-made templates, but using original stuff that you've made will get you more noticed.

:bulletpink: Artistic Ability: It doesn't have to be as 'detailed' like the more 'advanced dolls', but it has to look presentable. This means shading and outlines, not a block or circle of a single color that you will state is a 'dress' or whatever. I don't want you guys to be lazy, I wanna see some skill here!

:bulletpink: Unique Character Designs: You can use canon characters if you want, or you can use an original character. I'm not too picky.

:star: Prizes :star:

NOTE: Please note that prizes will/might be using pre-made templates, as the prizes will all be made by me (and due to IRL stuff I'll be busy so I wanna get prizes out as fast as I can to the winners).

:bulletyellow: First Place: 10 Custom SSMU Outfits + 5 Items + 5 Hairstyles + 2 Full Custom Dolls
(Winning Entry Will Be Put Into The 'Hall Of Dolls' - Gold Section, and receive a large gold 'trophy' beside it)

:bulletwhite: 2nd Place: 7 Custom SSMU Outfits + 2 Items + 2 Hairstyles + 1 Full Custom Doll
(Winning Entry Will Be Put Into The 'Hall Of Dolls' - Silver Section, and receive a medium silver 'trophy beside' it)

:bulletblack: 3rd Place: 3 Custom SSMU Outfits + 1 Item + 1 Hairstyle
(Winning Entry Will Be Put Into The 'Hall Of Dolls' - Bronze Section, and recieve a small bronze 'trophy' beside it)

:bulletblue: Mentions: 1 Custom Outfit
(All Mentions Will Be Put Into The 'Hall of Dolls' - Honorable Mentions Section, and receive a 'Mentions Ribbon' beside it)

:star: :new: Extra Prizes :new: :star:

NOTE: These prizes were submitted by others, so if you win a place you'd have to talk to them about it. Don't come to me asking about them, because I will ignore you. If you wanna give prizes yourself, then let me know!

Also, if you win a spot that has one of your prizes then you can give it to another person that entered. ;) Just let them know first.

:bulletyellow: 1st Place:
::icondiy-gamer:: - 4 Custom SSMU Outfits + 4 Pixel items + 4 Full Custom Doll

:bulletwhite: 2nd Place:
::icondiy-gamer:: - 3 Custom SSMU Outfits + 3 Pixel items + 3 Full Custom Doll

:bulletblack: 3rd Place:
::icondiy-gamer:: - 2 Custom SSMU Outfit + 2 Pixel item + 2 Full Custom Doll

:bulletblue: Mentions:
::icondiy-gamer:: - 1 Custom SSMU Outfit + 1 Full Custom Doll



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LeonWantsToDie Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2021  Hobbyist Writer
non-ssmu work is being uploaded to the group. 
dark-pantherian Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
I know this is a unusual question, but I have noticed there's a lot of edits for both the original and front-view base.  Has anyone ever made a version of the front view, with the feet from the original base, and if so, where is it?

-copied to each of the SSMU groups-
dark-pantherian Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
I know this isn't probably the right page to post this, but lately, when I've been trying to save pictures from DA, like templates, I noticed instead of being the name, for example, female_chibi_bases__sitting__by_redqueenallison-dcmr1rb.png, it's a bunch of letters and numbers, like gibberish, but the file saves right.  What do I need to reset on Google Chrome, so things start working right??  Figured I'd ask others who deal with SSMU, due to not getting a answer from DA help department yet.

-copied to each of the SSMU groups-
Kilala-Rossi-Paris Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2018
could you try to do one for me I have been looking around for a hair style that looks like the one that Marinette dupain-cheng   wear's  BUT I CANT FIND ANYTHING PLEASE HELP ME !
LeonWantsToDie Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
I've noticed 3 dolls in the canon folder with uncredited templates?

New Queen Serenity (ssmu)

Neo Queen Serenity Ssmu

Princess Serenity
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Shiron-the-Windragon Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Boy, has it really been nearly a year since the last time I posted here? I feel like this place is dead. Anyway, I doubt anyone will do this, but can someone make a tutorial on how to do gradient-style hair, a la Sailor Galaxia (after she's healed)?
Shiron-the-Windragon Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I was just curious if anyone wanted to try doing a SMC version of the frontview base? I could PROBABLY do it myself, but I wanted to see if anyone wanted to do one before I tried it.
Shiron-the-Windragon Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I wonder if anyone could possibly do a frontal version of the original male adult base that SSMU did right here:…. I know that SailorMillenium already made one, but it's too muscular for my liking, and besides, this would be a good challenge for some of you, to see if you can actually do it.
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