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Dragonball Xenoverse: A Change in Time Ch8
Nero's Vengeance, Return to Earth
(Chapter Begin)
Cooler looked on in fear as he stared down to see Rukido flying right him, as a Super Saiyan! He had no time to react as he punched hard in the face, before he was kneed in the stomach, forcing him back a few feet. Rukido however was far from done as he began to beat Cooler down with his fist, too fast for the tyrant to keep up with at all. Rukdio kept this up for a few minutes before he stopped all together as he stared at Cooler, who was breathing hard from the intense pain. Cooler stayed still at first, before he fired a massive ki-wave that consumed Rukido whole. He kept his ki-wave going as he smirked, thinking he had beaten the Saiyan only for a hand to appear from the wave and tightly grab his hand, stopping the attack all together. Cooler groaned in pain as his hand had increased as Rukido crushed it with ease, before he tried to fire his death beam at Rukido, only for the Saiyan to suddenly fire a ki-blast into his chest and se
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Chibi Vegito! by SSJ4Rukido Chibi Vegito! :iconssj4rukido:SSJ4Rukido 4 0
Dragonball Xenoverse: A Change in Time Ch7
The Tyrants of the Universe, A Saiyan's Rage
(With Rukido)
Rukido was flying full speed to reach Goku and the others hoping to reach them in time before it was too late. As he was flying he thought about what would happen if Cooler really was there. He was way past Frieza's power by a long shot and if he was here now he could have dark energy powering him.
A few minutes later Rukido arrived to the battlefield to see Goku struggling against Frieza, who was not taking the fight serious at all. Goku's gi had been ripped and torn in several places and his over shirt was gone. Also he had looked tired and nearly beaten while Frieza just looked slightly bruised. Frieza then out of nowhere kicked Goku in the face making him fall down into a river as Frieza then grabbed his head with his foot and kept him under the water, not allowing himself m to breath. This made Rukido angry as he rushed in at Frieza and surprised the tyrant with a kick to the head sending him flying into the ground. Frieza
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Dragonball Xenoverse: A Change in Time Ch6
Another Saiyan? Trial of a Kai
(Frieza's Ship)( 50 Minutes Later)
Rukido slowly opened his eyes as he saw blue all around him, before his eyes went wide as realizing that he had remembered what happened. He was about to try to escape before he heard a familiar voice in his head.
"Rukido are you awake yet." King Kai asked within his head.
"King Kai? Where am I and what happened to the others?" Rukido asked worried for his friends.
"Your within a rejuvenation chamber on Frieza's ship, you got hurt pretty bad last time. The others are fighting Frieza as we speak but you need to wait at least two more minutes before leaving." King Kai said knowing that Rukido would forget about his condition if the others we're in danger.
"What about Tights and Bulma?" Rukido asked knowing that they would not stay still and do nothing.
"Actually their in Frieza's ship as well, with Yamcha looking around and trying to see about anything data they could find, but that's not important right now. What is impor
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Dragonball Xenoverse: A Change in Time Ch5
To Namek! The Ginyu Force Strikes!
11 Days Later(West City Hospital)
Rukido and Goku had been in the same condition, with nearly all their bones crushed and completely immobile and wouldn't be doing so for a while. Gohan and Krillin had minor injuries thankfully. Yamcha had woken up a day later with the same amount of injuries. It had been 3 days since the battle and wanted to revive their friends only with one problem. Chiaotzu had to stay for a few days before being released good as new. With Piccolo dead Kami also dies meaning that the Dragonballs have disappeared for good and thus no one could be wished back to life. But there was a solution, there was a planet named Namek home to Namekians that were said to have their own set of Dragonballs. Bulma had said it would take 4339 years and 3 months but because they had Kami's old ship they could get there about a month tops after modifying it. Today Gohan, Krillin, Yamcha and Bulma would now embark on the ship to New-Namek to find and
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Dragonball Xenoverse: A Change in Time Ch4
The Saiyan Battle Royal!
(Wasteland/Mountains) (With the others)
Gohan looked up in fear at Nappa, who was charging his attack ready to reduce the hybrid Saiyan to ashes. Things went south, when Rukido left. The battle against Nappa was tough and harsh for the Z-Fighter as they realized that newly power Nappa was no joke. He was brutal with his every move, Tien had lost his left arm to the large saiyan before he had blasted Nappa with a full powered Tri-Beam from his remaining hand and had suffered from extreme stress on his body as he fell over dead. Unfortunately Nappa was still breather along with his armor being intact. Yamcha was next as he was ruthlessly beaten to a pulp by Nappa and is currently unconscious with no signs of waking up anytime soon. Krillin despite his efforts had tried his hardest to defeat the large Saiyan along side with Piccolo only to have be sent flying by into the mountain temporarily paralyzed. Gohan had actually done some damage with his masanko but had b
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Dragonball Xenoverse: A Change in Time Ch3
Arrival of the Saiyans! Saibaman Assault!
Mountains, Age 752( Day of Saiyans arrival)
Rukido was sitting down on a Boulder with his arms and legs crossed. It had been a whole year since he started training the Z-Fighters. The Saiyan enjoyed his time on earth. There was so much to do here, it's a wonder why other races haven't heard of it. True he missed Toki Toki City, but he adjusted quickly thanks to Bulma telling him all he she could about earth. All of the warriors came further than their original selves and in his eyes ready to fight the Saiyans.
Rukido was wearing a black tank top and gi pants with blue and black gi boots. He was waiting for the others to come so that they didn't forget. As he sat he began meditating for a few minutes before he felt two familiar power levels come towards him. He opened his eyes seeing two figures land a few feet away from him. This was Piccolo and Gohan.
"Mister Rukido were here!" Gohan said excitedly as Rukido took notice fas their attire. Picco
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Dragonball Xenoverse: A Change in Time Ch2
Trapped in Time! Protect Earth!
(Chapter Start)
(Pod Crash Landing) (Age 751)
Rukido couldn't believe it. The Time Scroll, his way of getting home was currently in ashes. And by Raditz of all people too! He had a damn hole in his chest for crying out loud! He turned his head to a weakly smirking Raditz's who was laughing at Rukido's shocked face. Rukido was so tempted to reduce the Saiyan to ashes but knew better. He had to die like he was originally supposed to do. Rukido sighed and took out his scouter from his pocket, placing it on his ear, which was a mistake on his part.
"HOW COULD YOU BE SO CARELESS AND HAVE ONE OF THE SCROLLS DESTROYED, NOW YOU HAVE OFFICIALLY CHANGED TIME IF WE HAD ANYONE ELSE THEY WOULDN'T HAVE BEEN AS STUPID AS YOU ARE" Elder Kai had screeched on breaking Rukido's eardrum the entire time. Rukido had to give himself a few moments before he could hear again at al
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Dragonball Xenoverse: A Change in Time Ch1
Chapter One: An Unexpected Move
"Toki Toki City, Time Nest Entrance" Age 803
"Where in the name of the Universe is he." A woman said tapping her foot impatiently. She was about 5,4 in height, black eyes with short bushy pinkish-red hair and pink/purple skin. She was wearing Potara earrings and robes similar to the worn by the Kaioshin on the Sacred World of the Kai, with pink and yellow with a dark blue tank top.(A/N: Just what she wears normally)This was Chronoa, The Supreme Kai of Time. Despite her role, Chronoa has a friendly, good natured, if somewhat sassy personality most of the time. She did have her angry outburst, that may seem childlike but could still be serious when the situation calls for it.
"Just wait a moment, I just called him a few seconds ago!" A short old man said next to her. He had a white mohawk and mustache, dark purple skin with wrinkles and black narrowed eyes. He wears a typical Kai outfit with teal underclothes(A/N: What he always wears!). This was Elder Kai
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Nero's Vengeance, Return to Earth

(Chapter Begin)

Cooler looked on in fear as he stared down to see Rukido flying right him, as a Super Saiyan! He had no time to react as he punched hard in the face, before he was kneed in the stomach, forcing him back a few feet. Rukido however was far from done as he began to beat Cooler down with his fist, too fast for the tyrant to keep up with at all. Rukdio kept this up for a few minutes before he stopped all together as he stared at Cooler, who was breathing hard from the intense pain. Cooler stayed still at first, before he fired a massive ki-wave that consumed Rukido whole. He kept his ki-wave going as he smirked, thinking he had beaten the Saiyan only for a hand to appear from the wave and tightly grab his hand, stopping the attack all together. Cooler groaned in pain as his hand had increased as Rukido crushed it with ease, before he tried to fire his death beam at Rukido, only for the Saiyan to suddenly fire a ki-blast into his chest and send him flying threw the air. Cooler quickly recovered himself as Rukido just kept glaring at him.

"How did your power exceed my own?! I've grown even stronger than my brother at this point, so how is a monkey like you getting stronger and stronger than us within mere minutes when I've trained for years gaining this form. HOW?! Cooler said in fear as Rukido glare turned to a smirk.

"We Saiyan's get stronger every time we fight, the stronger the opponent the more powerful we become! The rage you've brought upon me however, has allowed me to transform into that of a Super Saiyan!" Rukido said while Cooler was in denial.

"No that can't be! That legend said that there was only one Super Saiyan! How could there be more than one?!" Cooler asked fearing the answer.

"Really? You and Frieza have similar transformations despite how different they may look. It's no different for us Saiyans, so if I could go Super who says any Saiyan can't." Rukido said enjoying the look of fear on Cooler's face.

Cooler kept talking to himself before dark energy covered his entire body, making the tyrant scream in pain, as helt his muscles expand even further than before along with the fact the dark energy covered him like a blanket. Finally a Time Breaker symbol appeared on his chest, as Cooler roared out loud in fury as he turned his attention to Rukido and flew at him with the intent to kill. Rukido saw this and simply moved slightly as Cooler went flying past him, missing his target. Rukido pointed a finger at Cooler, as yellow energy surrounded it, before a yellow beam shot out of it and hitted Cooler's right shoulder. Cooler screamed out in pain as he clutched his shoulder in pain as he glared hard at Rukido.

"You dare copy a family move!"Cooler yelled enraged by the fact that a Saiyan was using his family move.

"Seriously? You're my enemy meaning I can take anything I want from you bastard." Rukido said as he fired his new move again at Cooler which pierced his knee this time making go off balance in the air.

Cooler growled in anger as he fired a barrage of death beams at the Rukido, who had just kept moving slightly to dodge every beam. To Rukido they were a lot slower compared to when he first fought Cooler, and concluded that because of him transforming into a Super Saiyan not only did his strength increase but so did his senses as well, along with speed and durability. Hell he even felt his brain on fire but in a good way, it was currently figuring out over multiple ways to defeat Cooler fast but with ease. But he wouldn't listen to that just yet, no he wanted to see Cooler suffer for a little bit long. His thoughts were interrupted as the planet shook as Cooler stopped his assault as he realized what was happening.

"Frieza you fool, you'll destroy this planet with us on it!" Cooler yelled furious that his brother was would risk HIS life while Rukido just kept his glare on Cooler. Cooler turned back to Rukido and realized that his chances were slim to none, before he turned around and flew off, surprising Rukdio greatly.

"Hey get back here!" Rukido yelled out and flew after Cooler, holding his speed back to make it seem like he was only able to follow him.

(Back with Goku and Frieza)

Frieza panted as he started at Goku, the landscape around them seem to have become more unstable. It looked more like a volcanic, wasteland that seemed to get worse by the second due to the destructive force of Frieza's death ball. During their fight Frieza's power level was dropping dramatically while Goku was staying the same, it was turning one sided. Frieza just glared at Goku who looked bored by the fight by now realizing that Frieza was too weak to even fight him now.

"Just give up, you're too weak to beat me now." Goku said simply as Frieza was enraged by the comment. Goku didn't even give Frieza a chance to speak as he went out of his Super Saiyan state before he started to fly away slowly. Frieza was beyond enraged he was fucking furious! He yelled as he made his ki-disk and threw at Goku who dodged it last second. Goku just turned and glare at Frieza who seemed to be pleased at the attention.

"YOU FOOL!" Goku yelled as he reverted back to Super Saiyan and charged at Frieza and kicked the tiny bastard away, before he flew past Frieza and slammed both his hands down on top of Frieza's head making the Tyrant crash into the ground below them. Frieza stood up in the crater and was glaring at Goku, ready to say something before Cooler crashed through the mountain behind Frieza and landed next to his shocked brother. Goku also looked surprised until he saw a bright yellow light coming from the mountain Cooler crashed through and saw Rukido still in his Super Saiyan form fly though and land a few feet away from Cooler and Frieza.

"Alright I'm gonna give you until the count of three, for you to give up and allow me to slice you both up into tiny pieces." Rukido said and to prove his point he made a larger version of his ki-blade and pointed it at the two scared brothers while Goku looked shocked before a smile came on his face realizing that Rukido was better than okay. He flew down next to Rukido and got on guard, seeing that Cooler was getting up.

"They just don't when to give up do they, Goku." Rukido said as he began to settle down.

"Yeah, people like them just keep going until they get what they want or till they die." Goku said as he kept his glare on the brothers in front of them. Rukido didn't say anything before he disappeared from everyone's view until he reappeared in behind Cooler and cut off his tail, making the tyrant scream in pain. Frieza was about to blast the Saiyan before he was harshly kicked away by Goku and crashed into a mountain as Goku flew in after him. Cooler looked and saw Rukido looking down at him with a unreadable stare.

Rukido then kicked Cooler's side, sending the him flying into the side of a mountain that had crumbled on top of him. He waited knowing Cooler wouldn't go down like that and was right as Cooler flew out as dark energy surrounded him. Cooler's muscles started to grow larger as spikes were coming out of his arms, his back, his tail and his legs. Cooler's head had turned his carcase spikes went upwards and had pure dark purple and red energy surrounding him. He said nothing at first before he roared out loud and flew at Rukido at extreme speed. Rukido just looked annoyed realizing that this was going to take awhile.

"Come on can't I have a break… fine if I'm gonna fight him I'll just go all out" Rukido thought to himself as he realized that Cooler's power was close on his own and got on guard.

Rukido barely had any time to dodge a fist aimed at his face as he grabbed Coolers arm and blasted Cooler's face. Unfortunately Cooler wasn't blown back and rammed his fist into Rukido's stomach,making him spit out blood before he was kicked in the face and sent flying in the sky. He stopped himself mid air as he wiped away blood off his mouth and saw Cooler charging at him again. Rukido just growled as he charged a Cooler as well. When they clashed both warrior and tyrant kept trading blows with one another's as Cooler was being pushed back slightly by Rukido. They kept this up until Rukido forced Cooler into the side of a mountain and grabbed both his arms before he jumped off his face, away from the tyrant. When Rukido was high enough he held his hands out before yelling.

