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Motion Capture with WebCam

By ssjskipp
Motion capture using the webcam.

The bottom slider modifies a sort of 'sensitivity'. I like it somewhere in the middle, really depending on your lightning. You want it to be in a place where you have clear red when you move, and not a lot of noise when you're still.

The grid cells are only for debugging.

The blue circles are the points at which it detects motion. I can really apply this to anything, but my next step is going to be a UI, or really just something interactive.

I hope to eventually release this as an implementable package (a sort of eyeToy for Flash). I'm sure there already exists many of these, but hey, I like mine the best.

Programmed in FlashDevelop, ActionScript 3
(C) Chris Federici
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i think this has a lot of potential :D Perhaps more useful if it could track yellow stickers on my face or something :P
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Took me time to check it out :) Was playing with such things too but to be honest not very useful...
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Yeah -- I need to play around a little more -- I was thinking of a user interface or something *shrug*...
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Sadly there is not such thing as "mouse down" for such things... Also it is one thing to detect change but without ability to detect movement direction it is less useful too...
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That's true -- but I do have those points to detect motion. And I can do a sort of subdivide, as in start with one big detector box, when it picks something up subdivide it, and keep going until I hit N boxes, so I only focus on the areas of motion. Then, since I'm using a bunch of data to average out the points of motion, I can try to create a field or something with the direction.

As for "mouse down", it can be holding in an area while still moving. I'll return to this project and see what I can come up with.
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I see, well good luck with that :) Will be interesting to see what more you come up with :)
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This is why I love you.
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This is really neat
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