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The main focus of the photo is the trees. They have a towering effect in the photo, makes the trees look powerful and the viewer feel small. The trees are close together like a wall, and the shade is pointed toward the viewer, this gives the sense of enclosement and a feeling of safety behind the wall of trees. Nothing is visible beyond the trees, that's what I think is the most important part of the photo because it makes the trees feel more like a wall and it gives a sense of mystery and adventure beyond the wall, which is the opposite of the feeling in the shade. The mystery beyond the trees may be frightning but also inviting because of how bright it is, and the sun peeking through is a nice touch. I can tell it's morning in the photo because the sun is low and there's mist in the air, likely from morning due. This is another thing I like about photo because the mist looks cool with the sun beams shining through, plus morning sybolizes a new begining, a fresh start, and that pairs nicely with mstery and adventure. All that I have just explained is why I rate this photo so high on vision and impact. I don't know much about photography so I don't know what to rate you on techniqe but you must have done something right because of the impact. I've seen photos of rows of trees before but this is a realy good one, good for you.
This is my first critique, I hope you like it. :]
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where do you live? (not in a creepy way) you just have the most varied and beautiful landscapes, and the lighting is always so perfect with that touch of morning fog/dusk haze..

i want to move to where you are!
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I live in Germany, near Munich. The most of my pictures was captured around Munich. But the most time it has bad weather with a grey sky ;)
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such a shame! but that much more of a reason to visit germany. I've always wanted to visit the land of my people!
that being said, thanks for the reply and, again, so many of your photos are darn near perfect.

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Gawd, erinnert mich an dem Film den wir in der schule angeglotzt haben, oje oje :D
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Beautiful. I love the lines, and that the focus really seems to be in the foreground. Everything else is hazy due to the fog. It's more interesting than if it was focused on the trees.
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Awesome scene! I loved the atmosphere.
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schöne Atmosphere und ein tolles bild :D wirklich gelungen!
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beautiful as always :).
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golden dawn... excellent
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