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time shift

Currently I haven't much time for photographing and so I decide to make your day with this older photo ;) Just enjoy it, nothing new, nothing special!
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is this Parliament station in Melbourne Australia?[link]
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Nice photo. Love the blue color of the station and the train
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Fantastic! I've just been on the tube in London, but can't see me capturing something so perfect as this. Well done
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I like colours and composition.
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aaaw i love this !!
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Beautiful colors and in general photo. I have a similar from Athens' metro and an other from Thessaloniki's train station.
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the station looks beautiful!
nice shot! :zest:
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g r e a t . m o m e n t . =)
I generally love your photography it captures the moment and i perticularly like this one.
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This work has been featured here: [link]
Please come and see the feature, and tell me if you like it! :aww:
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I wonder how you achieve that the people stay sharp and the train is blurred ... you take 2 pictures one with long exposure and one with a quite fast one and then merge/erase/align the pictures?
this is incredible!
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I love this photo. I have to say that it very much reminds me of how some of the pictures I want to draw seem to appear. Like I'm in aterminal and it's the one that stops that sticks. I find this happening also when I take photos (I am in no way anywhere close to your league).

Thanks for the pic. It really is cool to see something projected in freeze frame that I see in my head all the time.
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amazing photo!
nothin special??//r u serious...
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So clean... for something so simple, and nothing special... it sure is great!
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the blurry effect makes it awesome
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Your image has been featured here: [link]

Thank you for sharing such a memorable and striking image!

I :heart: it!
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Cool... ;)

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Why are subways so calming...?
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Nice photo, I've never been to a subway so I have never seen the inside of one for real...just in TV and movies.
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Hey, great picture.
Is this picture made in munich city?

Which camera did you use, out of the hand or with a stariv?

greetings ;)
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