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Mind Cards

By ssjskipp
Latest game. Finished it about a month ago, never got around to submitting it to DA.

Another fun time killer. You have 2 minutes to answer as many cards correctly as possible. There's about 6 or 7 different cards in total, most of which get harder as time goes on. You score is weighted, so the more you answer correct the better your final score, but you can't just spam through as the farther the ratio from right/wrong, the more it'll hurt.


Music is used with permission, so no worries.

Again, I programmed, st1k did the graphics and we both came up with ideas for puzzles.
Sponsored once again by the lovely Free World Group
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1824, nice game i've seen simmilar stuff befor, nice interface n'all.
ssjskipp's avatar
Thanks, and thanks for the :+fav:, I'm glad you liked it :) (and derivative works are fun to make ^^)
waltzy's avatar
:D, no problem man. oh, is it AS2 or AS3 ?
awesty's avatar

It took me way to long to answer some of those questions :P
ssjskipp's avatar
XD! Good score, though :3!
N3XUZ's avatar
The very first time I got 1337 xD
No joke.
You didn't turn off selectability for the memorization bit :P lol

And if I remember correctly this song is "Edge of Faith" by NemesisTheory on the NGAP, correct? You should give a heads up to anyone who wants to get a hold of it! [link] <-- s'there :D
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Lawl, nice.
XD! I know.

And I swear I gave credit, we always do (since the music if free for games...)
N3XUZ's avatar
You did give credit, I'm just an idiot and didn't notice it until I had already made my first comment :D

Great game!
ssjskipp's avatar
Lawl, s'all good.

Thankies :D!
N3XUZ's avatar
LOL I didn't even see that the mute button said the song's title 'til I just now posted that :P

Mad ups to your artist too, bro :nod:
psykopath's avatar
Cool, I got 1331 :p
ShishiEnjin's avatar
Isn't that some sort of remix of the Mirror's Edge theme?
ssjskipp's avatar
I believe so. If not, it's definitely inspired by it.
wonderwhy-ER's avatar
Well I did not get in top 100 with 930 :)
You have a bug or at least I thin it i a bug. Where you need to memorize you can use copy/paste :rofl:
ssjskipp's avatar
Yeah, I forgot to take off selection on the text -- too late now.

No biggie, XD!
wonderwhy-ER's avatar
Just found it funny :) Why memorizing if you can copy/paste(not only in you game) :D
ssjskipp's avatar
well, sometimes it'll ask to type backwards, and aye, it is a silly thing to forget x.x!
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