"Burning Attack!" Rukido yelled, as a fire ki blast flew out of his hands towards Cooler direction. Cooler saw this and fired a death beam at the blast making it explode upon contact. Rukido and Cooler glared at one another before Cooler started charging at Rukido yet again, annoying Rukido with his 'tactics'.

When Cooler got close enough Rukido fired a ki-blast at him, to slow him down. Only for Cooler to move even faster and punch the Saiyan hard in the stomach, making him spit up a little blood. Cooler wasn't done yet as he then grabbed Rukido by his head and threw him towards the molten lava below them. Rukido quickly recovered and stopped himself in midair only to see that Cooler tackled him into a mountain before he jumped out of it and fired multiple death beams into Rukido's direction. As Rukido kept firing, Rukido had begun flying at him twisting and turning to dodge every beam. When he got close enough he used his speed to get behind Cooler and slammed his foot into Cooler's back, sending him flying on the ground and quickly flew after him, forming ki-blade along the way. Cooler bounced a little after he hit the ground before he forced himself to recover and land on his feet, as he was about to fly at Rukido again before he had a ki-blade go through his chest as he was pushed on the ground. Rukido just started down at Cooler who had been roaring out in pain.

"I just want to know one thing before I kill you. Was it worth it? Destroying a planet that would have been happy to help you, because of your title alone. While I can admit that a lot of people there weren't saints, they were still people who were trying to live their lives with their families and you took that away from them. Why? So you could test your new power...the power you're using right now as you stand before the last living person of Planet Nero. Now I'll ask again. . ?" Rukido said as he slowly started pushing his ki-blade into Cooler's stomach wound as he howled out in pain. Cooler despite the pain had fired a ki-blast into Rukido's stomach and sent the Saiyan flying into the ground.

Cooler then jumped up in the air fired multiple ki-blast into Rukido direction in hope that it would at least damage the Saiyan warrior. He stopped as he panted completely tired from all the fighting as he looked on at Rukido's direction before he froze as he saw Rukido standing with only a few burn marks but other than that, he was in top condition. He couldn't believe it, was this the true power hidden within Saiyans?! Rukido said nothing as he started at Cooler before he jumped in the air and started flying at Cooler with top speed. Cooler was still in shock as Rukido kicked him away before disappearing out of sight, as Cooler was flying in the air Rukido appeared in his face and blasted him in the chest sending the eldest brother of the Cold Family, to the ground with a large crash that created a crater that was filling up with lava, that began to cover him as he screamed in pain.

Rukido said nothing as he turned around and began flying before an explosion of dark energy erupted behind him, making the Saiyan turn around as he saw Cooler with 4th degree burns all over his body, as he put both his hands in the air as black and red energy started to form creating an even bigger version of his Supernova. Cooler laughed insanely as Rukido couldn't help the sweatdrop on the back of his head, Cooler's mind snapped.

"HA HA HA, I can't believe I didn't do this sooner! I should have done this the moment I arrived to this damn planet. Hear me now Saiyan for this is DEATH NOVA!" Cooler yelled out as his Death Nova started to get bigger and bigger.

Rukido saw this and held out one hand as it began to gathered yellow and blue energy from within his hand before it formed a small ball of energy. Cooler saw this and laughed harder thinking that the Saiyan was at his limit and threw his Death Nova at Rukido who just stood on the ground and put his other hand out. As the Death Nova got closer to Rukido, Cooler went back to his fourth form(A/N: His main form.) thinking that he finally killed off the Saiyan before he saw his Death Nova stop in place before it contacted with the ground. Rukido was holding up Coolers attack with the arm he held up as his green and blue orb started flashing.

"Don't you realize it by now you can't win no matter how hard you try. Know why? Because I want my home, my friends, my mother to be avenged and nothing will stop me from doing that. So this is goodbye...Nero Buster." Rukido said as he pushed the orb into Cooler's Death Nova and pushed ki into it, making it grow larger and larger before it consumed the Death Nova all together to show a large blue ball of energy with a yellow core inside of it as white lighting starting going around it. Cooler froze in fear as his mind had officially broke from the overload of power that Rukido was displaying as said Saiyan was smiling at him.

"FIRE!" Rukido yelled as he pushed his attack towards the frozen Cooler. Cooler was consumed by the large ball as it pushed out of Nameks atmosphere, before it exploded massively, it could be seen from several different planets across the universe. When it faded nothing was left behind and Cooler was no more.

Rukido looked up as the sky as he felt his anger vanished and the weight on his shoulders go away. He had always felt rage for what happened to his home and all of the people who lived on it. It didn't help that he felt useless back then, when he tried and failed to defend his home. When he was saved by Trunks, he went into a deep depression realizing that he lost everything within minutes and had wanted to die so he could join them. But thankfully Chrona had pulled him out of his depression by making him see that he could start anew and honor Nero's people by living on. Now he was beyond happy, he was overjoyed. Finally Nero was finally avenged, he finally felt at peace now that Cooler was no more.

Rukido just kept smiling before he realized that the planet was still going to explode! He quickly flew up in the air and flew towards Goku, in hope to get a chance to fight Frieza again. Only to disappear in a yellow light.

(Earth, Random Forest)

Rukido had flying when he was teleported so when he arrived he crashed through several trees before going deep in the ground. He groaned in pain as he left his Super Saiyan form back to his base and picked himself out of the ground, shaking his head. He barely had time to do anything before he was tackled by a crying Gohan.

"Uncle Rukido your okay!" Gohan said as he hugged his uncle figure, who was hugging him back, happy that the young Saiyan was okay and alive. He let of the crying boy and saw all everyone ,that was on Namek, running towards him. Tights and Akane jumped on Rukido, both of them crying slightly into his shoulders. He blushed a little before patting both of them slightly on their backs, as Piccolo just smirked at him. Gohan, Bulma and Dende just smiled at the scene while the Namekians were just confused. Then out of nowhere both girls both hit the back Rukido's head as grabbed his head from the pain he felt everyone else just sweatdropped at the scene.

"That's for going to fight a powerful Tyrant on your own!" Akane yelled at him while Tights nodded in agreement. Rukido just laughed nervously before he sat up and dusted some dirt off as heard laughter coming from behind the group. They all turned to see Vegeta leaning against the tree with the smirk of the devil on his face.

"How pathetic you dare call yourself a Saiyan yet you let pathetic women hit you. At least Kakarot did me a favor with dealing with Frieza and happily stayed on that dying planet with him. He'll die on that planet along with Frieza getting him out of my hair permanently." Vegeta said as he laughed at Goku's sacrifice, enraging everyone else especially Gohan and Rukido. Gohan was about to attack the prince before he felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned and saw Piccolo shaking his head as he pointed to Rukido, who was walking angrily at Vegeta who just smirked at him.

"What do you think you're doing in front of me, you don't even have the name of a Saiyan so I'll just call you-." Vegeta began to say before Rukido turned Super Saiyan and punched Vegeta through the tree and landed on the ground, surprising everyone. Vegeta groaned as he sat up and was about to say something before he froze as he saw Rukido as a Super Saiyan!

"Wha-what?! You're a Super Saiyan as well?!" Vegeta asked in absolute shock as Rukido glared hard at him and walked slowly over to the fallen prince. Rukido got right in front Vegeta who felt fear as he started at Rukido realizing his mistake.

"Don't you ever disrespect Goku, he gave his life to make sure not only his friends were safe but to make sure everyone that lives in this universe can finally live at peace. You have the nerve mock him for not only defending our race but for fighting the guy who was the cause of the extinction in the first place. So if you have anything else to say keep to yourself, I rather not kill anyone else today." Rukido said in Vegeta's face as the prince slowly nodded as he picked himself up and walked to another tree and sat down. Rukido glared at him for a few moments before he felt someone right behind him and turned around to see Akane looking at him in awe.

"This is what a Super Saiyan looks like?" Akane asked as she put her hand on Rukido's chest making him blush slightly.

"Yeah, I can't say I'm disappointed with it either. When I fought Cooler I felt like I was in another league compared to him." Rukido said before looking down at himself. "But I feel so angry and out of control when I'm like this, yet my instinct and mind feel like they've multiplied with my power as well."

Rukido then returned to his base form as the others we're coming over and asking questions about what happened on Namek. He was about to answer before he sensed a familiar ki a few hundred feet away.

"Hang on, I'll be right back." Rukido said before he flew up in the sky before going towards the familiar ki's direction. Everyone was confused by this but knew better than to follow him, considering he didn't seem worried and decided to wait to hear the news with Goku and Frieza.

(A few hundred feet away, Plain Fields, Grasslands)

Rukido flew for a minute before he landed on the ground as he searched around.

"Come on I know you're here somewhere." Rukido thought to himself, hoping he wasn't imagining things. He kept looking before he saw who he was looking for. It was a woman wearing blue jeans, with a white tank top with sandals. She had pink/purple skin and had pinkish/red hair that went down to the middle of her back, along with the fact she was just about a head shorter than Rukido. This was Chronoa(A/N: I've been spelling it wrong, sorry) and she looked frustrated about something.

"Damn that perverted old man. He just had to dump me in the middle of nowhere without any of my favorite clothes. I don't even know where Rukido even is right now." Chronoa said not realizing that Rukido was walking up behind her.

"C-Chronoa?" Rukido asked shocked. Chronoa heard him talk and turned around seeing a very shocked Rukido before she hugged him tightly, not caring that he was half naked at all.

"Rukido! I missed you so much!" Chronoa said beyond happy to see him here while Rukido just hugged her as well. He stopped hugging her and pulled away slightly with a worried look on his face, confusing Chronoa.

"Not that I'm not happy to see you but, are you here? Aren't you supposed to stay at the time nest at all times?" Rukido asked while Chronoa had a frown on her face, making him worry about what happened.

"Well you see...I got fired." Chronoa said as Rukido was shocked, who in the universe would fire her.

"Who fired you and why?" Rukido asked as a glare formed on his face, making her gulp in fear for the other kai's.

"I won't say who but I'll tell you why. Despite the fact that I did my job to the best of my abilities, I got blamed for nearly every change in time, but with what's happening in this timeline was the last mistake that I let happen." Chronoa said as she noticed that Rukido had a sad look on his, he was blaming himself she realized quickly and hugged him.

"Don't you dare blame yourself. No one would have been able to stop it in the first place, so it doesn't even matter. Besides you still owe me a date, can't do that with you looking moppy now can we." Chronoa said trying to lighten his mood as he chuckled slightly before he just stared at her before he kissed her forehead, making the former Kai blush at the action.

"Thanks, now come on there some people I'd like you to meet." Rukido said as he picked her up bridal style and flew off back towards the others as Chronoa blushed brightly at being so close to Rukido's chest.

(Back with the Z-Fighters and Namekians)

Everyone was in a sad mood at hearing that Goku didn't make it off planet Namek before it exploded, he may have beaten Frieza but at the cost of his own life. Chi-Chi was the most hurt as she cried holding Gohan who was crying in his mother stomach. Bulma and Tights shredded their own tears while Piccolo and Akane wanted to have the honor by fighting alongside either Rukido and/or Goku and blamed themselves for not being strong enough to do anything. Even Vegeta was saddened by the death of a Saiyan who proved himself time and time again that being an elite didn't equal power. As this was happening Rukido landed a few feet away from them with Chronoa right behind him. He walked up to the group as confused about why everyone was in such a sad mood.

"Hey what'd I miss?" Rukdio asked as Chi-Chi turned to Rukido with a glare before she cried again as Piccolo walked up to Rukido with a solemn look on his face.

"I'm sorry to say this but...Goku was caught in the explosion of Namek, King Kai said that there was no way he could have escaped safely. He's gone." Piccolo said obviously saddened by the 'death' of his old rival.

"Actually he's alive and well believe it or not." Chronoa said behind Rukido, as everyone immediately got in front of them wanting to know if what she said was true or not.

"Dad's alive?! Wait, who are you?" Gohan asked very interested as Rukido stepped aside to introduce his old friend.

"This is Chronoa, she is, well was the Kai who watched over time to make sure it led to a bright future. She knows everything that happens within the original timeline before all these changes started to appear." Rukido explained as Chronoa took over.

"And I know for a fact that Goku didn't die on Namek. He used one of the Ginyu Force's space pod to escape, but the explosion sent his ship flying out of King Kai's galaxy into a completely new one. So there was no way that he would be able to find Goku there at the moment." Chronoa explained as everyone cheered knowing that Goku was alive. Chronoa just smiled at the scene before she got pulled away by Akane and Tights, to which Rukido noticed instantly.

"Hey where are you guys going?" Rukido asked.

"We're just going to have some girl talk over here. We wouldn't want to bore you with the details." Tights said quickly before follow Akane who was holding a struggling Chronoa. Rukido just shrugged his shoulder and went over to Bulma to see if she had any clothes for him.

It was getting cold.

(With Chronoa, Akane and Tights)

Chronoa kept struggling in Akane grip as Tights followed behind the two hoping that Akane's plan would work. When they were far enough away Akane let go of Chronoa who looked furious at being dragged away from the others.

"What's your problem?! Chronoa said, clearly outraged before Tights and Akane got right in her face making her uncomfortable.

"...Do you love Rukido?" Tights asked knowing the answer as Chronoa just blushed at the question.

"W-well I um...yes I do." Chronoa answered silent and shy, as Akane smiled at her shyness.

"Well you see me and my new friend here like him as well, we were just wondering if you were interested in a little plan of ours." Akane said as Tights blushed at the thought of her suggestion while Rukido went to fight with the others, while Chronoa narrowed her eyes.

"What plan?" Chronoa asked curiously as Akane looked at her with a large grin.

"I want Rukido to have a harem." Akane said simply as Chronoa froze in shock.

"WHAT?!" Chronoa yelled out loud.

"Just listen to me. If you haven't already heard the Saiyans are basically extinct at this point because of a certain tyrant I know and I want to make sure we don't officially die off. I know for a fact that Goku's married and that the prince is making pervy eye's at Bulma so Rukido's the last chance the Saiyans have at survival." Akane explained as Chronoa understood. The reality of the situation was that the Saiyan's are basically extinct later on in the future otherwise the time nest would be full off them. The only races that were mostly there were Namekians Human's and Majin. Frieza's race would rarely appear while there were just about a few Saiyans altogether now. Though Chronoa was curious about one thing.

