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RWBY - Ruby Rose

:iconrosesplz:"Red like roses, fills my dreams and brings me to the place you rest...." :iconrosesplz:


EDIT 04/07/14: Changed resolution from 2400x1600 to 2500x1400 to fit the rest of the RWBY works


Programs Used: Easy Paint Tool SAI

Time Taken: 3 days


Weiss ==> RWBY - Weiss Schnee by SSgt-LuLZ
Blake ==> RWBY - Blake Belladonna by SSgt-LuLZ
Yang ==> RWBY - Yang Xiao Long by SSgt-LuLZ


A fan art of Ruby and her weapon, the Crescent Rose from the upcoming series, RWBY (yes, its pronounced 'ruby') produced by :iconmontyoum:.

Saw the trailer, and I have to say, I am pumped for the series coming somewhere this new year. Thank you Monty for your vision and epic animating skills!

For those who haven't watched the awesomeness, go right here =============>…

So after more than half a year of not submitting anything, I've decided to spend my holiday drawing Little Red "Bolt-Action-ScytheRifle-Wielding-Badass" Riding Hood here, just to kick start the new year.

Shout out to my bro for borrowing his laptop to continue to do what I love. Thanks. :)

RWBY © :iconmontyoum: & Roosterteeth
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Ah, the good old days...

It's kinda weird how in Ruby's trailer there was a full moon in spite of it being fractured.

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If I'm not wrong, there is period of Remnant's lunar cycle that the moon would appear whole (as the shattered portion will be rotated beyond our view).

In fact, in the subsequent trailers the moon slowly appears more shattered (presumably due to the lunar rotation).
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Nice perspective! And beautiful piece! Heart 
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The low perspective gives it an anguished mood, you made small Ruby quite intimidating like this. Oops! 

(Change the angle upwards and the magic is gone...)
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The Lone Huntress.
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Beautiful work!
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She slashes the moon... with her roses and determination. Let the moon BLEED RUBY!
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Art from the very beginning (initial release/premiere wise)!
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Back when I only had the trailer for reference. It was fun drawing this out. :)
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Glad you think so! :)
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Beautiful art.
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