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So, this will just be whatever I have here, and probably game releases if they happen.

You can find more about what's recent (maybe?) if you use google. Who knows.

I have this blog thing that I never update;

Also, I should eventually be working with the cool people at Epic or EA. I don't know. We'll see.

Peace out for now, deviant art. You were great for a while.
You've managed to update Flash Player, and break about 3 of my older, sponsored games!

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HyperPype, my new game with Katie Tiedrich of AwkwardZombie, is out! I need everyone to play and vote (preferably 5 because you love me):


I'll post it here, on DA, soon...
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Just a quick...something... I'd like to apologize for almost never posting here -- I do things on flash and whatnot still, I promise! I'm just writing this journal to say I'm more or less posting my new everything over at my BALRG:

Mostly as I move to mode medias like C/C++, Java, Android Apps, etc., DeviantArt is slowly losing appeal to me!

Also, I feel it looks a TEENSY bit more professional. So yeah, there's that.

Also also, I'll still post some stuff here maybe -- like flash stuff and whatnot -- but anything that's more towards source code or anything goes into Abscond Reality. I know, terrible name, so sue me :(.
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First off, no, I'm not dead! Just...busy. Working towards a Masters in Comp Sci and a Bachelors in Mathematics all in 4-5 years isn't a walk in the park you know!

As for projects, nothing stunning lately. Just a few games that have made it past 'back burner'. A few ideas have struck me but no motivation D:!

Anywho, if you could be super awesome and register here:…
It's one of those stupid referral things; I don't expect you to do anything, use a real email address, or anything of the such, but I could use the referrals. I'LL LOVE YOU FOREVER :D!
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Okay, first things first, go look at ColonelCheru's gallery. She's awesome. Especially Pepper Spray by ColonelCheru, for many reasons (But seriously, check out her gallery).

On to Flash stuff and other programming!
My latest waste of your time ( Motion Capture with WebCam by ssjskipp) is a neat idea I had. I'm sure it's not original, but it was certainly fun to make. The end result of my toying around are somewhat workable. There's no actual application now, just the framework, but I intend to do SOMETHING with it soon. Particularly interested in applying it to a UI. Or perhaps a game (although there's no market for a webcam based Flash game). For now, it is what it is.

Over this past summer, I've been doing research with a professor on the LPN problem (learning parity with noise). A friend and I have been working on using it as a human authentication protocol, which was proposed something like 10 years ago. We've implemented it, and recently used the BKW algorithm to break it. It's been a really fun ride, maybe I'll share the results on here when we're done.
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Been bugging out over grades. So far I have a B+ in Biology and a C in chemistry.
My next Chem test is this coming Tuesday. I hope I'm ready :/. Just took my second Bio and DiffEq test this past week. Fingers crossed.

I'm learning...well, I've learned C. CompSci this year, essentially Data Structures, is all in C. We just finished Sorts and the Master Theorem (for analyzing algorithm complexity), and are starting on Hash tables. Woo.

I need to get off my ass and finish 2 things. First is a game, but second... second is my top down engine I want to get done. As soon as I can get it in a playable state, I can implement it into my RTS, Dungeon Crawler, and shooter games. If only if only.

YouTube Videos that have me Bemused:

Origional Merton - Chatroulette Piano Improv…

'OdeToMeton' - Ben Folds :D…
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Journal Update?!

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 15, 2009, 8:50 PM

Yep, I'm updating this journal for once... It took me long enough, right?
Let's see...
1. Made a Sudoku solver in AS3. Currently works fine for easy puzzles, going to program in more complex AI once the basic routines fail.

2. Learning Haskell. Fucking amazing for certain things. For example, there was a Project Euler problem that asked me to:
Find the last 10 digits of the sum of the series n^n from 1 to 1000. For example:
1^1 + 2^2 + 3^3 ... 1000^10000
In Haskell, this was as easy as:
sum [ x^x | x <- [1..1000]]
Then just copying the last 10 it popped out.

3. School is going well. Getting B's and A's, mostly. Probably going to drop close to a C in Chemistry (C. For Chemistry :D!).

4. I've more or less figured out how this school works... Now I just need to learn how to get good grades and not stress out D:!

Taking DiffEq next semester -- Looking forward to that.
I'm really looking forward to next year when I can take some more electives... There's a lot in the Comp Sci and Math I'm really excited to learn about. Computer AI, Linear Algebra, stuff of the sort.

