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Into The Rift.

U.S.S. Von der Tann - Cpt Olga Kasyanova, commanding.

Captain's Log, Stardate 2665.187

According to my Cartographer, Lt. Intimskorian, we officially left the Orion-Cygnus Arm today. Someone in Starfleet certainly has a sense of humor. Just beyond the charted map edges, they added “There be dragons…..”

We should see only the occasional hydrogen atom for the next 500 parsecs. If we do see anything interesting, we'll capture the location and pass it on to Captain McFarland and the Vasco Da Gama.

We will drive coreward for the next month, drop a navigation reference buoy and start our trailing leg run, until we meet Captain Traore and the Dunkerque. I'll recommend that we conduct a series of war-games while we head back to Frontier Base G-7. Commodore Johansson didn’t provide any guidance before we shipped, but it would be nice to at least be able to function as a division by the time we return.

The VdT has had a number of minor issues since her re-acceptance trials. She certainly passed, but we have seen a number of problems. The biggest has been the food dispensers occasionally providing a side dish of food poisoning to unsuspecting crewmembers. Lt. Diaz took the menu configurator off-line and is running all three galleys 24/7. She certainly complained the first few days, but she has done a fine job feeding the crew.

1st Officer, Cdr Syun, in conjunction with Bosun Marsili, have been running weapons drills since we departed G-7. Today, I am comfortable in the knowledge that the gun crews can reach their assigned duty position within the standard allotted time. What they can do once they get there is a bit more problematic.

My chief engineer, Cdr Bakhoum is convinced she has figured out how to reconfigure the Type 42 photon torpedo system to charge four torpedoes at a time, instead of the two at a time as they were originally designed. Fortunately, we can’t machine the extra power conduits she needs. When she has finished the simulations, we’ll send the schematics and software back to G-7. With any luck, it will work, and the Renowns will become a little more dangerous.

LtCdr Daz, along with Lt Intimskorian, is bringing our pilots and navigators along a bit better than I thought they would.

LtCdr Balor and Lt Jacobs are running damage control drills, in conjunction with Cdr Syun’s weapons drills. If they don’t get our ersatz DC teams within standard, I’m going to have to take steps. All of those UWP ground-pounders have their certifications; they just seem to have trouble putting what they learned into practice.

Cdr Koury has the medical section it top form. We haven’t had any major surgeries, but between the food poisoning and the occasional crew-member “falling down the stairs”, I have a good feeling about her department.

Speaking of “falling down the stairs”, the VdT’s first Captain’s Mast is in two hours.

Kasyanova out.
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Glad that you like it.

That whole area is labeled "Unexplored Territory" in Franz's ST Tech Manual. Anything can go there - like eldrich horrors that are waiting for time when "the stars are right."

Gotta get back to posting my conversions of Mylochka's bridge poses for non-DAZ characters. I'll be adding Roxy & Rex to the list on the 14th.
I liked the sense of adventure and wonder I got, reading about the ship passing out of a spiral arm and into the void between the arms.
Agent-0013's avatar
A rather impressive log entry, for the captain of a rather impressive ship!