"What made you think of this?" Chronoa asked wanting to know why she would make this plan in the first place.

"Out of all honesty I originally wanted to repay Rukido myself, for promising my freedom. But then he showed me so much kindness in my entire life with the span of just minutes. I really did want him for myself but then he mentioned that he had others that he cared for, you and Tights here. I felt horrible for that but realized that there was an easier way for all of us and more to have him and be happy. To share him with each other. This way all of us can be happy and have new Saiyan." Akane said while Chronoa nodded before she realized that she said 'more'.

"More?" Chronoa asked wondering if anyone else liked Rukido.

"Well as much as I hate to admit it us alone won't be enough won't be able to rebuild an entire race." Akane said while Tights spoke up.

"Plus I don't think there are too many women who would be able to resist him altogether, he has the body of an god!" Tights said while she blushed remembering his body along with the other girls as they all thought of the possibilities. They got out of their states when they all heard a cough behind them. They all turned around to see Yamcha with a smirk on his face as the girls blushed in embarrassment at them being caught.

"...How much did you hear." Tights said hiding her face.

"Enough for blackmail." Yamcha said smirking before he was pushed roughly against the tree by an angry Akane.

"Listen here 'wolf boy' you even think about telling anyone, I'll make the thought of you having sex a distant illusion got it." Akane said as Yamcha paled at the thought and nodded. Akane dropped the former bandit and walked off back to the others with Tights and Chronoa close behind along with Yamcha very far behind.

(With The Z-Fighter and Namekians)

Rukido was now wearing black sweatpants and a white tank top with old black sneakers. Bulma really didn't have much to give him but he appreciated the clothes nonetheless. He was now underneath a tree talking to Gohan, Chi-Chi and Bulma about where he was going to live.

"So any idea where I could live?" Rukido asked the females of the small group. He had been sleeping at the Kame house ever since he started living on earth, but knew that he should get his own place to live at.

"Well you're welcomed to live with me and Gohan. I can get the the guest room ready for you." Chi-Chi said while Rukido shook his head.

"Not that I don't like the idea, but I think I should find my own place to live." Rukido said.

"Well considering you basically saved the universe, I'm going to give you the island that daddy bought a few years back." Bulma said while Rukido was shocked. An island!?

"Are you sure?" Rukido asked thinking about what he could do with an entire island.

"Sure dad gave it to me a while ago, but I've yet to find a use for it so you might as well take it." Bulma said with a smile before frowning. "But I knowing that it's hasn't been used yet I doubt there's much done to it. I'll have some workers and drones work on the place, is there anything else you might need instead of a home." Bulma asked.

"...Well there are a few things I need." Rukido said as he told Bulma what he needed while she wrote them down to remember. When he finished he heard people speaking behind him. He turned around to see Akane, Chronoa and Tights walking towards them with Yamcha walking over to the Namekians.

"Hey girls, have a good talk?" Rukido asked curiously while the girls blushed, remember their topic.

"Yeah it was...informative." Chronoa said still blushing.

"Rukido can we talk about something." Akane asked wanting to get him as soon as possible.

"Sorry girls but I need to take him back to my house so he can at least have a place to stay until his new house is done." Chi-Chi said as she grabbed Rukido's and Gohan's arm before heading back to the ship she took here.

"Sorry we'll talk later, I promise." Rukido said as he was dragged onto the ship. The girls were beyond pissed as they saw the ship fly away from the area. Bulma noticing this decided to calm them down.

"Hey calm down you'll have plenty of time with Rukido when you're all living with him." Bulma said confusing the other girls.

"What do you mean by 'living with him'?" Akane asked excitedly.

"Well it's obvious that you all like him so I figured that getting a large home for you all would be quite helpful for getting you girls in bed with him." Bulma said as the other girls quickly gave the blue haired genius a tight hug.

"Thank you so much sis!" Tights said as she hugged harder as Bulma started to turn blue.

"That's great now GET OFF ME!" Bulma yelled as she was released from the death hug and caught her breath before she started walking off. "Anyway you all can stick around Capsule Corp for a while until Rukido home is complete. Beside I have to take the Namekians somewhere safe to live anyway. Oh and one more thing." Bulma said before walking towards a skulking Vegeta who noticed her immediately.

"What do you want woman." Vegeta growled out at her.

"Oh will you just shut up and follow me. I can let you stay at Capsule Corp considering you helped against Frieza." Bulma said as she turned away with a grumbling but willing prince behind her. The group got on Bulma's ship before they took off towards Capsule Corp.

(Capsule Corp, One Week Later)

Rukido had watched Shenron leave. He was wearing a light blue jean jacket, with his sleeves up slightly along with with a white tank top, blue jeans and black boots. He and the others revived Tien and Krillin, who were beyond happy. Along with the fact that the Namekian now had a new home to live at New Namek. Though now he had to deal with an angry Chi-Chi who was pissed at the fact that Goku wouldn't return home to train.

"That bastard of a man went to train instead of coming home how do you expect me to calm down!" Chi-Chi yelled at Rukido who signed at her.

"Chi-Chi." Rukido said in a rather serious tone making her stop in place as she now piped down a bit.

"The reason Goku is training is because of how dangerous me and his new transformation can be. Super Saiyan is triggered by anger and without proper training he won't be able to control himself very well. He doesn't want to hurt you or Gohan because he lack the control of using Super Saiyan." Rukido explained as Chi-Chi now understood why Goku refused.

"...Fine I see your point but that doesn't change the fact that he now has a barbarian transformation along with you." Chi-Chi Stated rather angrily.

"Actually when you keep your mind at peace there are actually a lot of benefits when transforming. You see Super Saiyan multiples our power by 50 however it also increase a number of our senses as well along with how much smarter we become because of it as well.(A/N: Not really true but whatever) Meaning that if Gohan were to learn it he'd become a lot more focused in his work." Rukido said hoping to get the boy to turn Super as soon as possible.

" that case I suppose I can let Gohan train only for while now got it." Chi-Chi said thinking of how much more easier it will be for Gohan to study rather than train before she walked with Gohan in tow. Rukido waved at them before turning to go inside Capsule Corp to talk to bulma. When he walked inside the living room he was greeted by Chronoa, Tights, Akane and Bulma.

Chronoa was now wearing a green sweatshirt, black jeans and black boots now with her hair in a ponytail. Tights was wearing a blue tank top with a small white vest along with black jeans. Akane was wearing a red t-shirt, blue jeans and white sneakers. Bulma was wearing an Capsule Corp lab coat, with a green shirt, black pants and boots. The others had already left to train while he, Vegeta and the girls stayed at Capsule Corp to talk about his new home. Vegeta however was training in a gravity room chamber after he was convinced to stay to become a Super Saiyan thanks to Rukido. Rukido sat down on the couch in between Chronoa and Tights as Akane sat down in front of him watching the television entertained by what she saw. Bulma sat down on her own comfy chair slightly exhausted from working on her latest projects before she turned to Rukdio weekly.

"Hey good news I got a call earlier about the island and they say everything's ready for you and the others to live in." Bulma said as Rukido felt beyond happy. While he like living with Chi-Chi and Gohan, he didn't want to have to rely on them either.

"That's great Bulma! Can we go now? Rukido asked with a grin on his face making his hidden admires smile at him. Bulma yawned slightly before responding.

"Sure I put the coordinates in my ship, just put in autopilot k." Bulma said before she fell backwards, falling asleep getting silent chuckles out of everyone. Vegeta took this moment to walk in in nothing but his training underpants as Rukido got and picked up Bulma before handing him to the Prince.

"Take her to bed will you." Rukido as vegeta got angry.

"And why should I do this." Vegeta said silently but angrily as Rukido gave him his dark glare.

"Because if you don't I'll shave off all your hair in your sleep and make sure to kick your ass a few times as well." Rukido said as his eyes flashed green. Vegeta gulped as he took Bulma away towards her room mumbling a few things. Rukido turned back to see the girls already leaving towards the ship and ran after them.

"Hey wait up." Rukido said as he and the girls exited Capsule Corp.

(Over the sea's 10 Minutes Later)

The girls were in the ship flying while Rukido just stood on top of it enjoying the cool breeze as he thought about all that's happened so far.

"Wow it's still hard to believe that all of this is happening. I have new home, new friends and a new purpose. To make sure that universe is safe at all cost. I guess I've got to thank Raditz at some point for destroying the scroll after all." Rukido thought to himself before he saw an island appearing within his and the girls line of sight.

"LAND HO!" Rukido yelled as he jumped off the ship with it following him down to the island below them. Meanwhile a space pod could be seen crashing into the ocean far behind them before floating upwards. When it opened a figure wearing a black cloak over his entire body appeared out of as he looked around the area before turning his sights to the island.

"So the Saiyan who defeated Cooler lives here...good then." The figure thought to himself before he suppressed his power level greatly before slowly flying to the island to find Rukido.

(Chapter End)

Welp glad to be done with this saga finally. It's good but not really too much fun to write about either. Anyway I hope you enjoyed the chapter and Thanks for reading!
Chibi Vegito!
"I am Chibi Vegito! My cuteness shall end you!

It's not perfect, especially around the hands, but I wanted to post it anyway, considering this is one of my first real drawings. 

I also have to thank Cartooning 4 Kids on Youtube for showing me how to so this as well. 
The Tyrants of the Universe, A Saiyan's Rage

(With Rukido)

Rukido was flying full speed to reach Goku and the others hoping to reach them in time before it was too late. As he was flying he thought about what would happen if Cooler really was there. He was way past Frieza's power by a long shot and if he was here now he could have dark energy powering him.

A few minutes later Rukido arrived to the battlefield to see Goku struggling against Frieza, who was not taking the fight serious at all. Goku's gi had been ripped and torn in several places and his over shirt was gone. Also he had looked tired and nearly beaten while Frieza just looked slightly bruised. Frieza then out of nowhere kicked Goku in the face making him fall down into a river as Frieza then grabbed his head with his foot and kept him under the water, not allowing himself m to breath. This made Rukido angry as he rushed in at Frieza and surprised the tyrant with a kick to the head sending him flying into the ground. Frieza got up and glared at his attacker before realizing that it was another Saiyan, making him even angrier than before.

"How many of you monkeys do I have to get rid of for you all to get the hint. You can not defy the emperor of the universe! I already killed that ignorant prince of you monkeys, so why do keep trying to win an unbeatable force of the universe?!" Frieza yelled out absolutely angry about the fact that he had lost nearly all his forces within the span of a few hours because of these people defying his rule!

"You really want to know? Because you and the rest of your family have murdered over millions to billions of lives just because you could. You enslaved entire races and forced them to do your bidding, for your amusement. It was your brother that took away my only family because he wanted to test their new found power. Now I'm going to make sure all of you burn in hell!" Rukido yelled out as he kneed Frieza in the face, before grabbing him by his tail and started spinning before he threw Frieza up in the air and fired a barrage of ki blast in his direction. Rukido huffed a little bit before a voice spoke behind him.

"Was that supposed to hurt?" said Frieza as Rukido turned around only to have Frieza's tail wrapped around his neck. He started coughing as he was losing more air as Frieza smirked at the choking Saiyan. Rukido thought of everything he could have done before coming up with one solution and grabbed Frieza's and bit into it hard, making the tyrant scream in pain and let go of Rukido as he was gaining back his breathing. Frieza out of rage punched Rukido in the face making him fall to the ground. Rukido glared at Frieza as he got up.

"You punched me in the face." Rukdio said angrily.

"You bit my tail." Frieza said just as angry.

"You punched me in the face." Rukido said firmly.

"You bit my fucking tail!" Frieza said even more pissed at the Saiyan's attitude.

This would have went on if Goku didn't fly out of the water in his kaioken state, surprising both of them greatly. Goku huffed as he glared at Frieza with anger as he felt himself powering up and thought to himself. "...Gohan, Chi-Chi, everyone on earth and the future of Namek I'm not about to give up. If I can hit him 20x Kamehameha, I at least stand a chance. I just have to give it all I got and show him what I'm made off!" Goku then started yelling as he started powering up again. Frieza saw this and was about to attack before Rukido had came behind him and kicked him in his back sending him flying forward before Rukido appeared in front of him before using both of his legs to kick the poor lizard like alien upwards. Goku saw Frieza and charged right at him while chanting.

"KA...ME…" Goku said as he kicked Frieza in the face.

"HA...ME…" Goku said before punching Frieza in the face before cupping his hands together.

"HAAAAAAA!" Goku yelled out as he launched an extremely large blue beam of energy at Frieza. Frieza saw this and put his hand forward hoping to push the attack back and keep himself from being hurt too badly. Unfortunately for him Goku had pushed himself further as his power increased and forced the Kamehameha to become much more power as it consumed Frieza's body instantly as a large explosion had happened upon impact. Goku huffed and puffed before he lost balance in the air and would have crashed on the ground had Rukdio not have had caught him. He set Goku on the ground as Goku started smiling before it changed to horror as Rukido turned around to Frieza still breathing with a purple and black aura around him and looked absolutely pissed.

"Damn it I'm almost out of energy, I don't know what else I can do!" Goku said frustrated while Rukido was looking at Frieza trying to figure out something before an idea popped in his mind.

"Goku I need you to make a spirit bomb, not like the one back on earth but the biggest one you can make. You should be able to gather the energy from the planets around Namek to have enough power to end Frieza for good. I know you can, now do it while I hold him off!" Rukido yelled out as he glared at Frieza. Goku looked shocked before he nodded as he raised hands in the air. Frieza was about to attack him before Rukido flew in front of him making him stop completely.

"You're fighting me you cum stained lizard!" Rukido yelled as tackled Frieza into the river. He then punched Frieza further down into water as he flew out of the water firing ki-blast downwards, in hope of keeping him down for a while. Only for Frieza to shoot right up from the water screaming in rage as he rammed his fist into Rukido's stomach making him coughed up blood. Frieza then slammed both of his hands into the Saiyan's back making him crash towards the ground only for him to stop himself mid air and glare at the smirking Frieza.

"Kaioken Times 4!" Rukido yelled out as red aura covered his whole body as the air as Frieza was pushed back slightly by the display of power. Frieza turned back towards Rukdio to see him flying at him at mach speed and dodged the Saiyan's fist narrowly. Frieza tried to kick Rukido only for him to duck under and uppercut Frieza's face. Frieza just looked unamused by the attack as he jumped away from Rukido before firing a barge of death beams that forced Rukido to fly away as the endless barrage nearly hit him. He flew up into the water as Frieza had kept firing thinking that he could hit him, before a red aura could be seen flying out of it moving faster than before.