Thanksgiving is coming up... Lots of yummy food and fun people to see! So, how are all of you people on the internet?

PS: Thinking of buying L4D & L4D2... thoughts?

Also, I finally played + beat Dead Space. Good stuff. Really got me a few times... Although with the lights out, headphones on, and I try to get in the horror mood, so it all really works out...

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So, I'm at my dorm now, updating on my new lappy.

I love it.

Frame of reference, it exceeds the "recommended" requirements for Crysis and Bioshock (on systemrequirementslab)

Still dealing with stomach issues. Hopefully that ends soon.

Classes start monday. Yippee.

Hopefully, I'll get back to working on flash things soon... Just about as soon as I get used to a laptop's keyboard...
So, yeah, my HDD is gone, and my computer REFUSES to see any other HDD I plug in (BIOS sees it, Ubuntu sees it, Windows DOES NOT see it).

Weirdest thing. My BIOS knows there's an HDD plugged in, it even says the name + info about it. But the windows XP boot disk is saying "Could not detect a hard drive!"...

I got the data off it through an Ubuntu live CD + some thumb drives, so we're set on data.

As for a new computer, I'm going off to Stevens, my college, and they "give" (Included in tuition) every incoming student a laptop. Their rational is since it's a standard, you won't have to worry about how powerful of a machine you'll need for the year -- it can run everything you need it to, and most importantly, everything THEY need it to.

# Intel Core 2 Duo processor 2.53 GHz
# 4096 MB DDR2 800 MHz SDRAM
# 512 MB dedicated graphics
# 15.4 WUXGA 1920x1200 Display
# 250 GB 7200 RPM Hard Drive
# Blu-Ray Disc DVD+/-RW
# Gigabit wired network connection
# 802.11 a/g/n wireless network with blue tooth
# Microsoft Vista Business
# 4-year Warranty with Accidental Damage Protection
# Color Ink Jet Printer
# On-Campus Repair
# Service Loaner laptops available

So, I'm set. (OMG OMG OMG BLU-RAY).

As for life, after my HDD died, life thought it'd be funny and give me a stomach virus, for funsies. I was sick for 5 days, couldn't eat anything and I had pains in stomach/intestines. Fun stuff. Over the course of 5 days, I ate about 9 slices of bread, 2 bananas, 1 strawberry icepop, and 1 thing of applesauce. Yeah. That's not enough for 1 day, let alone 5.


Hopefully I'll get back on to flash work this weekend. Yippee!!!!!

(BTW, 4096MB = 4GB)
My computer died.

Nice going away to college present, huh?
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Okay, so, I've been busy having fun this summer before I ship off to college and don't have time for anything but school, but I have been working on Flash lately!

My most recent venture was to defeat Flash Decompilers as well as Memory Editors.

So far, I've been successful in creating a SafeNumber class that can stop people from simply scanning the memory to find your number. It doens't really prevent them from finding it, but in the event they DO find + change the number, you can detect it and crash the .swf, or at least exit the game.

Aside from that, I tried to make a "Secure SWF" system to beat decompilers.

The "secure" method is something like this:
1. Create an encoded SWF file with a source SWF and a passkey string (arbitrary length)
     - This is done by running an SWF I made called "Secure", where you can browse for a local SWF file and load it into the player. This encoder swf will then prompt you to save the encoded file.
2. Place the encoded file somewhere on the internet in a safe place that can handle sending the data out to a lot of different placed
3. This encoded file can then be loaded into a container .swf by calling:

swf_dec("url to file", "passkey");

   - In order to protect the passkey, you can do several things. The easiest I've done was to simply load the key from an external .php file if and only if the calling file is your original container .swf

That's about it. I've tested loading the encoded .swf into Sothink SWF Decompiler (most recent version -- works with AS3 files), and it says "Corrupt SWF file", however my Container.swf is able to load and display the original file without a problem.

Here's a live example of the Container.swf:…

Tell me if anyone out here can manage to recover the original .swf file.
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I love it when...
Your seat belt locks when you lean forward to look out around turns.
People drive under the speed limit in the left lanes.
People harshly criticize your work with prior knowledge in the field.
People stop at a red light, and THEN put their signal on to turn after you've piled in behind them.
Things stop working with no indication or noticeable change.
Something isn't working as it should, and you know for a fact that there isn't anything wrong.
Cake gets stale.

