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Another one of my snow session. It was silent and the snow falls, try to catch this mood...
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This is exactly how I feel. You have captured a mood beautifully. It would've been even better, if those dark areas were a little bit darker. :3 But never mind, this is very, very beautiful!
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Ich liebe Winter, wunderschön:aww:
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may i please feature this work on my "Hope's BestofDeviant" page? all credit is given to the artist with a link back to your profile.


feel free to check out the page first to see how it will be displayed. i realize some of you are not regulars, it's never too late to reply.

things are not always posted right away, but you will receive a message the day it does post.

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Oh my Goodness. Can you tell I'm loving your work. :P
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God, this is just beautiful! As much as I hate the cold, I love to walk during a snow fall. And yes, it can be lonely.
I am not qualified enough to critique this but this scene definitely brought back a very similar day not so long ago except that day i didnt have an umbrella one side of the path had a frozen river and there was no one around for miles. And I distinctly remember it had been almost a year I was without human contact that day. this is like a memory mine;)
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you're photograph as kindly been featured in my journal feature here: [link]
ur now mah favourite artist... love all ur pics...
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I would ask you something about a project.
I will make a concert, and during this one, i want to project pictures on a screen behind it.
I need one photo about loneliness, so could i use your photo ? and could you sent to me a high resolution of it ? It would be really nice ;)
Ask me if you have any questions

Have nothing to say... Just so AMAZING!!!
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... I got the mood and then I fell inlove with this pic... words cannot explain anything when you really like something
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Simply beautiful...
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This great piece of work was featured! [link]

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I love this ... It makes me feel so alone and distant by everything ...I'd like to be there ... fav
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