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Hello, i will be accepting commissions.


Adventure Time Style

Fullbody Color : USD 15 (per characters)
    Be my princess by sscindyss Ranma Adventure time style~ by sscindyss
    Christmas gift! by sscindyss Roley And Rui by sscindyss


Portrait/bust : USD 35 per head
    Aislin by sscindyss   Billy by sscindyss
Half : USD 40 per head
    Angel by sscindyss
Full : USD 50 per head
    Trinity by sscindyss

Digital Color

Portrait/bust : USD 50 per head
    Serene by sscindyss Character Avatar by sscindyss
    Prince Gumball by sscindyss Feathers by sscindyss
Half : USD 70 per head
    Cecilia Mendez by sscindyss
Full : USD 100 per head
    (whole body)

I am pretty flexible with my style, so feel free to look around my gallery to see if any suits your taste. : )

If you are interested, please just note me if you want to commission me.

DA Name :
Email :
Commission type :
Description :
References : (Please include at least one picture reference, more will be asked if needed)
Total Payment :

|| Terms and Conditions

1. Full payment must be made after your order is confirmed and you are satisfied with the thumb sketch.
2. I will start work after full payment is complete.
3. Rights are reserved to interpret and modify the art style to suit the commission, unless the commissioner has a detailed description regarding how they want it to be.
4. Rights are reserved to use the commissions for promotional purposes, unless requested by commissioner.
5. Rights are reserved to use the commissions for our personal portfolio, unless requested by commissioner.
6. Commissions are to be used strictly for commissioner's personal purposes only.
7. Only Paypal is accepted.
8. Your order will be forfeited if the full payment is not sent within one week upon receiving the thumb sketch.
9. The commissions will be in first come first serve basis. So some patience is needed as i can't do all immediately.  
10. Once the order has been made, there will be no cancellation. Refunds will not be issued under any circumstances.
11. Artworks will be sent in the original resolution (300dpi), in JPEG format. Soft copy only.

Upon payment, you signify that you have agreed to the terms and conditions above.

Thank you very much!
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Are you interested in working on book covers? and how fast can you get a piece done? 
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Hmm, is it ok if you message me a note on simple details about the book covers? Because I have a full time job and there are some other commissions too, might be a month for me to finish? Also depends on the complexity of what you need. Thanks!
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Are these still open or is there an updated version anywhere?
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Yes I'm still open for commissions. Just send me a note on which type of commission you are interested in and descriptions of the characters you want me to draw. 
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Are these open?
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yes they are, just note me about the details of what you wish to have. :)
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Hello! I was wondering If you are still doing commissions? I haven't really seen any updates or anything so I was just curious, I really wanted to commission you for a Adventure time style picture, thanks in advance!
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