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Ironman CoC IW

Just a fan art... All rights belong Disney and Marvel...

Sorry for not mentioning this earlier but weapons are available as optional items and can be scaled up by selecting their bone/bones...
© 2018 - 2021 SSingh511
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thanks nice work

i have downloaded the file but in that only texture files is there no maya available ?

Thank you for providing this for free !!!

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Great model I want to practice animation with this model credits will be given to you though this link

Great stuff friend

Keep it up while im still low

Any possibility to extract the new models from this game?

man there are not all weapons here from game.please rerelease it with all weapons plzz.

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check optional items

I only got PNG's in the package

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XPS file is model file, which needs to be opened in XNALara
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May I upload your model for PMX so MMD? Of course, credits go to you.
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Thanks also for your great work
please,make the one armor of ironman(the one movie),in mmd.the model red metalic for mmd
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this model works in mmd?
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You need to convert it first
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but what program can I convert it?
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These Textures Are black when I import the model into blender 
it looks sioo realistic ! appreciate your work bhaijan , love from india 
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