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Battlefield 4: Fireteam JNPR

By SSgt-LuLZ
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"Be advised: Enemy Ursa coming in South, by SouthEast, how copy?"



Programs Used: Easy Paint Tool SAI

Time Taken: 1 1/2 months


EDIT 20/Jan/2014 - Spelt Pyrrha's name correctly this time (lol)


The next part of my unhealthy obsession with Battlefield 4 and RWBY. Seriously though, I need to get working on the other stuff before my trip overseas and university admission. Once again, I invite you to guess their loadouts. This time Ren's pancakes are up for grabs. But no syrup though. You can thank Nora for that. :P

I did imagine putting Team JNPR in the spotlight while drawing my previous work, Battlefield 4: RWBY Squad.
Battlefield 4: RWBY Squad by SSgt-LuLZ
Battlefield 4: Team CFVY by SSgt-LuLZ
But I am aware that after submiting the above deviation, that many of you guys wanted to see Team JNPR badly, so, here it is. Finally. Phew, that's another piece out of the way for now! :)

In case you didn't catch on earlier, these set of RWBY Class Profile drawings are actually a parody of the official artwork of the BF4 Classes for each of their 3 factions as seen in the BF Blog:………

As much as these crossovers were fun to do, I've currently have more pressing matters at hand, such as work and trying to apply for university, so I don't think CRDL will ever come to light (also on the account of Cardin having a medical discharge for his broken legs. Friendly fire incident. Don't ask.)

Once again, we can thank :iconmontyoum: for his work on RWBY, and I can't wait for the announcement of RWBY Volume 2.


Battlefield 4 Logo © DICE

RWBY © :iconmontyoum: and RoosterTeeth Productions
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Naughty-b-NatureHobbyist Traditional Artist
Uff, I don´t know these classes... Like I said before I never played B-4. Noes! 
I only recognize the gun Nora´s holding. Used a variant of it for a while in Battlefield 2 and it was VERY effective!

When I wasn´t the lone wolf attacker, I played the defender...Use the force!  
I once shot down a jet with a tank! That guy blew up faster than his jet...
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SSgt-LuLZStudent Digital Artist
Nora is using the Milkor MGL, which is a multi-shot grenade launcher that spawns in set locations in some BF4 maps, and to my knowledge does not appear in BF2, save for mods.

I think you might referring to the DAO-12 , which does appear in both games as a equippable shotgun.
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Jaune has a AK 12 and a machete
Nora's got a grenade launcher and a RPG
I think Pyrrha is holding a M14 EBR
And I got no clue as to what Ren has
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tf2spy2014Hobbyist General Artist
Type 95 bullpup rifle of China.
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Amazing art ! Color and shade are so pretty !
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SSgt-LuLZStudent Digital Artist
Thanks! :D
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"What's with these guns? They don't even turn into swords or anything."
"I guess running into gunfire isn't that great an idea when you don't have Aura?"
"And what are these things over the triggers?"
"I think they're called trigger guards. They're there to make sure you don't accidentally bump the trigger and shoot someone in the back when you don't mean to."
"Oh...Hey, can we get a trigger guard for Nora?"
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LightDrksoulStudent Writer
I wonder how this team JNPR would handle the Reds and Blues
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SSgt-LuLZStudent Digital Artist
We can only imagine.... :)
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LightDrksoulStudent Writer
I'm sure caboose would make friends with them fast
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Great work:D (Big Grin)
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SSgt-LuLZStudent Digital Artist
Thanks! :)
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You welcome!!!!!!
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Is there any chance your going to do Battlefield 1 series?

Ruby: USA
Weiß: Germany
Blake: Serbia
Yang: Canada

Jaune: France
Nora: Belgium 
Pyrrha: Greece
Ren: China

Cinder: Bulgaria 
Mercury: Germany
Emerald: Ottoman/Turkey
Neo: Italy

I can name a few more.
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I'd see Ruby as more of a Canadian than Yang [Who is pretty much a stereotypical South Californian or New Yorker, sorta] and Nora is a Valkyrie, so would probably be from a Nordic country rather than Belgium [Though they were neutral, unlike Belgium]. And Weiss would be an enemy of the others...
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Neo would be the enemy of others as she is Italian.

What I have so far:

Gylinda: USA
Winter: Germany
Whitney: Germany
Jacques: Germany
Ceil: French Algeria
Watson: France
Port: Britain

Others I do not know what nationality?

SSgt-LuLZ's avatar
SSgt-LuLZStudent Digital Artist
For now, most of my personal work has been put on hold, die to school commitments, but I can say that there is something I would wish to do with BF1 and RWBY, but not at this moment. :)
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Just let me know when your free, btw did you organised the rl cosplay of RWBY battlefield 4? Is it going to be similar for cosplaying battlefield 1 as you would need WWI uniforms and weapons for each warring nation.
SSgt-LuLZ's avatar
SSgt-LuLZStudent Digital Artist
Regarding the BF4!RWBY cosplay: no I didn't. They cosplayed it on their own accord and I only gave them my deeper insight to my work when they messaged me about it. Several others have PM'ed me expressing their desire to cosplay my art, but they (and a rule 63 BF4!Velvet) were they only ones that I have actually seen completed.
GeorgeFah's avatar
Just a message for the cosplayers, if their going to cosplay a character from a non-English speaking nation. They need to know them eg, Weiß should be able to speak German and Jaune speaking French. If not the other people who would asked them in the country they are representing would sadden by it. I went to RTX Sydney and found some Weiss's and Winter Schnee cosplayers and non of them speak German.
Btw have you seen my favourite gallery?
SSgt-LuLZ's avatar
SSgt-LuLZStudent Digital Artist
Firstly, most of the spirit of cosplay is in achieving the visual look and the roleplay of a fictional character. While being able to speak their tongue is a nice touch, could you imagine that it would be worth the overall effort to learn an entire language for just one moment of cosplay? Out of god-knows-how-many personas for each costume they own?

Secondly, it is confirmed though RT and World of Remnant that despite their names having our-world ethnic names, their world does not have our exact cultures and languages, so cosplayers learning the language that their characters were merely based on is kinda irrelevant. :XD:

And yes I've seen your favs. :)
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I can't help but hear seven nation army when looking at any of your RWBY/battlefield pics.
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SSgt-LuLZStudent Digital Artist
That song is real catchy. :XD:
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Searched battlefield on devaint art and i come across this. OHHH THAS COOL!
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