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Pride Slimander Raffle! [Closed Winners Announced]


Happy Pride month! To celebrate I wanted to create some free festive designs to share with you all <3 Anyone can win!!

Winners announced HERE
Thank you to all that entered <3

Rules & How to Join:
1. By entering you agree to the Slimander Ownership Rules!
2. You get 3 tickets free. You may disperse these around the designs you like best.
3. You can get 3 more tickets by advertising the raffle! You can do this in a journal, poll, etc. Be sure to post proof when you use your tickets.
4. To use your tickets simply reply to the post pertaining to the design you want, be sure to say how many tickets you're using! 
5. I'll assign you a number(s) for the drawing~
6. You can only win one design but you can try out for as many as you like!

This raffle will end June 23, 12am EST.
I will use a random number generator to decide the winners! 

Good luck everyone! And have a safe and fun Pride month :heart:

The Slimanders:

Bi - owner: faeby 
reply here

Pan - owner: ChristyPaws
reply here

Trans - owner: 3Dkind
reply here

Ace - owner: Sagethewolfblooded
reply here

Gay - owner: Wolfmylove04
reply here

Lesbean - owner: LifeInCart00nMotion
reply here
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Hi Sabrina!  I just wanted to let you know that I've featured this piece in a post called Rainbow Dragons by Various Artists for Pride 2019 on my dragon artwork blog (with proper attribution and links back, of course, including to the owners of each Slimander).  I love these so much!  You can find me at Writing Dragons, and this feature here.  Keep up the amazing work!
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oh my goodness!!! This is really amazing, thank you so so much, I'm so honored ;0; !!! I'm so glad you liked the slimanders and even happier to be featured in a pride post! Thank you again <3
JamieLynWeigt's avatar
Of course! Take care!
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Hi! I just wanted to let you know that I traded the Asexual Slimander to Mystic--Seer !
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Questions and other comments reply to this post~! 
LifeInCart00nMotion's avatar
Would it be possible to switch tickets around once?
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hhnnnnngggg probably not because it could mess up the order of other people's tickets D: what were you thinking of switching? 
LifeInCart00nMotion's avatar
Just putting all my tickets on lesbian.
ssleepy's avatar
hmm I can't do that because it would mess up the Ace raffle and I don't want to allow others to switch tickets as well... If others started switching tickets there could be a lot of voided tickets in the end and it could get confusing, I'm sorry ;0; 
LifeInCart00nMotion's avatar
That's okay, I understand. :)
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thank you for understanding ;//;
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These are AMAZING!?
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AAAA thank you ;0;!! they were so much fun to color my gosh
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Lesbian Pride (F2U) ~ LESBEAN
giftplane's avatar
2/3 tickets! if you please ^^
ssleepy's avatar
Sure thing x)

(10, 11)
ExtasyGATOR's avatar
ssleepy's avatar
good luck~! 

CherishedGatherer's avatar
Can i use one ticket towards this boi? ;w; 1/3
GiraffeSalad's avatar
I'd like to join with all three of my tickets <3//
ssleepy's avatar
sure thing~! 

(5, 6, 7)
ceph-eus's avatar
ill use my last ticket in this one~
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