"Times 10!" Rukido yelled as he dodged every beam with ease before decking Frieza in the face. He then kicked Frieza several times all over his body and uppercutted his fist into Frieza's stomach and axe kicked him on top of his head, making the Tyrant crash into the ground, creating a large crater. Rukido looked on at the crater before Frieza flew out of it as multiple boulder surrounded him, then Frieza made a hand motion as the boulders then were flying towards Rukido at meteor speed. Rukdio seeing this fired multiple ki-blast into the boulder as they exploded and created a lot of dust blocking Rukido vision. Rukido then felt a presence behind him and was about to turn around before he was kicked hard in the back, making him crash into the river. He flew out glaring before it turned to one of annoyance, his attacker was none other than Justin. Frieza was equally shocked before he flew up next to Justin ready to kill him before said Saiyan bowed surprising the Tyrant.

"I've come to only serve you and you alone Lord Frieza. I know my place and I wish to help you kill this bastard of a warrior in your name." Justin said lying in hope to kill Rukido and take the power that was needed.

"...Fine if you truly want to help me then kill the one with the one wearing orange, he's been a thorn by my side. Killing him will give earn you as my new right hand man. Now hurry up." Frieza said as he felt the dark energy empower him more. Justin nodded, slightly pissed at taking orders but listened anyway as he was about to fly towards Goku until Rukido got in front of him.

"Sorry pal you're not getting anywhere close to him." Rukido said as Frieza flew up next to Justin as both of them got ready to attack worrying Rukido a little bit. They were about to attack Rukido before a long purple and yellow beam had pierced Justin's shoulder making him scream in pain. He turned to see Piccolo along with Gohan and Krillin, who were wearing battle armor, ready to attack. Frieza just focused his attention on Rukido before charging at him and tackling him into a mountain. Justin glared at Piccolo as dark energy fueled his power before rushing at Piccolo, who seemed calm at the moment.

When Justin threw his a punch Piccolo grabbed it using his left arm, to pull him closer and used his right to launch a massive ki-wave, that had consumed Justin's body. Piccolo was about to let go before Justin had suddenly put his palm into the right side of Piccolo's stomach before firing a ki-blast that had pierced Piccolo making him scream out in pain. Justin was about to fire another one before Gohan, in a state of rage, had kicked him in his face, forcing the Saiyan to grab it on instinct before Gohan had punch Justin multiple times in the stomach and jumped up before firing a small masenko, that was enough to force Justin to crash on the ground. Gohan not wanting to stop his assault had fired multiple large ki-blast at Justin as he was coming out of the crater. Justin didn't have enough time to react as he bombarded by multiple ki-blast that kept exploding upon impact.

Gohan panted as he looked down to see a hurt by pissed Justin that had lost his vest. Justin was about to attack before he saw a ki-disk and ki-wave flying right him and quickly jumped in the air to avoid them. He turned to see Krillin and a pissed Piccolo to be his attackers, as Gohan landed next to them tired from his assault. Justin smirked at them as he went into to his pocket and took out the Fruit of Might, before taking a massive bite out of it and disappeared from the Z-Fighters view. Piccolo looked around frantically before Justin a punched the Namekian, sending him flying. Gohan and Krillin saw this and tried to attack, only for Justin to grab them effortlessly before throwing them in opposite directions. Piccolo stopped himself mid air as he quickly got over the sudden power boost and put two fingers on his forehead as he started gathering energy. Gohan had also stopped himself mid air while Krillin crashed into the mountain unconscious. Justin saw Gohan before he smirked as his hand's as black and yellow energy started gathering around his palm.

"Let's see how you like it, halfling!" Justin yelled as fired multiple ki-blast into the the boys direction. Gohan seeing this had fired his own barrage of ki-blast that collided with Justin's, making a huge explosion. When the explosion settled Justin was out of sight again, making Gohan panic before he had been grabbed from behind and was unable to move. Justin smirked at the struggling boy as he then started to crush the boy, making him scream in pain. Krillin woke up to the screaming and looked on to see Gohan being crushed by Justin and dove into the water undetected.

"How does it feel to be crushed boy. You destroyed my favorite vest and now you're going to pay dearly, with your life!" Justin yelled out as he squeezed his head harder, as Gohan screamed louder. This would have went on longer had Krillin quickly flew out of the water, throwing two destructo disk upwards into Justin direction. Justin had heard the disk's coming below him and quickly let go of Gohan and had narrowly dodged the disk. He glared at Krillin as he was about to fire a ki-blast only for Gohan to fire a quick masenko into the Saiyans back and made him scream in pain as he fell into the water smoking. Krillin quickly flew up to Gohan smiling at how far the young boy had come. Then the water below them had exploded as Justin flew out making Gohan and Krillin go on guard, knowing that the battle was far from over.

Justin glared at the two of them as he charged right at them and kicked Gohan in the stomach before he turned to Krillin who yelled worried for Gohan. Justin seeing him distracted uppercutted Krillin and roundhouse kicked him away, then had flew past the short warrior and kneed him in the stomach before he used both of his hands to smash Krillin's head and made him go crashing down into the ground below him. Justin landed right in front of Krillin and stuck his hand out as purple energy started forming around it.

"It was not nice to meet you so good-bye. Meteor Bur-" Justin was about to say before he had been kicked in his face and was sent flying into the river behind him. Krillin looked up to see...Akane?! Akane was now wearing a new battle suit that was similar to Vegeta only that the blue was replaced with black. Krillin backed away, afraid of what the Saiyan woman would do to him. Akane turned to the scared Krillin before speaking.

"Are you one of Rukido's friends?" Akane asked strictly while Krillin nodded slowly making her sigh in relief.

"Good. I thought I kicked the wrong guy." Akane said relieved while Krillin was confused as Gohan flew down next to them and looked at Akane curiously.

"Who are you miss." Gohan asked politely wondering who the woman was.

"I'm Akane, a friend of Rukido. He promised to help me get away from Cooler." Akane explained simply while Gohan and Krillin looked worried. Before either could ask about Cooler, Justin flew out of water with a pissed expression on his face. He turned to glare the one who kicked him before he saw Akane and smirked at her.

"Well hello there beautiful, where have you been all my life." Justin said flirty while Akane looked annoyed. Almost every male she ever met tired to get in bed with her and Justin would be no different.

"Not interested." Akane said dangerously as Justin scowled a little bit before put back on his smirk.

"Come on babe, we're both Saiyan's here. If you join me I promise pleasure and wealth for the rest of our eternal lives. Now get away from the chumps and get with the superior." Justin said wanting to have this woman for himself, while Akane shuddered in disgust.

"Sorry but I not fan of those weaker than me. I already have eyes for someone else." Akane said while Gohan and Krillin tried to hold their laughter in, while Justin looked insulted.

"Fine if I can't convince you to join me, then I'll force you too!" Justin exclaimed as he charged at the trio as Akane also charged at him with Gohan and Krillin far behind, to only come in the fight if it was necessary.

As both Justin and Akane charged at each other, Akane was charging energy with her right hand. When they got closer together Akane fired a large ki-wave into Justin's direction hoping to blast him away, only for the bastard to quickly duck underneath the blast and uppercut the Saiyan woman up in the air. Justin flew up after the woman ready ram his fist into her, only for Akane to use her legs to stop Justin's attack and stopped him in place. She then flipped around in the air, taking Justin with her, before letting go of him making him go flying in the opposite direction. Akane then put both of her above her as blue energy could be seen surrounded them.

"Spirit Cannon!"Akane yelled out as she threw her around towards Justin's direction as a blue beam of energy came flying right at him. Justin didn't have anytime to react as he was consumed by the blue light and screamed in absolute pain. When the beam had faded Justin was bleeding slightly and his pants were torn apart, barely staying on.

Justin screamed in rage as he then took the Fruit of Might and ate it whole. He stood still for several moments before his muscles expanded massively and his hair grew longer as his eyes were now purley red with fury. His skin turned dark purple as a infinite symbol appeared on his chest. Justin just stood still before he grinned manically as he started yelling out loud as dark energy surround him and destroyed the area around before he flew at Akane with mach speed.

Akane was surprised by the outburst of power before she was realized Justin was flying at her and narrowly dodged a punch. Akane and Justin then kept throwing punches and kicks at one another as Justin was pushing her back, overpowering her slowly but surely. Akane despite her efforts knew that fighting like this would get her nowhere, but if she stopped it could mean an instant knock out, she needed a way out of this and fast! Gohan saw that Akane was struggling and flew at over to help despite Krillin's protest to stop. Justin and Akane kept clashing fist's and kicks until Justin grabbed both her hands, before he headbutted her and kicked her into a mountain. Justin flew up to her as she tried to pry herself out of the mountain, he grabbed her neck and forced her to look up at him.

"Look I know we hitted it off a little badly but think about it, do you honestly want to be a hero? They gain nothing out of doing what they do, with me and my group we can have TRUE control over this universe. No the whole multiverse will be within our fingertips! So I,ll ask you again, will you join me as my lover or will I have to force you to be it. Answer wisely." Justin said laughing before Akane had spat in his face, making him use his hands to wipe it off and simply grin at her.

"The hard way it is then." Justin said before pulling his arm back ready to hit her before he had been blasted from behind. He turned around to see a determined Gohan to be his attack before he let go of Akane and rushed at Gohan. Gohan seeing him coming had shot several ki-blast at him hoping to slow him down, only for Justin to just knock them away and ram his fist into Gohan's chest making him spit out blood. Justin then grabbed the boy by the neck and flew into the water below them, then he forced Gohan into the ground as was trying to hold his breath while Justin could handle being underwater for long periods of time. Seeing that Gohan was still holding his breath used his other arm to punch the boy in the stomach, making Gohan let go of his breath and allow the water to start filling up his lungs. Justin just looked down at the struggling boy hoping to be done with him soon only to be kicked in the face, yet again, and was forced to let go of Gohan, who had unfortunately lost cautionious. Justin glared and saw a figure fly out of the water and had immediately flew after it in a state of rage.

When he left Akane had jumped in the water in search of Gohan. After a few moments she saw his body and immediately grabbed the boy and flew up to the surface and laid him down on the ground and looked upon his non breathing body. She saw this and had immediately put her hands on the boys chest, pushing the boy's chest up and down before putting her lips over his and blew into his mouth. She did this several times before Gohan had woke up coughing out water, as Akane looked down at him with relief. Gohan sat up slowly as he looked at Akane weakly.

"Thank-You miss Akane." Gohan said gratefully as Akane smiled softly down at the boy and patted his head. She was about to say something before she sensed Justin coming to their direction and got in front of the scared boy, he sensed him coming as well. When Justin arrived he looked even more pissed than before, you could tell by the veins on his head.

"Where is that damn midget girl tell me now before I hu- THE BOY IS STILL ALIVE?!" Justin said livid knowing that Gohan was alive and that Krillin was nowhere to be found. He was about to attack them, before everyone had been blinded by a bright light.

"AHHHHH, MY EYES, I CAN'T SEE!?" Justin yelled out as he, Akane and Gohan were blinded by the light. Justin kept covering his eyes before he felt a huge pain on his right arm. When the light faded away Justin could be seen holding his bleeding arm, due to the fact it had been cut off. Akane looked surprised before Krillin landed in front of her and Gohan doing a little dance smirking at the screaming Justin.

"Oh yeah, the Krillin combo attack for the win!" Krillin yelled out dancing and made Akane shook her head while Gohan laughed at his friends wired dance. Krillin hearing the laughter stopped dancing altogether and look completely embarrassed.

"Um, please don't tell anyone about that...please." Krillin said quietly making Akane laugh at her new friends embarrassment while Gohan was trying and failing to stop himself from laughing anymore than he already did. Justin growled furiously realizing that Krillin was the one who cut off his arm and quickly fired multiple ki blast in the short warriors direction, using his remaining hand. Akane seeing this quickly jumped in front of Krillin and fired her own ki-blast that not only countered Justin's but had kept hitting him as well. She kept firing as Justin was being forced back by every blow as Krillin and Gohan joined in and fired their own ki-blast, making Justin scream out in absolute pain. They stopped realizing that they had done enough damage considering Justin was barely keeping himself in the air. Justin growled in fury as he put left arm in the air as a large red and black Supernova in his hand that made Gohan and Krillin look at him in fear while Akane got ready to attack.

"Yes this will end you all, but don't worry my dear I'll be sure to revive my slave! Now witness the might of the Ultimate Saiyan Warrior Just-" Justin yelled out loud, only to be cut off by another voice.

"Special Beam Cannon!" yelled out the voice as the beam went through Justin's right side, piercing his lung. Justin screamed in pain as his Supernova had disappeared and fell in front of Akane. Akane looked surprise and looked up to see Piccolo flying down next to her glaring at the bleeding saiyan, who was now reverting back to his base form. Then a dark red portal appeared underneath Justin and sucked him in before closing. Everyone were shocked that the saiyan had disappeared like that before Piccolo turned to Akane, softening his glare slightly.

"Did you help them?" Piccolo asked not knowing whether or not Akane was on their side.

"Yes I did though the boy had almost died but I saved him. Speaking of, what are your names anyway." Akane said not knowing any of their names at all.

"I'm Gohan miss, my short friend is Krillin, the tall one is Piccolo and the one wearing orange is my dad Son Goku...AHHH, we forgot about Dad! We need to hurry and help him and uncle Rukido!" Gohan yelled franticly before he flew off with the others close behind him, realizing that Rukdio and Goku could be having a harder time than they were.

(Meanwhile with Rukido's and Frieza's Fight)

Rukido yelled in pain at being tackled into the mountain, as it started closing in on him and Frieza. Seeing this Rukdio tried to escape before Frieza punched him in the stomach making him lose his Kaioken state. Frieza then kicked the Saiyan in the face, sending him flying out of the mountain. Frieza flew out slowly as he landed a few feet away from Rukdio who was holding his arm tired from all the fighting. Frieza saw and smirked as he then raised his hand, pointing his index finger towards Rukido before firing a death beam from it. Rukdio saw this and quickly ducked down, as the beam went over him and destroyed an entire mountain. Rukido then jumped up in the air as he then started doing random hand motions, before stopping himself in the while holding his hands out.

"Burning Attack!" Rukido yelled out as a large ki ball of energy was sent flying into Frieza's direction and contacted with the tyrant, making a huge explosion that consumed Frieza entire body. Rukido panted slightly before he saw Frieza barely hurt and laughing at his 'pathetic' attack. Rukdio growled to himself before closing his eyes.

