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To start off, this image is absolutely beautiful. It is very easy on the eyes, and tends to emit this calming feeling: a meadow gently flowing in the breeze, clouds gently flowing throughout the sky, and a windmill in the background -- it's everything in a movie and more! As said before, the vision conveyed by this image tends to speak to me as a calming, soothing view, and is a very nice one to portray!

As for originality, I mean, a lot of people take a lot of things; so for me to say this is unoriginal is easy, but it isn't. Of course, I'm sure millions of people have taken pictures of meadows and cloudy days, but the way you portray it, in my opinion, is very unique. This photograph was taken at the right time, on the right day -- perfect weather conditions, etc. So in my opinion, this is an original concept.

As for technique, as stated above, this image seemed very tedious to capture; unless, of course, you got really lucky! It was taken at the right time, on the right day, with the perfect weather conditions. I mean, the clouds look phenomenal, as does everything else. You even catered to the depth of the image! It seems almost as if, in some points, the meadow goes on forever.

This picture definitely has an impact on the user, as stated in the first section; it invokes this emotion and sense of calmness, "everything is alright." I mean, I'm sure everyone at one point or another dreams of just lying out in the grass on a perfect day like this, I sure have! I come from the country and I still have never experienced a day like this.

In essence, this image is amazing. You have done a phenomenal job at conveying your theme and emotions in a way that is easy on the eyes, and apparent to the viewer.
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I wanna either live in a Windmill or a Lighthouse, haha!
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Very impressive. Love the way it feels like actually captured on a film. I don't meet many of such photos here. Shame.
Another great thing about this shot is its inverted brightness - how the sky is darker than the field. It makes nice effect on landscape photos. Especially with the middle plane creating effectively a silhouette play.
Great work altogether!
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wonderful... enough said...
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Great shot. Love it.
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Amazing! A fav!
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Thank you very much! :hug:
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You more than deserved it! :hug:
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