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By ssjskipp
Latest game. PuzzleCore! Good fun time puzzle madness adventure extravaganza!

Graphics by st1k ([link])
Music is under free/open domain, and used with permission
Programming by yours truly :D
Sponsored by FWG ([link])

On Kongregate [link]

From FWG:
Here’s a new twist to the block match genre. You play on dual screens and try to destroy the blocks on both sides.

The game starts off easy enough on the left side, but as things get crazy, you will have to deal with blocks appearing on both sides.

The game ends when the blocks reach to the top of the right side screen. How long can you last?

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Dude this game is awesome but I have a complaint. There's a glitch in mine that make an empty space on the right side of a screen count as a block. >_<
Doreda-Lorinda's avatar
Can't get over 5000.
Doreda-Lorinda's avatar
Scratch that, can hardly get over 4000 anymore.

Stupid level 8. Haha
spindash712's avatar
Lol, Kirby music.
Zombie-Bunneh's avatar
Very cool game ^_^ The graphics are quite nice as well.
Also, I need to know where you got the music. Could you possibly send me a link to the website? It would be greatly appreciated.
ssjskipp's avatar
Newgrounds Audio Portal for the music.
Thanks a bunch, it was fun to make and hopefully was fun to play.
Also, thanks for the :+fav: and :+devwatch:
Zombie-Bunneh's avatar
Sure! Do you have any idea what it's called? I'm afraid it'll be hard to find ^^; It's fine if you don't, though.
alisa's avatar
so cool .bye
Minken's avatar
Uhh... Sir this game is great.. very addictive. But I'd like to report a glitch...

Sometimes the game keeps on going even when it's paused and it kinda screwed me over ;_;
iPod-Love's avatar
This is really fun. :3
ssjskipp's avatar
Thanks, and thanks for the :+fav:!
ZEGMAN's avatar
Awesomeness! :D
ssjskipp's avatar
lol, thanks :3

N3XUZ's avatar
Ho-lee SHIT this is addictive! Wow! Keep up the incredible work!!
ssjskipp's avatar
lol :3, thanks for the :+fav:
Antonin-Turgeon's avatar
looks amazing. i love this game.
sm3ck's avatar
Skippeh PWNZ once again!
ssjskipp's avatar
Thank you sir :3
kyjast's avatar
Wow, very nice! I went nuts near the end, clicking all the blocks randomly. Not the best strategy. :)
Reduxist's avatar
If you put this on the NG, I'll be to vote five!
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