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DC Game - Inventory System
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By ssjskipp   |   Watch
Published: July 16, 2009
Okay, so, I am working on a Dungeon Crawler game.
I've decided to split the different parts of the game into separate integrable components. Since *almost* each aspect of the game can be broken down into a system on its own, as well as rely and share information with the other systems, I've decided to try and make each aspect as a separate program, then combine them all in a larger project.

Here's the inventory system for the game, much like Diablo's style of inventories. Clicking an item ';picks it up' into your hand, clicking again places it down. If it's over the inventory cells, it'll place the item, if not, it drops the item to the 'ground' (You can't tell, but I assure you, it's in a different state in code, so I can replace the graphics if I need to).

The item system can create, manipulate, and remove random items at any time.

It's pretty self spoken. Just try it out.
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OMG! "delicious condom of god"???!!! OMG! ROLMAO!!!
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SumYungGai92Hobbyist General Artist
Rofl. "Tiny Condom of Doom"
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whitefox00Hobbyist Writer
"I've decided to split the different parts of the game into separate integrable components."

FTW! d00d, you're awesome. It seems really simple, and that's the best part!
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You need to be able to rotate items.
ssjskipp's avatar
Easily done. But that ruins the difficulty of arranging items. If I had not-rectangle shaped items, then it would be a good thing, but I don't. So, there's challenge in being restricted.

Play some Diablo, you'll get what I mean.
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this is so cool keep up the great work & keep :D :D :D :D :D :D .......bye
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sm3ckHobbyist General Artist
hmmmm...delicious condom of cake :drool:
ThePen's avatar
Pointy trident of cake, oh yes!

A very neat thing, can't wait to see it in action ;)
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Skanky Axe of God + God's Holy Condoms = the most epic win ever. I am going to steal the name "Skanky Axe of God", k? Thx! xD
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Nice, the naming system works pretty well too! I only found 2 of God's Holy Condoms lol
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Thank you :3!

Yeah, there's no weight to the creation system, but that can easily be applied. I'll probably end up making a table in the Flash that I can use to look up the proper effects in the real game.
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Nice. Well shoot I'm sure a worth/cost system wouldn't be too much of a stretch either.
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Not at all. Worth is based off of rarity, which is based off of power.

The more powerful, the more rare, the more worth.
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Are non-weapon items going to be included in the system with a separate rating or would they have a power rating too?
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Of course. I have an idea for tons of different things in this game.

The part I'm most excited about is the magic creation system.

In the game, you can create your own spells and craft your own magic items.
That's hush hush right now, but I am working on the system.
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o_o That does sound exciting.
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Well, now I have something to do. Many thanks.
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... neat. :B

*plays with it*
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