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Flash Hound

By ssjskipp
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Flash Hound is my latest creation. This one has been in the works for a little under a year, and has gone through a complete game type shift, while maintaining game play. Last November, started as an AS2 puzzle game. Now it's an addicting arcade style top down :D!


Destroy enemy cannons in this unique space shooter! Use the left mouse button to catch and release enemy bullets. OR press shift to deflect bullets. You must kill all enemy cannons to move on to the next level. Timing is everything!

Programming by me Chris "ssjskipp" Federici
Music and Graphics created by Co-Author Chris "ZT" May

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Thanks for letting us feature this game in our group! Great concept! Any development planned for this?
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Oddly enough, this wasn't a well received game -- not sure why.

I've got a new game out over at Newgrounds that me and two other guys made:

Yeah Jam Fury

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I think its still got potential, its trying to do something new! and we like that!
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It's cool :) i like the way you direct the bullets. only suggestion is that the controls seem a bit weird sometimes... sometimes it wont boost when i want it to or catch the bullets... like they have a random cooldown.
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Tis addictive. ^.^
It reminds me a *teeny* bit of Gravity Wars, just because of the graphics, the sound, the general game-play, and of course, the addictiveness.

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Maybe it's just me, or the fact I skipped the instruction (hehehe) but I was a failure at using Shift to reflect anything I simply died 4 times.

The steering is loose and without reading the instructions I wouldn't have figured you could. None the less, the effects used in the game are neat, but I really wish the quality was read instead of being forced low at the end of each stage.

If you're going to make a game so graphic heavy is demands to be put on low, low the graphics, don't force people to see poorly pixelated graphics in a vector graphics platform. Of course, that's just me.

Interesting concept though. Not the game for me. ]:
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....Yeah, skipping the instructions would pretty much kill it for you. Not the kind of game you pick up and figure it out. At least skim them.

Just so you know:
Shift boosts your ship, which can bounce enemy bullets back.
To catch bullets, you need to press + hold the left mouse button to catch bullets within range (if you fail to, it'll make a bzzert noise and have to recharge)

And as for the graphics, there's a setting in the Options menu to set the graphics to whatever you want. I'm not sure *why* I made it force graphics, I think it had to do with something... Ah well.

And as for the pixelation, most of the graphics are PNGs, and the rest are drawn with the API. With AA, lots of API kills Flash.
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Well that would definitely be why I failed to reflect anything. I moved once in the entire session and deemed it pointless to moved again. Haha.

I understand where you're coming from with the graphics though. After I got my new gaming rig I could run any Flash I couldn't before, so when optimizing, even though I got no lag and no CPU usage, people were locking up randomly and I couldn't see why.

Have to be careful when programming what you can't experience, I guess. Which is also why I attempted to play on full settings; because I could. ):

I'll give it another go sometime so it doesn't feel like I'm just dropping a no-play bomb on you and give you some more serious feedback since you took the time not to be a dick-bag to my response.
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its an awesome game. i wish there were levels and such so that the gameplay would be a little less repetitive but in all fairness, i did play enough to get most of the upgrades so lol...
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Genius! The steering seems slightly awkward to me personally (You could probably pull off the same maneuvering scheme with a keyboard...), but other than that it's pretty cool! One thing though is that if you sit perfectly still you can kill a LOT of enemies by grabbing their bullets and letting them go as soon as they double back. (Said strategy only works until you have so many enemies firing at once that you get hit waiting for the shots you just grabbed to orbit around you.)

Anyways, I want to see more! As always!
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Thanks for the favorite. And I'm glad *someone* is smart enough to develop strategies. Yes, that is one easy way to get past the starting levels, but like you mentioned, starts to fail when there are many turrets.

Also, another great way is to simply boost into rings when they fire.
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Whoa. Amazing concept. Very cool. I better get away quick though, otherwise I won't get this homework done!
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so very cool so keep up the great work ....bye
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Thanks, and thanks for the :+fav:
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Kind of hard to get a hang of it but not a bad game :) Not very addictive too tough...
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Heh, thanks.

It's a concept I've only seen once, and it never got well known. Perhaps that's what xD!
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Yeah probably :) Are there only cannons or something changes with time?
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Just cannons. Their configuration is what *kind of* changes.

Essentially, you have to destroy X cannons per round (indicated in the top left).
Each round has more cannons.
As they spawn, they make larger and larger rings.

The challenge comes from dodging one ring while being able to maneuver around bullets and attack.
wonderwhy-ER's avatar
Yeah it starts to become challenging somewhere around 3-4 level when tehre are many rings that fire not synchronously.

You know what. I think you could make it little bit more fun by adding some additional neutral objects to the stage. Like dark holes that attract bullets and if bullets hit them they disappear. Or magnetars that push bullets away. Or mirrors that reflect bullets.
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That would be pretty cool. Originally, we were going to make this a puzzle game where you'd have to navigate a puzzle, use enemy bullets to activate switches, and get to the goal all the while dodging and surviving.
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How many are there "we" :) Just wondering as I usually do most stuff alone :) tough for bigger things I use input form friends but that's it.
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For this one, it's me and Chris May.
For all of my game projects, I have someone help with animation and sounds. I always do the programming on every project in my gallery.
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/highscore domination
Nice game, gets a bit repetitive after a while (and yet it managed to make me play for 1600ish seconds <.<;)
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lol, thanks. And thansk for the :+fav:

Yeah, but it is fun to kill a little bit of time with... That all we're after :D
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