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Top Down Shooter Engine

By ssjskipp
Sound Version: [link]

Added some graphics from a game I'm working on (and possibly will stay)
Fixed/Updated movement
Added more example walls + example grounds
Added Grenade Launcher (3).

Sound Version: [link]
ASDF - Movement
Shift - Sprint
Left Click - "Fire"
Number Keys 1-9 - Weapon Select

1 - Pistol (Desert Eagle)
2 - Assault Rifle/Machine Gun (AK47)


Okay, so, I decided it's time I made a nice, working top down engine for some games. I have many featured in mind, but here's what I made so far:
1. Implemented a BitmapData Camera I made (and still working on for DA release).
2. Renders Bitmaps to materials (textures) -- Ground and Wall support
3. Bullet Penetration
-Ground Materials have variable friction
-Wall Materials have variable "strength" (resistance to bullet penetration) as well as variable "deflection" (sets bullets off-course when they penetrate)
4. Sound support (no on DA version)

I intend to add:
-Dynamic Sounds (based on location)
-Other Effects such as when bullets strike materials
-Destructible and Indestructible materials.
-Anything else that comes to mind.

Credit to things I do NOT own in this:
Weapon Sprites from
Sounds from Call of Duty 4 (hence why they're not in this one).
Textures from various places, mostly here: - I did edit them in photoshop, however, to create patterns as well as proper size for use.
Everything else me (so, programming, XD).
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I really really want this code
How did you make the camera?
I'm working on a game like this, halp!
ssjskipp's avatar
Bitmap data can draw specific regions of movie clips.
Oh, I always tried moving everything, can you give some example code. I never used bitmaps
ssjskipp's avatar
Look up the documentation for BitmapData
byndinsnty's avatar
Wow, This is an awesome engine.
Do you think i could have a template of it, just the engine?
Full credit would be given to you, i just want to work with graphics and guns?
byndinsnty's avatar
Well most of the credit would b awarded to you. like 50 percent.

Now for suggestions.
1. when you (insert key) you would aim down the sights, making your con more controllable/accurate
2. eventually attachments. laser lights, reflex/EOtech sights, Acogs.
I really like how the engine is going to sound.
Man, this is a great engine. you might add a shotgun for another weapon. Enemies would help too.
is there any way you could let me use this to make a browser based zombie mmo?
ssjskipp's avatar
Is there any way I could get 10% of whatever you get in way of sponsorship (if any)?
KaysComic's avatar
I would like to use your engine for my new project, just a TDS Survival/adventure- With our help with coding, If we sell the game id go 30% your way.

hmm. well if ya wanna do some work on it with me ill be down to give you a percentage of anything i make off it. I was thinking of turning it into a zombie shooter. you said you were making AI for it right? the thing was i was just looking around and i have too much other stuff on my plate so i wouldnt be able to look at the project for a while. but if you wanna be the one who builds most of the project, I'll send you ideas of the stuff i'd like and you can build me something. Like do the best you can if theres something you dunno how to do I don't mind if you have to learn how to do it or whatever theres no deadlines or anything. but it would help us a lot if you wanted to make the game for us and we will post it up on our site and give you a percentage of the cash made from it. deal?
icky-banana-dude's avatar
The update is great! One thing, though. The wood should be destroyable by the guns, and if a bullet hits metal, it would bounce off. BETTER THAN THE LAST ONE!! :D
byndinsnty's avatar
Alot of time the metal(depending on material won't bounce a bullet. Alot of times it will ricochet, but it has to be at a specific angle.
wonderwhy-ER's avatar
Cool update. Mmm. One problem tough. I can push gin trough the wall and say start throwing grenades trough the wall...
May be you could make hand based on reverse kinematics and if it detects that gun is in the wal it corrects a little.
ssjskipp's avatar
Yeah, I was going to make the arm a series of joints and use IK to realistically push it back. Same concept for firing the gun, too. Just too lazy to make that yet ^^!
icky-banana-dude's avatar
Nice engine. About the "bullet hitting solids" thing, you could use pretty paper, the colourful shapes that spurt out of something when it's hit. What also might work is if there wasn't so much of a motion blur in shooting.
ssjskipp's avatar
I like the colorful shapes -- I may just the texture of the solid painted onto a small animation...or something like that (perhaps a variable that lets you pick the 'debris' color based on material would be nicer looking).
Sky-Mail's avatar
Why are you so amazing? D:
ssjskipp's avatar
Didn't I tell you I was amazing? And remember, I wagered ALL THAT amazing on you.
psykopath's avatar
Cool. Whats your BitmapData camera? I've always used scrollRect for scrolling, with cacheAsBitmap turned on if needed.
ssjskipp's avatar
Essentially, an offset matrix. The upshot is I can rotate and zoom as well. But it's mostly a draw with an offset.
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