Okay, so, Maze stuff. Sorry for spaming all that crap, I was excited that something actually worked :D!
It's sparked my interest in wanting to make a dungeon crawler game...which is cool since I've been trying to think of a way to make non-static dungeons for a while now.

Another game is on the way -- Flash Hound. Should be up next week.
Nothing else really close to release.

Hope you all are enjoying your lives...
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I can dance and I can sing~

But yeah, I'm not dead, just...busy.

Haven't touched Java in a while. No...*drive*. Hooked back into Flash.
Working on 2 games (Platrus and Flash Hound), both of which are coming along swimmingly.
Also started making one of those TD (Tower Defense) know, build stationary towers to destroy oncoming enemies before they get to the end? Yeah. Those. I'm excited for it, since they're fun :D!
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Yeah. I'm *finally* taking the time to learn Java.
Made a little Hangman application.
I'll learn graphics next.
Oh joy. Rapture. Strict languages >>.

First Java app EVAR:…

Rorschach is my hero.
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I felt like doing the whole
"Shuffle playlist, write first lyrics"
Go for it if you know any.

01. "And when I see you I really see you upside down"
02. "Sometimes I think this cycle never ends"
03. "The glove compartment is inaccurately named"
04. "It's bugging me, grating me and twisting me around"
05. "Who shot that arrow in your throat?"
06. "I take a breath and pull the air in until there's nothing left"
07. "The lips that slip are the lips that press"
08. "I know how to rip a mic different I grip it like so"
09. "There's no combination of words I could put on the back of a postcard"
10. "You hardly even notice when I try to show you this"
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I'm bored. Tagged by AXISs5. Here's the required journal.

1. Post these rules.
2. Each tagged person must post 8 things about their self on their journal.
3. At the end, you have to choose and tag 8 people and post their icons on the same journal.
4. Go to their pages and send a message saying you tagged them.
5. No tag-backs.

1. I live, breath, and eat an interesting blend of FAILURE and AWESOME.
2. I am quite interested in break dancing, and would love to learn...I think I may actually have found somewhere to do just that.
3. I'm going skydiving this year, probably around spring break.
4. I can dance if I want to, I can leave your friends behind. Because if your friends don't dance, and if they don't dance, well, they a'int no friends of mine.
6. I know how to dance the tango with a spoon.
7. ??????


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That's right, I'm 18! That means I missed voting by a few months, have to sign up for the draft, and can now be charged as an adult!

But all is not a loss for this poor soul! For there are positives to be had! As you all know, not only can I now purchase pornography, but I can make my appearance at a gentleman's club! Oh happy day my brothers, happy day!

Along with this new found power, I can also do much more! Fun things such as skydiving, going to the shooting range, and *almost* drive past midnight with more than one person (I got my license a teensy bit late, I get those restrictions off February 25th).

Also, I can do all of those things that say "BITCH GOTTA' BE 18 OR OLDER."

And I intend to do all of the above this year. I plan to go skydiving sometime during spring break, go to the range with some friends, and drive AT ALL HOURS OF THE NIGHT.

As for gifts? Well, here's how the did this one:
In order of unwrapped:
:damphyr:A 12 pack of Ginger Ale
:damphyr:4 cups of Yogurt
:damphyr:1 box of Hot Tamales
:damphyr:Sticky Notes & Peeps (marshmallow candy things)
:damphyr:Paper Plates
:damphyr:A 12 pack of 1L Blood Orange Juice

And that's it...for a few minutes. That's when they brought out a mini-fridge :D!
Yep, I'm going off to college this fall, and what better way to embrace the dorm life than to have my very own refrigerator! Complete with lock and key just. in. case.

Well, that's my 18th! It was a good fun time! Probably going to celebrate with friends another time.


Almost forgot to ask, but that Cryptography thing...should I bother even attempting to make a harder one...? Or am I just wasting my time and it's the dumbest thing ever.

Doubly also, I am still working on flash stuff, even if I haven't made a game in AGES.
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FUCK YEAH. IT'S THE SEASON FOR GIFTS, FAMILY, FOOD, AND GIFTS. Did I mention gifts? Because there's gifts!

Here's my gifts:
PS3 Games:
Little Big Planet
Mirrors Edge
Far Cry 2

A keg of root beer (this stuff is like crack)
3 pairs of JEANS. YEAH BABY.
Pillow cases for my couch pillows...It's good. Trust me.
2 Awesome T-Shirts.
1 Italian Sweater. stuffs...candy...