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Coming Soon To A Trek Bridge Near You Part IV

Captain on the bridge for Alyson 2.

This is a conversion of Mylochka's Captain On The Bridge for M3/V3. I am hoping to have this up by tonight.

The figure is Cpt Kayleigh McFarland, captain of the Federation Survey Cruiser Vasco Dos Gama.
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Glad you like it. Of course, Trek was also awash in color because the networks were trying to get more people to buy color televisions.

The colors are visual cues for which ship the action is taking place on. I am also using the Pike era uniforms (For members of the Federation Survey Group) to add variety.

All of the ships in my Trek universe have different accent colors - The Von der Tann is black, the Lion is a deep blue, the Tiger is purple. This particular color (mouthwash - really, that is what it is called.) will be used on another ship. Originally, I was going to give it wood paneling, but the railings aren't uv'ed.

Well, I gotta get back to work - I was hoping to have these poses up today, but I got sidetracked, so they won't be up until tomorrow.
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Love the color---the reason Classic Trek was awash in color, was because Roddenberry read about a USN study regarding the use of color on nuclear subs, to help prevent depression during long patrols.
A little color brightens the day