'Fine I'll have to give it a lot more than this, I only hope that it will be enough.' Rukdio thought to himself, realizing that in order to win he had to go all out and opened his eyes.

"...Kaioken Times 15!" Rukdio yelled out as a blazing red aura surround his entire body and destroyed the landscape around him. Frieza shut his eyes close at the bright light of energy before he opened them to see a Rukido in front of him. He tried to punch Rukdio only for the Saiyan to grab his attack effortlessly before kneeing him in the stomach, making the tyrant spit out a huge amount of blood. Rukido then punched Frieza away before flying after him and threw multiple punches all over Frieza's body before he kicked him away. Frieza stopped himself mid air and fired multiple death beams into Rukido's direction, only for said Saiyan to dodge them all easily and flew closer to the panicking tyrant. Frieza just kept firing, hoping to hit something, only for Rukdio to appear in front of him and tackle him down into a island before jumping up and manifest a large ball of energy in his right hand before throwing it down into the crater that Frieza was in. When the ball landed it exploded destroying the entire island and leaving a massive hole, that water was filling up easily. Rukdio looked down at the crater in search of Frieza before he saw a massive amount of dark energy emerge from the crater and saw that Frieza was now flying at him with extreme speed.

Fireza flew at him and threw a fist at him only for him to dodge it narrowly, Rukido then tried to kicked Frieza's side only for his leg to be caught by Frieza's tail. Frieza then used his tail to spin Rukido around in circles and threw Rukdio towards the ocean below them. Rukdio stopped himself a few feet from the water below him and was about to fly up only to see Frieza come down at him firing ki-blast on the way down. Seeing this Rukido immediately flew forward narrowly dodging the attacks, only for a stray beam in hit right side, piercing his lung and fell into the water below. Frieza just kept firing into the sea, hoping that the Saiyan would be dead by the time he was finished. Rukido luckily found a hole that lead to an underwater cavern, and pulled himself up to a small rock as he was breathing weakly.

"…" Rukido said as he realized he was now bleeding out. Rukido thought to himself about what he could do in this situation before his eyes went wide as he remembered something.

(Flashback: Capsule corp Ship 4 Days Ago)

Rukido and Goku had just finished a spar while Tights was sleeping in early. Goku went to their room while Rukido stayed out wearing his now destroyed training outfit. He sighed thanking himself that he didn't use his gi during training, Goku was definitely a good opponent to fight against. He was about to leave and join Goku before he heard his earpiece go off and quickly pressed a button. Nothing happened at first before a beam shot out of it showing a hologram of Chrona as her short self.

"This is a pre recorded message. Hey Rukido I know we haven't talk to much since you've started training but I figured I could leave a video of an old technique that me and other kai's use. It's not meant for fight though in fact it heals you and any physical wound you may have. It's called Reverse Healing Technique and with who you're about to fight you're gonna need it. Umm anyway I'll talk to later, um bye!" Chrona explained her gift to him before the hologram showed her using the healing technique and explaining how much ki is needed along with how to control it.

Rukido smiled before he started practicing it, knowing that he would be doing this all night.

(Back in the Present)

Rukido smiled before he slowly put his hands in the air before making putting them on his chest and gathered his remaining energy into his hands. Nothing happened at first before his hands glowed white and green as he felt hi wounds heal up and his power return to him. He felt his any holes that were in his skin close up making him smile. When he was finished he felt his power return but noticed that he didn't get powerful than before. He realized that the technique healed the user back into the condition they were in before they fought! He sighed as got up and looked at the ceiling that lead back up to the battlefield before he felt power back up into his Kaioken state.

"Kaioken Times 20!" Rukdio yelled out as the red aura reformed around him and flew through the ceiling above him. Goku still needed to be protected!

(Back with Frieza, on the Surface)

Frieza had just finished firing his death beam as he panted after firing so much. He just started at ocean below him, thinking that he killed the Saiyan then turned around to go and kill Goku. But before he had the chance to fly off a large explosion had went off behind him, making the him turn around to see Rukido within his Kaioken state again. Frieza glared hard at Rukido, who was smirking at the tyrant's expression.

"Why won't you all just stay down, you don't have a chance at winning against me you rebellious monkey!? You will all fall just like your entire race did years ago!" Frieza yelled out absolutely livid by the fact that the fighters would not give up, desire how powerful he was compared to them.

"... Stay down? No way in hell. This isn't about just taking you down, no it's much more deeper than that. This is for the Saiyan's, the people of planet Nero and for everyone else you have forced under your thumb! Whether it's by me or someone else, you will be defeated!" Rukdio yelled out as his aura went wild and charged at Frieza with mach speed.

Frieza saw this and charged as well at Rukido, yelling as he felt the dark energy empower him more. When they collided it created a massive shockwave that destroyed the landscape around them, they were trading blow after blow, trying to overpower one another before Rukdio had pushed Frieza past him and rammed his knee into the lizard's back. Frieza screamed out in pain before tried to punch Rukido only for the Saiyan to grab his fist and use his other hand to fire a ki blast into his chest, sending rieza flying in the air. Frieza stopped himself mid air and was about to fly back before Rukido appeared behind him and grabbed Frieza in a full nelson. Frieza struggled to get out as Rukdio flew high up in the air before flipping both of them back towards the ground at high speed. Rukdio kept flying downward and before he was two hundred feet to the ground, he let go of Frieza and stopped himself mid air. Frieza crashed into the ocean and hit the bottom floor, as Rukdio then cupped his hands together.

"Burning Kamehameha!" Rukdio yelled out as he fired the yellow beam into the ocean, where Frieza lied. Frieza had just gotten out of the water before he saw the large beam of light above and put both his hand up to try and stop it, only to be consumed by the beam instantly and went up in a large explosion of light. When the explosion had settled Rukdio looked down before he growled as he saw an enraged and hurt Frieza flying up at him at top speed. Frieza stop mid air as a purple light could be seen within his hands, glaring at the Saiyan before he threw his hand forward yelling.

"Take this!" Frieza yelled out as a large beam of energy of black and dark purple energy came out of his hand, and was flying towards Rukdio. Rukdio saw this and put both of his hands out, stopping the beam where it was at. Rukdio kept holding the beam back as Frieza kept putting power into the attack, before a yellow disk of light had went towards Frieza and cut off his tail, making him scream in pain and stop his attack all together. Rukdio put his hands down and fell out of his Kaioken state tired, from holding back the attack before Piccolo, Akane, Gohan and Krillin flew up next to him, making him smile seeing that they were alive and okay.

"Nice to see you guys, what happen to the so called 'Ultimate Saiyan'?" Rukdio asked hoping that he would not be seeing the little bastard for a while.

"He got away using some weird looking portal thing. Would have killed him had it not appeared underneath the horny bastard." Akane said annoyed because she wanted to kill Justin for trying to get in bed with her.

Rukdio grimaced realizing that this would not be the last time any of them would see Justin. He shakes his head, remembering that Frieza was still in front of them and turned to glare at him along with the others. He was about to attack before he heard a ki-blast shot behind them and shot his own as well behind him, destroying the chance of the other blast hitting them. Everyone turned around to see Cooler with his hand sticky out and in his normal form(A/N: Coolers 4th form, not his final). As Cooler smirked down at them, Frieza was shocked seeing his brother here, Akane looked worried, Piccolo glared at Cooler, Gohan and Krillin were afraid at seeing the Frieza lookalike and Rukido glared in fury as his red aura went wild.

"Well it seems that my little brother is incapable of taking care of such weaklings, maybe father should have let me be the leader after all." Cooler said chuckling as everyone, except Rukdio, Akane and Frieza, freaked out at hearing that Cooler was Frieza's brother.

"What are you doing here Cooler, I have things under control." Frieza said pissed that his brother was now here.

"Really now because if I remember correctly you had at least five hundred soldiers, now that I'm here I found all of them dead. Oh and Akane I'm rather surprised at you, betraying your master. Unforgivable." Cooler said as he fired a death beam right at her, only for Rukdio to slap it away. Cooler was surprised that his death beam was hit away and took a closer look at Rukdio, before realizing who he was.

"YOU?! Impossible I killed you and everyone else on that damn planet! How are here now?!" Cooler yelled out in outrage as Rukido just kept glaring at him before turning to Akane.

"Akane you and the other deal with Frieza, Goku should almost be done now with the Spirit Bomb. I'll take care of Cooler myself." Rukido said as Akane looked shock.

"No Coolers a lot more powerful than this, he could kill you instantly, so please let me he-" Akane said only to be interrupted.

"Akane! Please I have to do this, I lost my entire life because of him, I have to be the one to finish him. So please let me deal with him alone." Rukido said as Akane looked at him for a moment before turning to Frieza.

"You better come back alive." Akane said not looking at Rukdio as he nodded and turned to the still stunned Cooler.

"Today is the day where you finally die, now prepare yourself!" Rukido said as he entered his Kaioken state as the red aura went around him and flew fast at Cooler, with the intent to kill. Cooler was still stunned until he was harshly punched in the face and sent flying away, with Rukdio on his tail. Akane and the others turned to Frieza who had a smirk on his face before they charged at him, ready to attack.

(With Rukido and Cooler)

Cooler was still flying in the air with Rukdio flying at him ready to hit him again, only for Cooler to disappear from Rukido's line of sight making him stop in place. Cooler appeared behind the Saiyan and kick him in the back and sent the Saiyan flying through the mountains before he crashed onto an island. Cooler land on the second mountain as Rukdio pulled himself out of the crater he made, extremely pissed off. He glared at Cooler who had an unamused look on his face.

"How are you alive? There was no way you could have escaped from the supernova especially you were right in front of it!" Cooler exclaimed wanting to know how the Saiyan was alive.

"Like I'd tell you anything after all you've done. You destroyed my home and killed everyone I've known and loved there." Rukdio growled out as Cooler then started laughing loudly.

"Do you think I care? No destroying that planet means nothing to me, considering it was used in a means to test my new power, so that I would take my place as the rightful ruler of the universe." Cooler explained as Rukdio's fury only risen.

Rukdio kept on growling before closing his eyes and trying to make himself breath normally. He had to stay calm, if he got too angry he could get himself and the others killed if he was to reckless. Rukido felt his ki become calmer as his aura stopped going all over the place. Rukdio opened his eyes as he looked at Cooler who had been smirking at him the entire time, making Rukdio glare slightly before he charged at Cooler. Cooler saw this and fired a death beam at him, only Rukdio to dodge it simply before he rammed his right foot into Cooler's chest, then he kicked him in the face. Cooler went flying in the air as Rukdio then tackled him into a mountain, as Cooler kicked him of before throwing his own fist to coiled with Rukido's. As they were trading blows Cooler suddenly grab Rukido right arm smirking and was about to fire a death beam, only for Rukido to slap it away and rammed his fist into Coolers stomach, which made him hunch over. Rukido then jumped up kneeing Cooler in the face, making him fall backwards as Rukido fired a ki-blast under him, that exploded after contacting with Cooler's body as the mountain crumbles underneath him. Rukido flew out of the mountain a stood there floating, knowing that would not keep Cooler down. He was not disappointed as Cooler flew out of the rumble, slightly damaged and fired purple beams from his eyes at Rukdio.

Rukdio saw this coming and slapped away the beams, only for Cooler to smash his fist into his face, sending the Saiyan flying through the air as Cooler fired multiple death beams into his direction, most of them connecting. Rukdio stopped himself mid air as holes were all over his gi, and glared at Cooler who was still firing his death beams. Rukido flew up in the sky, into the clouds, as Cooler notice this and flew after him. When Cooler enter the sky's he realized that it was a lot more cloudy than he thought, as he looked around searching for Rukido. He saw a red a red light within it and fired a beam right at it as it died out, upon contact. Cooler smirked and went lower, beneath the clouds, to see if hit the Saiyan. He saw nothing falling however or even any sign of anyone crashing making him panic, then he saw a blue light above him. Before he had the chance to do anything Rukido axed kick the top of his head, sending Cooler downwards as Rukido flew right past him and stooped underneath him. Rukido held his arms out above him, as a yellow and red ki-dome surrounded him.

"Heat-Dome!" Rukido yelled out as a bright yellow wave was sent upwards into Coolers falling body, as he was consumed by the heated technique. Rukido put his hands down as the yellow ki left, leaving him back in his Kaioken state and looked up in the sky to see Cooler holding his arm as burn marks was all over his skin and was bleeding from his mouth. Cooler glared down at the smiling Saiyan, who seemed happy with his handy work.

"How did I miss, I know I hit you!" Cooler yelled wanting answers of how Rukido survived.

"That's easy I just pretended to be hit and left my Kaioken state, simply but very effective considering those burn marks." Rukido said happily, pissing Cooler off.

"In that case I'll take this a lot more seriously than!" Cooler yelled out before he disappeared from Rukido's view, surprising the Saiyan before he hunched over after being punched hard in the stomach by Cooler. Cooler then used his tail to wrap his tail around Rukido's arms before fire a barrage of death beams into Rukido, as he screamed out in pain. Despite none of them were able to penetrate the Saiyan,Cooler knew that they were powerful enough to harm Rukido. This went on for a few seconds before Rukido had flipped himself over Cooler and kicked him hard in the back, making the tyrant let go and allow Rukido to fly a few feet away. Cooler caught up to him instantly and started throwing multiple punches, that the Saiyan could barely dodge, due to how fast they were coming at him.

Cooler kept this up until Rukido grabbed both his fist and used both his legs to kick the bastard in the face, before he jumped up in the air and fired multiple ki blast into Coolers direction. Recovering quickly, Cooler saw the blast coming right at him as just stood there smirking as they hit him. Rukido thought he got him until he saw Cooler fly right at him at speeds too fast that he couldn't keep up with and got chopped in his right side, before Cooler threw him over his shoulder, towards the ground. Cooler then fired a eye beam at Rukido, exploded upon impact as Rukido crash into the ground, as his top flew around in the air, making Cooler think he was dead before he heard something that pissed him the hell off.

"Where do you think you're going, dildo lizard." Rukido said as he stood up from the crater with his top half of his clothes gone and in his 20x Kaioken state.

"Enough of this I'll kill you where you stand!" Cooler yelled out as he stuck his hand up in the air as a fairly big ball of purple ki appeared within it and had black lightning going around it. Rukdio noticed it wasn't as big of the supernova but still would be enough to destroy the planet. So he cupped his hands together, chanting.

"…" Rukido said as blue ki generated in his hands.

"DIE!" Cooler said as dark energy surrounded him and threw the death-ball downwards at Rukdio.

