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Cosplay Pan Tutorial

By ssjbra-chan
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I made this for: :iconxxareeshaxx:.

She wanted to cosplay Pan, after she viewed my Goten Shirt tutorial. I hope this is quite a help so you can cosplay as Pan! ^_^

xxx, Caroline
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Cool, now i see more girls dress as PanLove 
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Good one! But Im not very sure about the shoes...
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This is gonna come in real handy indeed :D :plotting:
Thanks for taking the time for making this! ;D
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ZOMG! I have to thank you for making this because i wanna cosplay as pan for Daisho 09 this year! Yay! Now i can dod a somwhat decent job on her this time around.
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Aw!! :hug:

I'm so happy I helped you out :D I really feel useful!
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OMG OMG OMG So goes to my faves!! Wow your great and this was really awesome! Thanks for making it^^ I'm gonna be her!!! :D
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Good luck on your cosplay ^_^
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Thankies! ^^ The boots are kinda hard though lol. :D BTW, about the Goku and Pan request, I know its kinda wierd lol, would you be able to do it or i should change the request? :D
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If it is possible I'd like for you to change XD But if you really want it ... I can do it I guess XP Tell me what you want than :3;
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Hmm, ok. What do u think is more easy? ^^ Goku and Pan or Goku and Me? ^^ but goku has to be ss4 :)
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I don't know how to draw your original char ^_^;;
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i have a pic that i drew in my gallery of me! u can draw me in your own style!! lol always wanted to see me drawn in somebody else's style :lol: i'll tell u the poses later kk?
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OK sure ^_^ You can send me a note if you want because we can blab forever in the comment section ROFL XD
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