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Shadows and Lights Step 2

By ssjskipp
See [link]

WASD, IJKL, Arrow keys.

I optimized a ton of stuff, and fixed a ton of glitches, and I discovered that 2 lights yields a perfect 30 fps, but 3 lights starts to bog it down (seen here). I also updated the algorithm for working with light and shadow. I still need a better method...

I average about 27 fps...
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I average 9 fps O.o
Anyway, I like :P
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Really...? What kind of system do you have...?
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I don't know, I closed all my programs except this tab, and I got lower FPS.. 8.
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Intel Pentium 4 2.8 Ghz (6 years old D:)
2.7GB Ram
Windows XP Pro SP3
Google Chrome v 6.0.495.0 Dev.

I'll try it again right now, I had many programs open (Photoshop, Flash, Skype, MSN, Windows Media Player and Google Chrome)
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Lol. How about the video card? That may be it (Also, sounds like an old system xD).

I'll have to work on a new shadow system *shrug*
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nVidia GeForce 9800 GT 512MB

I might just need to give my computer a fresh restart. Windows isn't really the operating system to keep up all day and night.
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