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Videl Cosplay Tutorial

By ssjbra-chan
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Gosh, I sure put a lot of effort into this! I made this for :iconkawaii-flame: since she asked me to do one of this!

Hope you're glad with this one! <3

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Hey! Sorry, I know that you posted this forever ago now, but I was just wondering if you happened to remember how much time and money the boots took you? It's totally fine if you don't, but they came out really well. :)
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Thanks for sharing. I plan on cosplaying Videl in the future... This is very helpful
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great! I made my Videl cosplay soon and this tutorial will be help ^^
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I'm planning to do a Videl cosplay for a sort of expo in my city, and that would help in making the boots! Thanks :meow:
Though I'm going with her former outfit (white t-shirt and short leggins). Do you think that'll fit with my short haircut? I mean... when Videl cut her hair, she wears the outfit above, so... silly question, but I don't know who to ask ^^;
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thank you :) it really helped a lot
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Yess!!! This is very helpful!! Now I can cosplay as my favorite character!!! Good Job on this!! This is great!
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Again as i see no one has answered my very important question :/ Are you supposed to have double the fabric (if your doing two shoes?)
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omg! sorry! I was inactive for a while. doubling the fabric is not needed. But i did it recently on my bulma shoes so. ;) i like it better now.
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do i need two times the fabric?
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THANK YOU I LOVE YOU FOREVER!! > u < Thanks this will help my friend who is going as Videl... I just need a Bulma one now, or I can use this one too <3
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I will be cosplaying Namek bulma soon. Sewing a bodywarmer will be a pain !!
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CANNOT WAIT TO SEE!! GL! That may be a pain but do your best!!
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AWESOME TUTORIAL!!!!Even on drawing it:meow:
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this is a really great tutorial! i would love it if you made a bulma one... i need help...(i know this was submitted almost a year ago- but i just thought i'd try!)
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I'm quite busy now, but since I've got holidays, I might upload one. Keep in touch >3
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kk :heart: i would love it if you did, there is a convention coming up near where i live and i need some help with costumes... though after seeing the videl tutorial i am considering going as her!
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Do a Bardock one...I need help, cuz I'm gonna cosplay next year. ;P If you can do it, that is...^^;
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Sure, I'll be making one during next week kay? =)

I'll keep in touch!
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Everything's good! How're you?
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Okay, thank you soooooooo much! XD This is gonna be my first con, so I wanna cosplay right. Again, thankies!
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You totally rock!!! I was trying to figure out how to do the shoes... cosplaying this version of Videl at Anime Matsuri this weekend ^^.
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