"HAAAAAAAAA!" Rukido yelled as he fire the Kamehameha wave at the death ball, causing a ball to be pushed back towards Cooler. Cooler saw this and tried firing multiple ki-blast at it but it had no effect as his body collided with the deathball and was consumed by the Kamehameha as he was sent flying out of Nameks atmosphere, and would not be returning for a while.

Rukido smiled as he went out of his Kaioken state and fell backwards, tired from how long he had been in it. He needed a minute before he could start flying again, fighting in this state would not do so well. Also he wouldn't be able to use the Reverse Healing Technique due to how much ki it cost and how little he had left now. Rukido sighed as he laid on the ground, wishing for something to heal him. And he got his wish as a short Namekian wearing a white and red robe!flew down next to him worried. Rukido looked shocked considering the kid was suppose to be dead by now.

"Are you one of Gohan's friends?" The Namekian child asked slightly scared.

"Yeah, I'm basically his uncle at this point." Rukido said chuckling before he winced in pain.

"In that case, I'm Dende one of his friends, he saved my life and sent me away when Frieza started transforming. I can heal you so you can go help the others if you want." Dende said as Rukido nodded weakly. Dende then put his hands over Rukido's body as his hands and Rukido glowed green, and Rukido's wounds started to disappear and close up. Once he was done Dende took a step back as Rukido sat up quickly, as he felt his power go up even further and Dende looked at him surprised by the sudden power boost as well. Rukido smiled as he turned to the still shocked Dende.

"Thank you, but you should get somewhere safe, Cooler won't be gone for long and with Frieza still around I got a lot of work on my hands." Rukido said as Dende nodded before he flew off, far away from the battlefield, with a new goal in sight. Rukido knew what he was going to do but decided that he needed to help the others first and flew of back to the others.

(Back with the Z-Fighter and Frieza)

Akane was panting as she stood in front of Goku and glared at Frieza who had just thrown Piccolo in the river. Gohan and Krillin were forced to sit out of the fight by Piccolo, who didn't want to risk anymore death today. Piccolo and Akane despite their attempts could not lay a finger on Frieza, they didn't have the power nor the speed to keep up. Akane armor had also been destroyed leaving her in a slightly torn black skintight suit. Frieza smirked as he as he stared at the remaining female Saiyan.

"You know I thought I wasn't going to have any fun, knowing that even more monkeys are around, but as I stand here before you I can't help but to feel excited, knowing that you'll entire race will finally die out." Frieza said as walked forward to the weakened Saiyan warrior.

Akane despite feeling fear, stood her ground against Frieza, she wouldn't disappoint Rukido. Akane heard Gohan and Krillin land behind, terrified but determined to hold of Frieza for just a bit longer. Frieza just laughed at them, for even thinking that they could stand up to him and pointed a glowing finger into their direction.

"Goodbye monkeys, it's been… a blast." Frieza said as he about to fire a death beam only for Rukido to kick the left side of Frieza's head, sending him flying into the ocean. Everyone turned to see Rukido who smiled at them while waving.

"Hey, everyone. What'd I miss?" Rukido asked as he walked over to a shocked Akane along with Krillin and Gohan relieved to see him in one piece. Goku smiled weakly as he looked up to his spirit bomb was almost done now. Rukido walked up to the group smiling before he was hugged by a concerned Akane, surprising everyone greatly.

"...I thought… I thought you we're going to die." Akane said as tears fell from her eyes. Rukido just smiled down at her, before hugging her back.

"Hey I'm here now, but we have to hurry up and deal with Frieza. It won't be long before Cooler comes back down to Namek." Rukido said as Akane looked confused. She was about to ask about it before Frieza flew out of the water with a pissed expression upon his face.

"How dare you, what have you done to my brother!?" Frieza yelled outraged as Rukido pulled away from Akane and looked at Frieza with a smile on his face.

"Oh I just blasted him into space, the expression on his face was absolutely hilarious! I just wish I had a camera to remember it by." Rukido said smugly as Frieza's anger skyrocketed. He didn't truly care about his brother, but to be sent flying by a Saiyan of all races was an insult to him!

Frieza growled as he made two purple ki disk before throwing them both towards Rukido's directions. The Saiyan saw this and pushed Akane out of the way, as he jumped up in the air, avoiding the ki-disk as they cut threw a mountain. Frieza growled as he made a hand motion, making the ki disk turn away and fly towards Rukido yet again. Rukido saw this and ducked down as both disk past him, only for them to turn around and try to cut him again. This went on for minutes as Rukido dodged the deadly disk with ease as Frieza grew more angry that the Saiyan was mocking him. Rukido had yet again dodged yet another ki disk, before he saw Frieza right opened and ran at him, the ki-disk right behind him. Frieza saw this and charged at Rukido, screaming in fury. Once Rukido got close enough he jumped over Frieza as the ki disk were about to slice Frieza in half. The tyrant saw this and quickly made them disappeared and turned towards Rukido, only to find the Saiyan's hand in his face as yellow ki surrounded him. Before he could react Frieza was consumed by Rukido's ki-wave, that had made the tyrant being forced down into the ground. Rukdio stopped and had immediately jumped away from the recently made crater and landed in front of the others. Frieza flew out of the hole and did not seem phased by Rukido's attack but the anger that laid upon his face, was as clear as day. Frieza smirked as he looked at Rukido before he pointed one finger in the air as purple and black energy formed around it creating a fairly large ball of energy.

"I've grown tired of this, I have no need for this planet so I'll destroy you and all that remains on it." Frieza said. Everyone looked worried except for Goku and Rukido as Rukido actually laughed at Frieza, pissing off the tyrant.

"What's so funny monkey. Even you should realize that none of you stand a chance." Frieza said, irritated by the laughing Saiyan.

Rukido stopped laughing and smiled as he pointed in the air for everyone to look up to see that the Spirit Bomb was complete and massive. Everyone looked amazed by the massive ball of energy as Goku threw his hands down, making the Spirit Bomb go down towards a now panicking Frieza. Frieza stopped his attack and put both his hands in the air in hope to stop the Spirit Bomb, only to find that he was being pushed back by the massive ball of energy, towards the ground. Frieza yelled in pain before the Spirit Bomb exploded, creating a massive explosion that could be seen for over hundreds of thousands of miles. Everyone was blinded by a bright light and we're sent flying in the air, due to the power behind the attack. When it settled whirlpool could be seen within the ocean of Namek, with Frieza nowhere in sight along with Goku! Everyone groaned as they sat up and looked at the whirlpool with amazement.

"Wow I knew it was powerful, but to cause this much damage is unbelievable." Krillin said in awe with everyone else nodding. Gohan looked around frantically however.

"Wait where's dad?!" Gohan asked afraid that his father could be dead. Rukido didn't say anything but jumped up in the air for a better view. He looked around until he saw Piccolo pulling Goku out of the water and flew towards them, with the others right behind him. When they landed Gohan and Krillin immediately went to Goku and picked him up while Akane and Rukdio walked over with smiles on their faces.

"Glad that's over, man I'm tired." Goku said weakly s Krllin held him up. Krillin then screamed out of nowhere making everyone go on guard.

"What is it Krillin?" Rukido asked, as Krillin laughed awkwardly.

"I just realized we left Bulma by herself." Krillin said nervous while everyone else just sighed in relief.

"Don't scare us like that! I thought you saw Cooler for a second." Rukido said laughing along with everyone else. Piccolo smiled at the scene before his ears twitched and his eyes widened. He quickly ran over to Goku and pushed him out of the way as a purple beam penetrated Piccolo's right side, making the Namek fall over knocked out. Everyone looked shocked by the action before turning to the source of the attack to see a livid Frieza glaring at them, pointed his finger at out and hurt. Rukido froze as he saw him before he turned around and sensed Cooler coming into their direction as well! He turned back to Frieza and saw that he had his hand out.

"I've had enough of you all, you have made me angry beyond the point of forgiveness. Now I'll kill you all off, starting with the bald one!" Frieza yelled as Krillin was lifted up in the air, making the small warrior panic and everyone else look on in horror.

"Stop it Frieza!" Goku yelled out.

"GOKU!" Krillin yelled out before he exploded, leaving nothing behind. Everyone looked on in horror at seeing being killed off, while Frieza laughed loud at his accomplishment. Rukido was beyond angry and was about to charge at Frieza before he felt Goku's ki spike. He turned to see Goku,with his back turned from Frieza, glaring at the ground twitching as he started speaking.

"You cold...heartless, bastard!" Goku muttered to himself as dark clouds started to form and lightning started striking the ground around them. Goku started growling as a yellow aura started appearing and disappearing around him. The others looked on in shock and awe as they felt the power that growing within lighting started to get wilder as Goku's hair started flashing yellow with his eyes flashing green every few seconds. He kept growling before all color in his eyes disappeared and he yelled up towards the sky as his ki turned yellow and exploded around him. When it faded Goku could be seen with brighter green eyes and bright yellow hair. Everyone kept staring in shock as Goku turned around and glared at a scared Frieza. For Frieza this had to be the worst day in his life as he started breathing hard as he started at Goku, while Rukido, Gohan and Akane looked at Goku in shock by the sudden transformation.

"D-dad?!" Gohan asked worried while Goku just focused on Fireza.

"...Gohan I need you, Rukido and Akane to take Piccolo and find the Bulma and Tights, you also need to get off this planet as soon as possible. I'll take care of Frieza." Goku said with pure confidence, while the others looked at him in shock.

"But da-" Gohan started to say before he was cut off by Goku screaming.

"Get out of here while I still have control over myself, GO NOW!" Goku yelled at Gohan who flinch at first before nodding and picked up Piccolo.

"Go get him dad. Me and mom will be waiting for you to come back." Gohan said as he, Rukido and Akane flew up in the air. Frieza saw this and was about to fire a death beam at them only for Goku to appear in front of him and grab his hard, making the tyrant wince in pain.

"How many people did you kill? How many suffered under your foot? Do you really think I would just allow to do any more harm to my friends, if so you're sadly mistaken." Goku said angrily as he slowly crushes Frieza's hand, who was screaming in pain as ki gathered around the both of them. Rukido looked at them before turning back to Akane and Gohan.

"Go ahead without me, Goku's strong like this but he won't be able to handle both Frieza and Cooler at the same time. I should be able to hold off Cooler long enough for Goku to finish Frieza." Rukido said as Akane nodded as she started flying away from the battlefield with Gohan and Piccolo before turning back to Rukido.

"You better be okay." Akane said before she flew off to catch up with Gohan. Rukido watched them disappeared from his sight before turning back to Goku and Frieza who were glaring at each other. He flew down next to Goku, who was surprised to see him still here and was about to tell him to leave before Cooler landed next to Frieza with a pissed expression on his face.

"How dare you monkey I've had enough of you!" Cooler yelled absolutely lived as dark energy surrounded him. Frieza looked shocked, considering his brother was always calm about any situation, while Goku didn't even acknowledge Coolers presence and continued to glare at Frieza as Rukido kept on guard while glaring at Cooler. Cooler was about to say something else before he notice Goku in his new transformation.

"What this I thought monkeys only turned to giant apes! What's going on, who are you?!" Cooler asked frantically. Goku just turned his glare towards Cooler, who flinched at the Saiyans stare.

"...You really want to know, I'm the Saiyan who came all the way from earth with the sole purpose of beating you. I'm the warrior you've heard from legends, pure of heart and awaken by anger. I am the hope of the Universe, Son Goku the Super Saiyan!" Goku yelled out loud as his energy went wild around him. Frieza and Cooler looked at Goku in horror as Rukido smiled at Goku's small but powerful speech. Frieza growled as he glared at Goku.

"So there is some truth to that old legend. However, I doubt you can handle both me and my brother." Frieza said confidently as dark energy surrounded him and his brother. Goku got on guard as Rukido went into his 20x Kaioken state and got ready to attack. Cooler saw this and laughed confusing everyone who was there. When Cooler stopped laughing he started growling as his body grew and had extra spikes and armor growing out of his body as he started to grow until he was covered by a bright purple light that blinded everyone. When the light faded it revealed Cooler in a new form! His chest and muscle-mass expanded greatly, his white carapaces also changed with breastplates shoulderpads looking hoop-like. The carapaces on his wrist changed as well, showing that they gained dark-blue sections and procuring blade like protrusions and the carapaces on his head encased his entire head, with his mouth being covered by a white vizier and four spikes extending from his cranium with a large dark-blue section in the middle of his head. Rukido froze as he remembered that this was the form that Cooler used to destroy planet Nero and felt old memories of home, along with anger consuming his mind. Goku and Frieza just looked shock by the sudden transformation, Frieza more than Goku.

Cooler said nothing before he disappeared from everyone's sight, surprising everyone, until he reappeared in front of Rukido and slammed his knee into Rukido stomach and used his other leg to kick the Saiyan away before he chased after him. Goku was about to chase after them before he felt Frieza's ki coming close behind him and instantly jumped up in the air, avoiding Frieza's punch all together. They both glared at each other before they changed in at one another, with Goku being faster as he kicked Frieza away before appearing behind the tyrant and kicked up in the air. He flew rushed right after Frieza and rammed his knee into Frieza's back, making him scream out in pain, before Goku used both his arms to slam Frieza down to the ground. When Frieza crashed into the ground it had left a massive crater within the ground, as Goku glared down at the crater, waiting for Frieza to rise up and try to fight him yet again. He was not disappointed as Frieza flew out of the crater panting slightly and glaring at Goku.

"Fine if you really want a fight then I'll just have show 100% of my FULL POWER!" Frieza yelled out as he started releasing all his ki at once pushing Goku back a few feet. Frieza muscle expanded massively as veins started to form around his body along with the dark energy covering his entire body and made his eyes pure red as he screamed in rage. Before Goku had time to react Frieza flew at the Saiyan with full speed and rammed his fist into Goku's stomach, making the Saiyan spit out blood before Frieza grabbed both his body and threw back towards the crater. Goku recovered greatly before he was tackled by Frieza, deeper into the crater as he struggled to get out of it. He then blasted Frieza in the chest sending the tyrant flying out of the crater before he recovered and put both his hands in the air as black and red energy gathered around them, forming a large ball of ki. Goku flew out just in time to see Frieza throw the ball at him and quickly flew away as the ball dug itself deep down into the crater, near Namek's core and exploded. Goku felt the world shack while Frieza was seething at the fact that he failed to destroy the planet.

"Damn it I thought I put enough power in it to destroy the planet!" Frieza said made as Goku just started at him.

