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October 27, 2012
a day without rain by `ssilence
Featured by IsacGoulart
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a day without rain

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This is really a stunning picture. The green field and the sun that is coming from the sky is defiantly a favourite piece in this picture; the ground is so clean and has a very bright green colour. When the light is coming from the sky all I can think off is hope. Believe it or not there are pictures like this that could fix a broken heart, just by looking at it. This picture makes me wonder if there is a story behind it, it just make the picture more and more interesting. It’s great that the sun is shinning on the tree, it makes the picture more pure and that a lonely three isn’t so much alone after all. This made me think that someone is watching over the tree.

I think the black frame doesn’t fit in this picture, if you took a brighter colour to the frame I think it might have worked,but it would have been better if the frame wasn’t there. The picture isn’t very sharp, I wish it was sharper that we could se more details from sky, ground and the main point; the tree. Since there are so many pictures like this you have to make sure it’s a special one, which you have done. But it doesn’t matter if the picture isn’t that sharp, because when a person stops to look at a picture, then you know that you have done it marvellous.

You have done an amazing job and you really got the talent. I also want to remark that the composition is great!
All in all this pictures just make my heart stop a little in a good way.

Thank you for sharing your photos with us and keep doing the great job that you do.
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...Why so many blah-blah to say so few ?

(apart feeling for some minutes like an arty-farty critique ?)
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I'm not very good at writing critique, as you might have noticed I have not written so many. I'm not quite sure what you're trying to say, if you could have elaborated more, I had been very grateful. I like to get feedback whether positively or negatively, but if you give feedback you should write something I can learn from. But no matter; thank you, I'll see what I can do next time. The more you try the better you become.

Sorry for my bad English! Have a good day
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:star::star::star::star::star-half: Overall
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This picture has always been a source of inspiration for me as a photographer and there are many reasons why. The composition is simply brilliant, the contrast is great, the timing was perfect for the capture and the concept is some how comforting.

It is great to see how such stillness can give such sense of movement only by the flowing of the picture and the delicacy of the elements in the picture. A landscape like this one is always refreshing, no matter how many times you see the picture.

The tree appears as the sole protagonist of this story, making up for a very strong picture of a very calm moment.
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Great combination and placement of basic picture element. Striking photograph!

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This image has both literal and symbolic beauty. Well done.
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Beautiful in its simplicity.
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If you think this is weather, you should see Kansas weather. It was 30 degrees this morning at 730. At 330 pm it was like 60.
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beautiful simple composition :clap:
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solitude can be peaceful.
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The sun peeking through the gray clouds is absolutely stunning. And the fact that the light is pointed directly at the lonely tree means you took the picture at the perfect moment. Great job. :)
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So simple... Yet so beautiful. Well done mate.
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Wonderful play of the lights!
Visit my HDR gallery - Abstract and Crazy!!! - [link]
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Beautiful! Wonderful composition.
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