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WIP - The Boneyard

Starfleet boneyard. Background image I am working on for my comic. Very much a work in progress, many docks and ships to add.

The ships are by Dave Metlesits:

Phase 2 Drydock metlesitsfleetyards.deviantart…
Daedalus metlesitsfleetyards.deviantart…
Swordfish metlesitsfleetyards.deviantart…
Lancaster metlesitsfleetyards.deviantart…

The station is by Richard Merk:
J1 space station:

All comments and critiques welcomed.....
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Oh, there is more.  I'll end up with about 20 or so of the docks, some with Iowas, some with Hyperions, a couple with Al Buraks, etc.  I'm looking to run 1 station per 4 docks and to top it off I'll have 2 Baiber class super destroyers assigned to the station to keep people from swiping any of the ships.
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Love boneyards, but in space, there's room to spread out.