"Seems to me that you were to pathetic to use your full power because you feared the fact that you would die." Goku said as Frieza's anger skyrocketed. "You Failed." Goku said simply as Frieza roared in anger as he charged at Goku, the Saiyan doing the same thing as well. When they copied a large shockwave happened that had caused a massive explosion of power that destroyed the area around them.

Meanwhile Rukido was still flying in the air before stopped himself mid-air before looking around for Cooler. He kept looking until Cooler appeared right in front of him and tried to punch him only for Cooler to disappear again only to appear above the Saiyan and ram his elbow on top of Rukido head, sending the Saiyan flying down into the ocean below him. Rukdio flew out of the ocean instantly and charged at Cooler again only for him to miss and get kicked high up into the air. He recovered quickly as he cupped his hands over his shoulder as purple and white energy surrounded it.

"SUPER GALICK GUN!" Rukido yelled out as he fired Vegeta's signature move at Cooler knowing that he had no time to dodge. Cooler didn't even make an attempt to as he was consumed by the ki-wave, making Rukido smile before realizing something was flying threw his attack. He had no time to react as Cooler flew up towards him and chopped his left side, making him stop his Galick Gun. Cooler had the axe kicked him on top of his head before firing a death beam at Rukdio that explodes upon impact making Rukido crash into a small island harshly. Rukido crawled out as he left his Kaioken state and panted hard as he glared up to the laughing Cooler.

"You should have never gone against me boy. You failed before and you have fail now." Cooler said referring to Rukdio's attempt to stop him back on planet Nero, making the Saiyan growl angrily. Cooler put one hand above his head as a large ball of energy appeared that resembled the sun it self as Rukido looked on at the attack in horror.

"Now I'll kill you just like I did with that backwater planet you call home, say goodbye monkey to me and this planet!" Cooler yelled out loud as he threw his Supernova down to Rukdio. The Saiyan saw this and had immediately flew up to it in hope to stop it or even push it back. He put both his hands on the large orb of energy as he felt his hands burn from touching it but did not stop trying. Cooler saw this and fired multiple ki-blast into the orb making it bigger and go down faster. Rukdio screamed out in pain as he felt himself going inside the orb and being pushed downward as he thought about what was happening.

"I can't give up I have to avenge Nero no matter what! I can't let them or anyone else down." Rukido thought to himself as he thought about his stepmother, his friends and his love interest as he felt his ki rise. Dark clouds started forming around the planet as lightning struck hard around Cooler and Rukido. Cooler looked surprised by the sudden change in weather before he saw a bright yellow light flashing within his Supernova.

"YOU'LL PAY FOR WHAT YOU'VE DONE!" Rukdio yelled out from within the Supernova as a bright yellow light exploded from within Rukido, making the Supernova disburt. The explosion of light blinded Cooler as he covered his eyes. When the light had calmed down slightly he removed his hand and looked down at Rukido before his expression changed into one of fear. Rukido as floating in the air with his gi pants right leg slightly torn off and his shoes gone, as a yellow aura surrounded him, his hair was yellow and his eyes were green as he glared at the frightened tyrant. Rukido had never felt more anger in life and now that anger has allowed Rukido to transform into...a Super Saiyan! Rukido looked down at himself as he inspeacted his new form before he clenched his fist before he turned to Cooler glaring with pure hatred.

"Get ready Cooler, cause now I'm MAD!" Rukido yelled out as he charge at Cooler with the intent to avenge his home once and for all.

(Story End)

A/N Wow now this was a long chapter, over 11,000 words! Anyway I hope you all enjoy the story so far. I'm beyond happy that I've made it this far with so many people reading the story! Next Time Rukdio finally avenges Nero once and for all! Oh and don't worry about the Reverse Time Healing technique, it only heals the user in prime condition, using a lot of ki and not giving a Zenkai boost to Saiyans so not completely overpowered.
Another Saiyan? Trial of a Kai

(Frieza's Ship)( 50 Minutes Later)

Rukido slowly opened his eyes as he saw blue all around him, before his eyes went wide as realizing that he had remembered what happened. He was about to try to escape before he heard a familiar voice in his head.

"Rukido are you awake yet." King Kai asked within his head.

"King Kai? Where am I and what happened to the others?" Rukido asked worried for his friends.

"Your within a rejuvenation chamber on Frieza's ship, you got hurt pretty bad last time. The others are fighting Frieza as we speak but you need to wait at least two more minutes before leaving." King Kai said knowing that Rukido would forget about his condition if the others we're in danger.

"What about Tights and Bulma?" Rukido asked knowing that they would not stay still and do nothing.

"Actually their in Frieza's ship as well, with Yamcha looking around and trying to see about anything data they could find, but that's not important right now. What is important is that Frieza's brother has landed on Namek and are coming to the ship as we speak!" King Kai said fearing for what would happen now that Cooler has now appeared on Namek.

Rukido was about to say something before he heard a beeping noise and put his hand over the door of the chamber before blasting it wide open. Rukido walked out with his mostly destroyed outfit, but in peak condition. The pod next to him had also been blown open as Goku was seen within the same state that he was in.

"Hey Goku sorry about hurting your body when Ginyu was in it." Rukido said apologizing considering he may have gone overboard while Goku just waved it off.

"It's fine, besides I'm a lot more powerful now because of it, you got stronger as well." Goku said laughing as Rukido sighed at Goku's forgiving attitude. Then the door had opened wide opened revealing Tights and Bulma holding a few papers as they we're surprised to see Rukido and Goku recovered.

"Finally you're up." Bulma said as Tights put down her stack of papers on a table.

"You know I told you to wait on the ship right." Rukido said as he was taking off his destroyed clothes along with Goku as Bulma and Tights turned away with small blushes on their faces.

"Don't strip in front of us morons!" Bulma said completely embarrassed while Tights kept taking peeks at Rukido. Goku and Rukido put on their normal gi's completely ignoring Bulma all together. Rukido had then sensed four people coming towards the ship.

"Listen we don't have much time left, I need you two to get back to the ship as soon as possible, Goku I need you to go help the others with Frieza, I'll deal with whoever's coming here." Rukido said before blasting a hole through the wall and flying off to deal with more threat before anything got worse. Meanwhile everyone was dumbfounded about the random action before Goku closed his eyes realizing he was right.

"Guy's he's right, we have to get going now." Goku said before flying out of the hole Rukido had made. Bulma had just sighed as Tights gathered everything they had 'borrowed from Frieza.

"Damn that guy always rushing away to fight, must be a Saiyan thing." Bulma said.

"Rukido just worries for everyone's safety, he's kind and selfless. I know that I'm thankful." Tights said as she saw a teasing grin upon her sister's face.

"...You like him don't you." Bulma said as Tights face had went red in embarrassment making Bulma laugh at her.

"That's-I… let's just get everything and get out of here already." Tights said as she rushed out of the room to escape from her sister's teasing. Bulma just laughed as she followed her sister hoping to get as much details as possible. Yamcha just followed, absolutely confused about what happened earlier.

(With Rukido and the approaching power levels)

Rukido had been flying towards the powers to intercept them before they came to close, though he was rather annoyed. He kept on sneezing the entire time and didn't even know why. His mind went to when he was attacked and frowned. He was taken down so easily even though he was the one to take the shot for Trunks.

He flew for a few moment before coming face to face with a small group of people wearing strange looking battle armor. The three males of the group reminded him of the Ginyu force as they started doing weird poses while the female of the group had a bored look upon her face. They all noticed him as the blonde hair one had flew up to Rukido.

"I'm Salza, Lord Coolers second in command, these are my partners Dore,Neiz and Akane. Now who are you supposed to be monkey." Salza with an annoying smirk on his face as Rukido had an enraged look on his face. If Cooler was here than he had to take him down now!

"Someone who's not in the mood for a bunch of minions." Rukido said before he decked Salza across his face, sending him flying back to where his crew was at.

Salza grabbed his face as he now glared at the Saiyan before forming a ki-blade and charged at him to make him pay for what he has done. Only to find that the Saiyan had disappeared from sight making Salza look around before he kicked from behind as he fell into the water below him. He turned around to see Dore and Nezi glaring at him while Akane looked at him interested before she flew in front of the two.

"I'll fight him." Akane said before she began firing multiple ki-blast at him. Seeing this, Rukido had simply slapped them all away in random directions. Akane then suddenly appeared in front of him and tried to punch him in the face, only for Rukido to grab it easily. She then threw he rother fist at him on;y for him to grab it just as effortlessly.

"Can you please just give up? I really need to get going." Rukido said impatiently.

"Oh don't have anything to say to a fellow Saiyan?" Akane asked checkly as Rukido looked at her surprised.

"Your a Saiyan?!" Rukido asked in shock. Most of the Saiyans were wiped out on Planet Vegeta, with a few survivors. To hear that there was one here, made him curious on what had happened for her to exist.

"Yup. Now back to the fight!" Akane said before she kneed him in the stomach, making him let go. She then slammed both her hands down upon Rukido's back as he was sent flying down towards the ground. He quickly landed on the ground safely and looked up to see Akane with her hands out above her head as a large blue orb appeared within them.

"Focus Flash!" Akane yelled out as she threw the large orb down at Rukido before she began firing multiple large ki-blast right after it. He however held his hands above his head as they started to glow a very bright yellow.

"SUPER MASENKO!" Rukido yelled as he fired a massive yellow ki-wave towards the ball of energy, consuming easily along with the ki-blast that followed it. Akane's eyes went wide as she was consummated by the blast. When it fade it showed an Alkane with a few bruise and her armor completely gone with tears in her suit. She looked at down at herself before turning to Rukido with a smile confusing him greatly.

"This isn't even your full power is it. You have much more to spare and have not been going all out against me. You let me kick you so you could examine how I fight, am I right?" Akane said as Rukido was surprised by the women's detection skills before he nodded to confirm what she said was true making the girl laugh cutely. She then landed in front of him making him go on guard. "Do you have a ship?"

"...Yes, why?" Rukido asked cautiously as Akane gained a grin on her face.

"Well you see...I want out." Akane said as Rukido looked at her confused. "I never wanted to work for Cooler. My deadbeat father sold me for a quick buck and quite frankly I didn't appreciate it."

Akane noticed the conflicted look on his face and merely smiled as she turned around to see her teammates pulling out Salza from the water. "If you won't believe me then I'll just have to show you how much I want out."

Before Rukido could even ask what she meant, Akane suddenly began firing upon her now former group of men. Salza and Nezi notice this and were quick to get out the way. Dore on the other hand was blown away by the barrage of ki-blast shocking everyone there except for Akane who just smirked.

"THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING!" Salza yelled at Akane, gripping his fist tightly.

"Sorry but this guy is a member of my race and while I can't say I care for them, he would be a better leader than Cooler anyday." Akane said with a shrug.

"You insignificant whore, how dare you betray your master, I'll have your head for this!" Salza yelled out as dark energy surrounded him and his eyes turned red.

Rukido saw this and was about to attack but Akane was faster as she kicked Salza away before flying behind him and axe-kicked him into the ground. She smiled at her handy work before she jumped out of the way of a ki-blast and turned to see a healed up Neiz growling in rage as dark energy flowed around him. Neiz then fired a barrage of ki-blast at her to which she flew off dodging them narrowly as she got closer to Neiz. When close enough Akane rammed her elbow into Neiz's stomach stunning him and making spit out blood before Akane had put her hand on his chest before firing a ki-wave through it as a large smoking hole was now seen within his stomach before he fell to the ground dead. She then dodged a neon red ki-blade from Salza who was even more pissed at the fact that Akane had killed one of his partners and screamed out in rage as he kept trying to slice her only for her to dodge every move effortlessly. This went on for a full minute before she jumped above one of his attacks before kneeing him in the face and grabbed him by his hair before throwing him into the side of a mountain. She then put both of her right hand over her head as a blue energy could be seen gathering within it. Salza pulled himself out of the mountain and charged up at Akane before she spoke.

"Spirit Cannon!" Akane yelled out as she threw her hand forward as a large ball of ki had been sent flying into Salza body before exploding upon impact. Salza screamed out in pain as he felt his entire body being torn apart by the attack before being completely reduced to ashes as the landscape around him had been reduced to rubble. Rukido looked on surprised about how much power Akane had, she didn't even seem to be trying during that fight! She flew down with a smile on her face as she stood in front of Rukido and looked happy at the surprised expression on his face.

"So can I know the name of my new master?" Akane said shocking Rukido greatly.

"Master?!" Rukido yelled at her.

"Yes master. You would have defeated us eventually and I feel like you would be better than Cooler anyday." Akane said as she walked closer to him. "Like I said, I wanted a way out so I took a chance with you."

"But why?" Rukido asked confused.

"Because...I never met another member of my race before. I was the only Saiyan working for Cooler and I was never truly happy with him." Akane said with a sigh. "I hated every moment of it. The killing, the conquering, all of it. But it was either that or get killed so I had no choice."

"And you're hoping now that you can come up as a dead Saiyan while in the care of another." Rukido said in understanding.

"Hey! I wasn't using you! I just wanted to get away from Cooler!" Akane said with pout.

"Well they say the first chance of redemption is a good deed." Rukido said as he held his hand out. "Rukido."

Akane looked at the hand before she took it and shook it. "Akane."

"Listen while I would love to get out of here, I still have friends here that need my help." Rukido said letting go of her hand.

"Then you can count on me helping you then." Akane said with a smirk. She was about to say something else before she had been tackled down by Rukido as a large ki wave could be seen going over them. Rukido looked up to see Slug and Frieza's henchmen covered in dark evil energy. Both Saiyan's quickly got up and glared at the smirking Slug, Akane more than Rukido due to interrupting their alone time.

"Friends of yours?" Akane asked joking while hoping the answer would be no.

"Not by a long shot, I'll take the Namekian you take the henchmen." Rukido said before rushing at Slug while Akane flew to the henchmen ready to knock their skulls in.

Rukido noticed that a few of the henchmen were now getting in his way and rammed his elbow into one that got to close before he had kicked the poor bastards neck, breaking it instantly. A group of henchmen had used their arm cannons to fire at Rukido in hopes of stopping him, only for Rukido to fly right by them effortlessly and gathered energy in both his hands before firing a barrage of ki-blast at the group killing them off quickly. More henchmen would have gotten his way but Akane was having so much fun killing them.

Akane had been blasted henchmen left and right with a smirk on her face, while this wouldn't piss off Cooler it would certainly annoy the hell out of his brother. She then noticed one of the henchmen creep up behind and had elbowed his face in before using her hands to snap his neck. She then rushed forward to a group of them before stopping and firing a simply ki-wave that had made them meet their demise. She smiled at her handy work as she landed on the ground before realizing that she had been surrounded by nearly thirty henchmen as they all had their blasters pointed right at her.

