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From the 5th Fleet Fact Book -

The Renown Class Armored Cruiser:
Built: 40
Lost in the line of duty: 22
Current status of remaining ships - Fleet Reserve, Mallorca System.

Particulars (After refit):
Deadweight Tonnage - Metric 220,000
Maximum Safe Cruising Speed Warp Factor 7
Emergency Speed Warp Factor 9 (48 hr)
Engines, Warp 3 Mk 8 Block 4
Main Phasers 5 dual turrets (Mk 42)
Photon Torpedoes 1 dual bank (150 Torpedoes) (Mk 44)

Standard Ship's Complement:
Officers: 81; Other Ranks: 508

Command: (32) 16 Off; 28 Other Ranks
Commanding Officer (Cpt) 1; Executive Officer (Cdr) 1; Bosun 1;
Chief Navigator (LtCdr) 1; Navigator (Lt) 1; Navigation Specialist 6; Helmsman (Lt) 6
Cartography (Lt) 3; Cartography Specialists 12
Boatmaster (Lt) 3; Shuttle Pilots 9

Weapons: (54) 6 Off; 48 Other Ranks
Ordnance Officer (Lt) 3; Ordnance Specialists 30
EW Officer (Lt) 3; EW Specialists 18

Engineering: (167) 17 Off; 150 Other Ranks
Chief Engineer (Cdr) 1; Deputy Engineer (LtCdr) 1
Drive Lead (Lt) 3; Drive Specialists 60
Machinists Lead (Lt) 3; Machinists 24
Damage Control Lead (Lt) 3; Damage Control Specialists 24
Computer Lead (Lt) 3; Computer Specialists 24
Transporter Lead (Lt) 3; Transporter Specialists 18

Communications: (22) 7 Off; 15 Other Ranks
Communications Chief (LtCdr) 1; Communications Officer (Lt) 6; Communications Specialists 15

Security: (89) 5 Off; 84 Other Ranks
Chief of Security (Lt) 1; Security Officers (Lt) 4; Security Specialists 84

Medical: (72) 12 Off; 60 Other Ranks
Chief Surgeon (LtCdr) 1; Xeno-Doctor (LtCdr) 3; Doctor (Lt) 5; Dentists (LtCdr) 1; Psychologist (Lt) 1; Head Nurse (Lt) 1; Nurse 25; Medical Technicians 35

Support: (125) 17 Off; 108 Other Ranks
Chief Logistician (LtCdr) 1; Supply Officer (Lt) 6; Supply Technicians 36
Personnel Officer (Lt) 6; Personnel Specialists 36
Chef (Lt) 1; DF Lead (Lt) 3; Cooks 36

Special Staff: (16) 1 Off; 15 Other Ranks
Legal Officer (LtCdr) 1; Para-legal 15

Class History:
Origins: The Renown Class originated as a design study (BB - 2630) by Starfleet as a response to the rumored E-6 Class of Klingon Dreadnaught (Code Name Frogger). Rather than build a new class from the keel up (and spend an additional 24 - 36 months on designs), it was decided to use the "R" class design as a base and simply uprate the power production capabilities by adding a 3rd engine. The 3 Mk 8 Block 1's would enable the Renowns to power 3 pairs of Mk 28 Phasers and a pair of Mk 30 photon torpedo tubes on a Warp Factor 6 platform.

The design study was approved in late 2630 and after an intense fight in the Federation Supreme Assembly over a 3 year period, 20 Renowns were approved for delivery in 2635, at a rate of 4 per year, in accordance with the then current Naval Law.

Development Troubles: The results, however, were not exactly what Starfleet had hoped for. The addition of a 3rd engine had a major effect on the design of the warp bubble the ship generated and it took over 2 years for the teething problems to be overcome. If that wasn't enough, the contracts came under increasing scrutiny as cost overruns on the program mounted. The Renowns were 16% larger than a standard "R" class platform, but cost almost 37% more. Worse, since the ships were designed as warships first, their science departments were non-existent and were not useful as an exploration platform - as the Vulcan delegation would point out at every opportunity. During the entire build of the Block 1, they were commonly derided in the Supreme Assembly as the "Refit and Repair" Class.

In spite of all of this, they were available when they did finally go into combat - not against the Klingon Empire, for which they had been designed to combat, but against a new enemy, the Kzinti Hegemony.

War Service: In the last quarter of 2639, the Kzinti launched a "smash and grab" against the entire trailing edge of the Federation Exploration Zone. The Federation Supreme Assembly approved the building of a second run of Renowns (Block 2) within 90 days of the start of the war. The Renowns were finally given an opportunity to shine. And shine they did. The 16 Renowns in service at the time formed the backbone of the Federation response.

Under the command of Admiral Oyinlola, the 1st and 2nd BatRon, 4th Fleet intercepted the main Kzinti fleet just short of Starbase 4, while the ships of the 3rd and 4th BatRon were broken up and sent on 8 deep strike missions into the Kzinti Hegemony. As the "sharp end of the spear", the Renowns were on the front lines for the entire war (2369 - 2644), forming both the core of 4th Fleet, and the deep raiding missions of 3rd Fleet.

Needless to say, this came at a cost. Of the 40 unit production run, 22 were destroyed outright, and the remaining 18 were heavily damaged. After the Federation Victory at KO-500, the Kzinti requested a truce. After 15 months of negotiation the Federation-Kzinti treaty was signed and the border was stabilized to it's current location.

The lessons learned from the Renown class were directly incorporated into Starfleet's 2nd generation dreadnaught platform, the Federation class. At the end of the Federation-Kzinti war; it was recommended that the surviving Renown class be placed in Fleet Reserve status on a 1 for 1 status as the Federation Class Dreadnaughts came online.

Currently, the remaining Renowns are undergoing their mid-life cycle refit. This consists of replacing the 3 Mk 8 Block 1 engines with improved Mk 8 Block 4s, replacement of the Mk 28 phasers with the current Mk42s, adding 2 additional turrets (Dora - a chin turret on the bottom of the secondary hull and Emil - mounted above the shuttle craft entrance) and modifying the Mk 30 Photon Torpedo system to accept the Model 44 "Long Lance" torpedo. Upon completion, the ships are rerated as Class II Armored Cruisers.

In 2665, due to the current crisis (the Klingon-Kzinti conflict), the Renowns are being brought back into service. The Kumanri - NCC 1671; Петр Великий - NCC 1653*; Iron Duke - NCC 1656; Dunkerque - NCC 1657; Von der Tann - NCC 1659 are reactivated and assigned to the 1st CruRon of the reconstituted 5th Fleet (Coreward).

The Razhei Thanev - NCC 1675 and the Ther F’meph - NCC 1677 will be assigned to the 1st CVBG; HOMFLEET upon reacceptance trials.
Razhei Thanev - NCC 1675 and Ther F’meph - NCC 1677 will be assigned to 1st CVBG 2nd Fleet upon reacceptance trials.

The remaining ships are still undergoing refit

*Peter the Great
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No.  TOS was originally set in the 27th Century.  Go through the Blish novelizations (which were based on the final scripts).  Gene rectoconned it to the 23rd century around the time of ST: TMP.
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dont ya mean 2263? 2630 would be the 27th century