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RWBY - Blake Belladonna

By SSgt-LuLZ
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:iconblackrose-1: "From Shadows, We'll descend upon the world. Take back what you stole....." :iconblackrose-7x:



Programs Used: Easy Paint Tool SAI

Time Taken: 6 weeks


Ruby ==> RWBY - Ruby Rose by SSgt-LuLZ
Weiss ==> RWBY - Weiss Schnee by SSgt-LuLZ
Yang ==> RWBY - Yang Xiao Long by SSgt-LuLZ


A fan art of Blake Belladona and also her partner, Adam from the upcoming series RWBY produced by :iconmontyoum:.

The epic train heist can be witnessed here =============>…

So once more, a trailer with some voice acting and more ass renovation provided by the battle couple Adam and Blake. While I liked Blake and her extremely exotic sword/cleaver/whip/pistol, Adam kinda stole the whole show with his plain badass look, which may, or may not resemble a half-masked Kurosaki Ichigo. :iconichigoplz: Also, rifle katana FTW.

This would have been completed sooner, if not for the last 2 weeks spent cooped up on a island doing PT, drills, weapon handling and shit. Well, now I'm back for the weekend, and the Yellow Trailer coming up on the next weekend, I just can't wait for another week to pass so I can get started once again! While I lament being back on that island again, now in one of the most hardcore companies in the whole training school, just the motivation of doing this for a good 9 weeks, and the weekends I'm gonna spend home is enough motivation for me. I hope you like this work, and thank you for spending the time to look, comment and fav my work. :)

RWBY © :iconmontyoum: & Roosterteeth
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Kleiner-JayProfessional Artist
An Assassin.
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Cristinmary2Student General Artist
6WEEKS? dayum son
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And then it all started from a train robbery
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Two cowards side by side. 
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The hype train
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SSgt-LuLZStudent Digital Artist
Just waiting for the White Fang Dual-Chainsaw Lieutenant to glance at Blake and go all:

*sick spins* 
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this is so good
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XD dat reference tho.
also GET READY FOR FEELS I THINK BLAKE IS GONNA CRY FOR SOME REASON (if she does I'm just gonna say it now IM IN A GLASS CASE OF EMOTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
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JW-GojifanHobbyist Traditional Artist
As am I man.  I just don't think Blake will since she is determined to beat Adam.  Have you seen the preview yet?
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I've seen it but it may still happen you never know.
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JW-GojifanHobbyist Traditional Artist
That is true.  You never do know until it happens.  I just want her to bring the pain to Adam since she practically grew up with the guy and has seen his true colors.
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Well he just went power crazy or just insane. But really she might cry hopefully sun will do something about it. I think sun and Adam will fight at one point just not this volume XD.
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JW-GojifanHobbyist Traditional Artist
I don't know, I feel like this may be the last volume but I've been wrong before.
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I wanna hug her...
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This is amazing!
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Cipher111996Hobbyist Writer
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SSgt-LuLZStudent Digital Artist
Thanks! :)
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Great work! Love the details on the leaves. And great work with the details & lighting on both Blake and Adam. And nice job, with the background.
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kingdomheartsventus7Student Photographer
who is your favorite RWBY character, ruby, Weiss, blake, or yang?
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SSgt-LuLZStudent Digital Artist
I would say Ruby herself, but Yang comes in a close second. :)
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