"You best surrender now, if you do you could work with Frieza instead of that failure of a brother. If not you will be killed along with that other Saiyan." A henchmen said while Akane just laughed at them confusing them all greatly.

"What are you laughing at you...Bitch." Another henchmen said lamely making Akane laugh harder. She kept laughing until she jumped in the air trilling as she fired ki blast randomly all over the place as the henchmen were scared shitless while being killed off quickly. She stopped twirling to see that most of the henchmen were dead with the exception of a few who were trying to fly away, only to killed of by a large blue energy wave that came from out of nowhere. Akane looked on in awe by the power of the technique and knew who was capable of such power.

(Meanwhile with Rukido and Slug)

Rukdio landed a few feet from Slug to see him still smirking.

"Listen here Slug I know your pissed about losing Turles but come on you moved on from him to henchmen, now that's just sad." Rukido said with a smirk as Slug lost his and started growling angrily.

"You're not worth anything compared to me, after I deal with you I'll take the girl of yours as a slave." Slug said smugly before he had been kicked hard in the face by Rukido and was sent flying in the air before Rukdio had appeared in front of him and chopped his face in making him crash into the ground. Rukido landed in front of Slug as he held his hand out and was about to blast him before being kicked in the side and sent flying only to stop mid air. He looked to see a male with light black hair and eyes with a skinny body and was wearing a purple vest, dull white gi pants and black gi shoes with purple running tape on them and warped around his arms.

"And you are?" Rukido said very annoyed while Slug picked himself up out of the crater glaring at Rukido.

"I am Justin the Ultimate Saiyan Warrior, and you weakling will bow before my power!" Justin yelled out as he showed of some of his power by firing a ki blast towards a mountain as it had crumbled under his might. He turned to Rukido thinking he would be afraid only to see him looking bored and looking at Slug.

"Seriously? This was the best you could do? You got a guy with a god complex I'm actually very disappointed in you, what would Turles say about this guy being your replacement?" Rukido asked with a serious face. He was actually disappointed, and who the hell called themselves the Ultimate Saiyan Warrior… Vegeta maybe but this guy was just plain stupid in his opinion.

"H-how dare you mock me I'm far beyond your level." Justin said as Slug turned away in embarrassment at his new partner.

"Beyond my level, yeah and I thought I was the joker here. Listen little boy go back to your leader and let the big boys fight okay." Rukido said noticing that he was at least a head and a half shorter than him while Justin had looked pissed about the fact that he was called a little boy. Justin yelled out as dark energy surrounded him and fired several ki blast at Rukido who had jumped and flipped while backing up, dodging every attack. Slug saw this and had enlarged himself and a large ki beam out of his mouth that had seemingly consumed Rukido. Justin looked happy while Slug looked around wearily, knowing that the Saiyan was tough to kill, and he was right to be weary, as Rukido was above them holding a large ball of ki energy.

"Nova Bomb!" Rukido yelled out as he threw the ball into Slugs and Justin's direction before hitting Slug upon impact and exploded. When Rukido looked down he saw Slugs body on the ground with arm's gone and the top half of his body completely burned. He looked around for Justin only to be punched in the face. He turned to see a smirking Justin as he looked completely fine probably thanks to Slug taking the blast for him.

"Fight, fight as much as you want, you can't kill me, I'm Justin the Saiyan!" Justin said laughing thinking he was scary while Rukido looked even more annoyed.

Rukido then flew up to the laughing Saiyan before punching him in the stomach before grabbing him by the hair and kneeing his face several times before firing a ki-blast into the face, sending the foolish Saiyan flying into the water. Rukido was about to fly off before he jumped out of the way of a ki-wave and turned around to see Slug with arms back and having even more energy pouring out of him. His skin was now dark purple and had bright red eyes, also spikes grew on his knuckles and shoulders as his body go buffer. He roared out before disappearing from Rukido's line sight surprising him considering that the Namekian was still in his giant form. Rukido looked around hoping to find Slug before he felt something punch his entire body from above and crashed into the ground. Rukido picked himself up and looked upwards to see Slug about to land on him making him move out of the way as Slug landed where Rukido crashed. Rukido turned around to see Slug looking even more feral than normal as he screamed out in pain.

"NOOOO… DAMN YOU… TOWA… YOU CORRUPTED THE FRUIT OF MIGHT, AHHHHHH!" Slug yelled out to the sky before he stopped all together and glared a Rukido with a feral grin.

"Kill… KILL!" Slug yelled out with pure bloodlust as he charged at Rukido with the intent to kill. Rukido had flew up and fired a barrage of ki-blast at him hoping to slow him down only for Slug to keep moving and ignore the pain he was feelings and grabbed Rukido by his legs and threw him into a mountain. Slug then fired a large ki blast at Rukido that exploded upon contact. Slug roared out loud while Rukido pulled himself out of the mountain slightly hurt but pissed. His over shirt for his gi had been destroyed along with a bunch of burnt holes in it. He then jumped out off the mountain and landed on Slugs head ready to pull of his antenna's before Justin appeared before him and tried to punch him only for Rukido to duck under and kick Justin's feet making him fall over. Rukido then jumped off Slugs head and fired a ki blast on top of the Namekians head hitting Justin and made Slug scream at the pain. Rukido then cupped his hands together before chanting.

"BURNING KA...ME...HA...ME...HAAAAAA!" Rukido yelled out as he fired a large yellow ki wave out of his hands towards Slug and Justin. Justin noticing this had quickly teleported out of there while Slug had been consumed by the bright light. When it settled Slug's body was skin was justly purely black before the wind had blew and Slugs body had just broke apart and faded into the wind. Rukido was slightly tired but not by too much. He heard someone flying behind him and turned to see a happy Akane.

"That was amazing!" Akane said as she jumped on him and gave him a tight hug. Rukido blushed as he felt her asset's close on his face. When she was done hugging him she let go of Rukido who was trying to force his blush down.

"Yes it was." Rukido said awakardly as Akane couldn't help to giggle at his nervous expression. "But we have more important thing to worry about."

"Just say what you need." Akane said ready to fight."

"I need you to go check on my friends, their about north of here and I would really appreciate it if you could go make sure that their okay." Rukido said as Akane frowned before nodding. Rukido then took off his ear piece and handed it to Akane. "Take this. It should clear everything up if they ask any if a girl talks to you on there just tell her not to worry"

"Where are you going?" Akane asked concerned for her new friend.

"I'm going to find Goku and the others, their fighting Frieza and without a doubt Cooler will be there to cause problems." Rukido said as Akane looked at him worried, Cooler was no joke after all. Rukido pulled out his only senzu bean out of his pocket and ate it as he felt all his strength and more return to him.

"Be safe." Akane said as Rukido nodded before flying off towards Goku's direction. Akane stood still for a few seconds before she started flying to Frieza's ship.

(With Tights and Bulma)(Outside Frieza's Ship)

Bulma and Tights were walking out of Frieza's ship, they had gathered nearly all of the bastards data and man was it worth it. With all this tech they could advance Capsule Corp by lightyears away from other rivaling companies. Bulma had teased Tights the entire time about Rukido which she would have been punched by now but considering they were sisters it gave her immunity.

"Come on you expect me to believe you two didn't do anything special in space while Goku was away sleeping!" Bulma said wanting more details about her sister's relationship with Rukido.

"I told for the thousandth time ' .ANYTHING!" Tights screamed out loud completely frustrated at her sister's teasing.

"Oh come on at least admit you like him." Bulma said knowing that it was true, she just didn't want her sister to be in denial about it.

"...Fine I'm attracted to him." Tights said as she turned her head away blushing brightly while bulma cheered for her sister for finally having interest in a man. Before Tights could speak up a voice had spook behind the two.

"So you like him as well?" Akane asked as both Bulma and Tights screamed out loud, surprised by the girl's sudden appearance. Then both girls backed away from girl afraid of what she would do to them.

"W-who are you?" Bulma said fearfully as she saw Akane's tail around her waist.

"Akane, I'm a friend of Rukido's." Akane said bluntly as the sisters had a look of pure shock.

"His friend?" Asked Tights as she looked on suspiciously at the Saiyan girl

"He promised freedom from my slavery and has put his trust in me so I like to think that we're friends." Akane said while Bulma and Tights were been shocked.

"Wait you're a slave, to who?" Bulma asked curiously. She thought Saiyans were powerful enough to be seen as warrior that couldn't be chained down so it was surprising to hear that this Saiyan was supposedly a slave.

"Cooler, Frieza's brother." Akane said as both sister gained horrified look while the mic in Akane's ear beeped.

"Hello Rukido, listen I'm sorry about earlier I should have been more careful." Trunks said within the ear piece.

"This isn't Rukido." Akane said.

"Wha-what?! Who are you and where's Rukido?!" Trunks asked in shock and worry.

"Akane, and he went to go fight with his other friends now I was told that whoever would be answering would be female. Where is she?" Akane asked.

"She's in a meeting right now, why do you need to speak with her?" Trunks asked suspiciously.

"It's about Rukido's… relationship with her, now can I see her?" Akane asked rather annoyed at this point.

"... She's in a meeting." Trunks said as he ended the call. Akane noticed this and was pissed, she was almost tempted to try and destroy the device. But that wouldn't make Rukido happy at all. She turned to a concerned Tights and Bulma who noticed her anger immediately.

"Don't worry about it, just some jackass on the phone.I'll try again later, in the meantime let's get to your ship, I rather not stay here any longer than I need to be." Akane said as she went into Frieza's ship to grab some new armor while Tights and Bulma followed close behind to not risk be attacked by any henchmen.

(Time Nest, with Chorna and other Kai's of the Multiverse)

Chrona stood next to Elder Kai as she glared at the room filled with other Kai's. She had never liked any of them due to their god complexes, sure she might have one but it's all a joke in the end. The other Kai's were glaring at her as well due to the fact that in their eyes she was not worthy to be a Kai due to her personality alone. The Supreme Kai of Universe 9, Roh, stood up and smirked at Chronoa.

"Chorna you are being charged with the crime of allowing a huge interference in time to happen." Said Roh while Chrona and Elder Kai were in absolute shock as the other Kai's were agreeing with the green skinned man.

"Now hold on here as far as I'm concerned history is safe and sound especially nowadays." Elder Kai said completely furious about Chrona being accused of the the crime.

"If it was safe and sound we wouldn't be here today now would we." Roh said smugly pissing off Chrona even more.

"Oh and what exactly have I done instead of making sure that time stayed the same no matter what." Chrona said angrily.

"The same? There are multiple timelines you little brat." Roh said.

"Your point being? I don't have the power erase timelines moron I can only go through them and protect them to the best of my ability. Not to mention every timeline that had accrued always leads to a happy future in the end." Chrona explained simply while the other Kai's were not convinced as they roared in outrage.

"Oh really now and what about the one where that Time Patroller now lives in, I know you can't see into that future because of his presence alone!" Roh yelled out with the other Kai's agreeing.

"It's apart of the rules, when a patroller is stuck in time we can't interfere to much. Rukido's scroll was destroyed and thus was stuck there, and despite him changing the original history he has done nothing but good for the people of the timeline." Elder Kai defended Rukido.

"Oh really now then can you explain these random changes of history have accrued without interference." Roh said wanting to see them suffer.

"... When I was fighting Demigra he caused one too many changes to the original timeline to the point where it was too much to be corrected. Because of Rukido's scroll being destroyed, it caused a major change in history, what was suppose to happen is now happening in this new timeline." Chroma explained while Roh smirked at her.

"So you say that you protect history yet refused to fix it to the point it was meant to be at? This is all your fault then! If you had just done your job and restored history to the point of what it was meant to be we wouldn't have alternate timelines or mortals interfering with the past! You were never fit to be a Kai back then and you sure as hell aren't now." Roh said as the other Kai's yelled in agreement while Elder Kai and Chrona were beyond mad.

"Chrona I along with my fellow Kai's deem you unworthy to be the Kai of Time thus you will be striped of your position and will be punished severely." Roth said as the Kais nodded in agreement. Elder Kai had been in shock but not as much as Chrona, the job she had for so long was being taken away from her because of a mistake that had led to a better future. But now she lost everything because she was out voted until a voice spoke out.

"I can't believe any of you! How can you blame her for the fault of another! She has risked a lot protecting time and that includes our lives as well!" Yelled a Kai name Gowasu the Supreme Kai of universe 10 that understood how time travel works just as well. While he was not like Chrona he did respect different races among the universe and had no god complex. Chrona smiled at the Kai while Roh just laughed.

"As heartwarming as that is, Chrona you are to be banished from the Time Nest and have your position of Supreme Kai of Time surrendered to… a person of your choosing?!" Roh yelled out in shock as he realized that only the Supreme Kai of Time can chose their successors so long as they are alive. The other Kai's were shocked as well due to the fact they were hoping to get Roh as the new Supreme Kai of Time. Chrona just smiled at least she could make sure this place is in good hands before leaving.

"In that case I chose...Old Kai to lead!" Chrona yelled as everyone was now shocked that she picked someone like him to be leader. Elder Kai was also shocked by the decision.

"Why me?" Elder Kai asked curiously.

"Well you are considered the wisest Kai for a reason so who else better to lead the Time Patrol and take care of the Time Nest. Besides with how you work you might as well be the leader." Chrona said with a cheeky smile as she stuck her tongue out at the growling Kai's.

"...Fine if that's your decision so be it. But Elder Kai you best make sure she is punished severely within the next few hours and make sure she can never return to the Time Nest ever again!" Roh yelled out as he and his fellow Kai's teleported back to their own universe.

Chrona sighed as she realized she had no home anymore and she had to punished. She turned to Elder Kai who had a smile on his face.

"Well what's my punishment. Banished to the Demon Realm, forced to live in a time with no resources or just plain execution." Chrona said sadly as Elder Kai closed his eyes before speaking.

"Your punishment is… to be banished to Rukido's timeline after he deals with Namek and make sure to be by his side at all times." Elder Kai said with a grin as Chrona froze in spot before jumping on Elder Kai and hugging him between her breast yelling thank you multiple time. She let go of him and ran out of the room to pack and left a nose bleeding Kai who knew he made the right decision. As Chrona she thought about Rukido with a blush on her face.

"Looks like I'm getting that date after all." Chrona thought to herself as she was ready to get to Rukido as soon as possible.

(Story End)


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