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Everyone has something that they have dominion over. Something that you love, and that occupies most of your mental landscape. For me, that thing is cheese. Not the food, but the idea. As in camp, B-movies, old cartoon shows, etc. Other people, even my own friends, would not be able to stand the levels of cheese I subject myself to. And I do not blame them. But I do it anyway.

For a while I thought about how exactly to portray "cheese." There are too many examples(Transformers, Swat Kats, Lois and Clark, LoSH...), and I couldn't pick just one. So I decided to make several different outfits, starting with royal garb. And of course I couldn't do that without referencing the oldest cheese: Disney Princesses! The only hard part was figuring out how to portray my anime-styled bangs in Disney style. But I like what I came up with. (When they get long enough they really do flip out at the ends. It looks cute here, but it's annoying in real life. XD)

Submitted to replace my old pixel ID.

I'll post a bigger version in scraps for those who want to see details: [link]
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oh wow! Can she eat her dress? LOL